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Healing Synergy By Nora

I am a Mexican Mayan / American Curandera and a firm believer in a holistic alternative approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order so that a free flow of energy can be achieved.

All You Should Know About Spiritual Healing

If you don't have a spiritual inclination, the concept of distant spiritual healing would be difficult for you to understand. In this healing process, the energy which can’t be seen is simply transferred from the healing practitioner to the person needing it.

How to Choose the Best Spiritual Advisor?

Consulting a spiritual advisor is a better way to know about your future estimations or to generate new and positive energies for good. A majority of people find them helpful in bringing clarity to their careers, relationships, inner peace, financial situation, and other areas of life.

Spring Awakening: The Meditation with the Touch of Nature

Spring Awakening is just another type of meditation, in fact, a deeper version which helps us renewing our inner energy and peace. Mental renewal is a gain of consciousness that spreads throughout the human body, mind, and spirit.

Some Healing Solutions Other Than Medicinal and Medical Treatment

The general population all around the world is fighting against several problems which are there on the global level. The entire planet is struggling with growing pollution and global warming while individually each person is stressed out for something he/she wants.

Alternative Healing Solutions to Cure All Your Mental & Physical Ills!

We can never deny the fact that medicines are important to improve one’s health. The medical industry has turned advanced through ages and it has an accurate cure to nearly all the ills. Nothing is terminal in the health care industry. It has the remedy for all.

Spiritual Awakening: How will it benefit you in the long run?

There are days when you feel low in every sphere of life. Even sometimes, when everything is going right, you feel some void or you doubt your existence. At that point, you need some guide who will assist you in fighting your fears and negative emotions so that you can lead quality life with peace of mind.

Alternative healing methods: the best way for natural healing!!

It is a proven fact that medicine has improved through ages in order to provide an accurate treatment to all health-related problems. The modern medical tools, products as well as equipment are always available for everyone who wants to use it.