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Quick facts to know about diving in Maldives – How to dive in the Maldives

The Maldives has become one of the most renowned places in the world to go diving. Its white sandy beaches and the crystal-clear blue waters make it the perfect location to go submerge yourself to see the world hidden underneath. Before going diving, it is best to be informed of some facts about diving in the Maldives. Here are 5 quick facts to keep in your mind before going diving in the Maldives.


Seasonal locations

Being surrounded by the Indian Ocean calls for many locations where you can go diving to experience this thrilling activity. Even though there are so many locations that you can go diving around the Maldives, there are certain locations that are suitable for diving depending on the season. You can find the information about a location best suited for diving during the time you are visiting the island, from a Maldives island resort. The sun is shining in these tropical islands throughout the year but it is best be informed in order to make the most of your diving experience.


Specie specific locations

The world hidden under the big blanket of the sea has so many species that are beautiful and exciting. Unfortunately, not all of them can be witnessed in one diving location. A majority of beautiful fish can be witnessed in most of the diving locations but some of the species are specific to certain locations. For example, if you wish to see an array of stingrays, Dhigali Maldives based in the Raa Atoll is a perfect spot to go diving to swim with the Stingrays. It is best to find information from the hotel or the locals as to which areas are specifically known for certain species.


Marine life in the Maldives

We are the intruder on their magnificent world and it is of utmost importance that the divers are respectful to nature and its inhabitants. Whilst most fish such as the Clownfish, Butterflyfish and the Angelfish are extremely harmless, some of these species might not be so. Species such as the Lionfish and Stingray are quite harmless but if they feel attacked there is a chance they might be aggressive at the divers and some of these fish have a deadly attack. Learn about the different types of species and their behaviours and keep in mind to be cautious when diving.


If you are a beginner

Even though this goes without saying, if you are a beginner it is always best to go with a guide or a professional that is fluent in the surrounding and diving. The Maldives is a gold mine to making memories and you would not want to risk this thrilling experience by not having the correct guidance.


Information on diving types

There are many different ways to emerge to this new ecosphere to witness a world that is hidden away. The Maldives being renowned for many different types of diving, it is best to identify them and figure out what suits you best and which type will give you the best experience. The different types of diving depend on several factors such as, which species you would like to witness, your experience and ability in handling yourself in the great big ocean. Professionals around the Maldives who have experience will be able to help you and guide you on this matter.

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