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Top 07 Things to See and Do in Nuwara Eliya – Charming 'Little England'

Beautiful Nuwara Eliya is the star of Sri Lanka's Central Highlands. A place where you can enjoy a salubrious wintery climate, the city is best described as akin to an English village. Much influenced by the British colonists, Nuwara Eliya is a flourish of gardens, tea estates and ancient history.


Boat Rides on Lake Gregory

Staying at the right hotel in Nuwara Eliya will certainly boost your mood and enjoyment of the area. Those that offer breath-taking views and comfy cosy accommodation are the best; with properties like Cottage 42, providing both, you are well located with easy access to the town centre and Lake Gregory, which is always a hub of activity. Enjoy speedboat rides, paddle boating or simply relaxing and chilling at the park bordering the chilly lake.


Stroll Around Victoria Park

Nuwara Eliya's main park was so named in honour of the 60th Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. Spread across an extent of 27 acres, the park is home to a range of lush foliage brought in from overseas. As most hotels in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka are located within close proximity to the site, it is easy to plan an early morning or evening stroll within the pleasant environs of Victoria Park; it is well-equipped with a kiddies play area while being a favoured playground for a variety of birds, which one can spot when the surroundings are quiet.


Explore the Winter Market

The 'Winter Market' of Nuwara Eliya is actually the Bale Bazaar, so named due to a large number of stalls selling winter clothes. The place is popular amongst folks living in colder countries shopping for cheap winter garments and accessories. Besides, should you arrive in Nuwara Eliya minus a sweater, head over to the 'winter market' and pick one up in your favourite colour. Even if you are not really shopping, go to the market for some local flavour and an interesting little walk.


Visit the Post Office

No, not to post a letter, although, you can do just that; the Nuwara Eliya post office is more than an official place. It is housed within a vintage Tudor Manor which was constructed in 1894. And as the oldest post office on the island, the place was featured in a special stamp.


Head Over to Adma Agro Farm for Strawberries

Enjoy eating loads of strawberries at Adma Farm, an iconic activity when visiting the chilly town. Flourishing within Nuwara Eliya's cold weather the strawberries are served with fresh cream, ice cream or even super sweet condensed milk.


Check Out the Ambewela Farms

One of Sri Lanka's largest and most reputable farms, Ambewela, is located within Nuwara Eliya. Getting there is a lovely journey through rolling hills, wide open plains and twisting roads framed by dense forests. The farm is a large open mass of land where cows graze freely and calves are cared for in the nursery. You can visit the milking stations, observe the making of butter and even indulge in a glass of fresh milk.


See St. Clair's and Walk Amongst the Tea Bushes

Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by tea estates spread across the lush hills of the region. Explore one of the estates, visit the factory and while you're at it make a journey to take in the magnificent views of St. Claire's Falls.