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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Must have features for your restaurant apps

Restaurants are the first option when someone thinks of starting a business. That is the main reason there are thousands of restaurants in India, USA, etc. these restaurants need not use technology for marketing. There are some restaurants that are very popular and never ever set any campaign for marketing and promotion. But such cases are rare.

Since there are many restaurants, the competition is higher for this industry. Though this industry is never ending as food is the basic need, still, restaurants struggle a lot to get customers.

The basic reason is, no one eats in a restaurant every day. People usually prefer eating in a restaurant or cafe when there is no option of self-cooking, or there is an event like a birthday party or any kind of celebration. Restaurant owners put their best efforts to offer something unique to the end users. There is a restaurant that offers abroad cuisines and some unique decor.

While starting a new business, a business plan is generated usually. When it comes to the restaurant business, various factors are considered such as best and training resources, tasty food, food quality, faster service, great location and great ambiance. But in these factors, one more factor is considered and that is the optimized use of technology.

Technology is developed for us and if we are not using it, what is the use of it? Restaurant mobile app development is one great way to use technology to an extent.

Must have features for your restaurant apps:


1. Personal profile:

1. Personal profile:

Let the user create a personal profile of himself or herself. This profile has all the information such as username, locations saved, favorites list, images, etc. this feature is a basic one. Offering a personal profile creates personalization. Users get to save all the details in the profile itself. Ultimately, the user can reorder previous orders or most frequently ordered food items.


2. Table booking:

This is something mandatory. Table booking feature allows users to book a table in advance. The user can book a favorite place in the restaurant. There are customers who are very busy and have a hectic schedule every day. For such customers, it is not at all feasible to wait longer for tables. This feature is best suited for restaurants which are always crowded and have a full rush.


3. Pre-ordering food:

Just like table booking, restaurant mobile app must have pre-ordering feature. This feature allows users to book a table as well as place an order in advance. So that restaurant staff can keep the food ready at the time mentioned by the user. Plus, there are some dishes which takes more time than others. For such dishes also, the pre-ordering feature is suitable. Again, users with busy life love this feature.


4. Chatbots:

Chatbots as the name suggests chats with the users. These chatbots are used to solve any sort of query or place an order online. The user simply talks to the machine and gets the order placed within seconds. These chatbots not only book tables and take orders but also suggests food items to the user based on their past orders and favorite food choices. Chatbots are cool and are very popular with millennials.


5. Navigation:

To navigate, it is important to add GPS into your app. This helps users to locate themselves on the map and get directions to the restaurant from the current location. These navigations also show traffic status.


6. Push notifications:

Notifications are must! These notifications help the user understand what is the status of the order. Also, restaurants can notify the users about the new menu, any parties, any events, any offers, etc. Users get to know every single update about the restaurant through these app notifications and can buy accordingly.


7. Social media integration:

Everyone is active on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. Plus, WhatsApp and facebook messenger are some best messenger apps that are best for spreading the word of promotion.

Social media integration allows users to share their experience, favorite food names, images of restaurant, events, food, etc. Whenever a restaurant launches any offer, users can share it with other friends and family members through these social media channels.


8. Online payment:

This is again one important feature. It allows users to pay online using debit card details, payment apps like paytm and phonepay, etc. Users prefer plastic money and do not carry much cash all the time. Hence, adding this feature will improve the user experience.


9. Reviews and ratings:

Every user is precise about their food. Food is a sensitive topic for all. If the user finds food not so good or bad, he or she will surely write a review about it. Similarly, when the user enjoys any food or ambiance, he or she writes a good review of it. Ratings are not meant to be taken lightly. Restaurants can consider these ratings and reviews and work accordingly to improvise the service.

These reviews are generally analyzed by top management of restaurant and then these guys come up with a solution on it. New customers prefer choosing a restaurant with best and higher ratings.



The NineHertz is one of the best restaurant mobile app development companies and can offer amazing apps with great features. Above are all the features that must be added in a restaurant app to make it more user-friendly.