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List of Initiatives Taken to Protect the Environment in Maldives – Conserving an Island Paradise

A number of initiatives have been taken to safeguard the environment in the Maldives. These include coral reef protection programmes, environmentally friendly practices, working with communities and more.


Coral reef protection programmes

The two greatest threats to the coral reefs of the Maldives may be identified to be water acidification and global warming. Various steps have been taken to safeguard the coral reefs of the Maldives. These include Reef Checks, a system whereby local residents take responsibility for monitoring the environment; this is achieved by local divers descending into the waters and identifying the species that are threatened in different parts of the Maldives. Resorts have also committed themselves to protect the coral reefs, namely by identifying clear channels for snorkelling. Further guests are informed of the suitable behaviours that will ensure that the reefs are safeguarded. Additionally, periodical reef patrols, as well as clean up initiatives, are arranged.


Programmes for children

In resorts kids' club activities and other programmes are conducted so that children are made aware of the local environment and the need to conserve it. Children are provided with information about the various marine creatures and the other fauna and flora present in the Maldives. Older kids are provided with the opportunity to undertake an accompanied snorkelling excursion to nearby reefs in which they will be able to observe the various marine creatures. By gaining an understanding and appreciation of the local environment and the need to safeguard it, children will gain an awareness of these issues that they will retain as they become adults.


Creating a marine life website

Since many visitors to the Maldives have an interest in the various kinds of marine life present in the Maldives, websites have been created that provide plenty of engrossing information regarding the various kinds of coral, fish and other marine life that you will experience in these islands. In these resources, you will find pictures of and a lot of fascinating details regarding these sea creatures and their sometimes unusual modes of behaviour.


Implementing practices that are environmentally friendly

A number of environmentally friendly measures have been introduced into some Maldives resorts. One of these is the installation of energy conserving air conditioning systems. Another would be the introduction of advanced Jacuzzis that contain sophisticated technologies for disinfecting and cleansing; since these devices do not need water replaced after each use, a great deal of water is saved. Another significant initiative is the creation of gardens featuring hydroponic systems where many kinds of fresh salad leaves are cultivated. Since these ingredients do not have to be brought in from outside, the resorts' carbon footprint is improved. A choice of accommodation to consider at which many of these environmentally friendly initiatives are implemented would be Kuramathi Maldives, which may be considered to be a resort in Maldives that's actively involved in conservation.


Working with the native communities

In addition to providing employment for many locals, the resorts conduct various community projects to benefit the environment of the Maldives. For example, resorts have worked hand in hand with local schools to free the local environment of plastic bags. Another example would be tree planting initiatives that are implemented with the collaboration of the local people. Further local schoolchildren are provided with interesting presentations on a variety of environment-related topics, such as the necessity of protecting the fragile natural ecosystems. The islanders are also assisted in maintaining their communities in an environmentally favourable manner.

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