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To elucidate the usage of technology in Event Planning, here are some points which can be kept in mind while planning an Event.




Event Planning is highly promoted and accepted in prominent cities like Mumbai.Many Event Planners fail to understand the importance of technology that can play a major part in Event Planning. Most of the event planners know about the technology that is available in the market but fail to understand it usages and beneficiaries that can be applied in the business. If event planners are unable to recognize technology as an advantage in their planning then undoubtedly, they will be discarded by the Event Planning Industry.


1. Use of Social Media for Promotions:

Update your social media handles about your upcoming events. Make attractive posters and click pictures of the ongoing work and build an impression of excitement in your followers’ minds. Also, keep a mention of special guests and fascinating activities that will be a part of your event. You may also create a pre-event video and post it on every social media platform. Also, you can promote your events through E-Mail Marketing.


2. Make your Event details available on Electronic Media:

In spite of providing your details only on print media, make it available through a PDF file which could directly be downloaded from your website or could be forwarded by providing the link of Google Drive (you may upload your file on Drive and then turn on the link sharing) on various Social Media Platforms. This makes the public aware about your upcoming events. This process can be used there also where you have limited attendees to attend the Event and you need to distribute your information just in that limited group of attendees. Also, sharing through this media keeps the information safe and there is no fear of misplacing the data which is possible in the case of printed media.


3. Launch your Events Virtually:

Sometimes, many people who are interested in your event can’t attend your event due to many reasons, so, widen up your approach. This is possible only when you launch your event on an Online Platform too. You can give an access to your Event through videoconferencing or webcasting. Also, you can accept your registration/entry fees through various online payment modes.


4. Live Streaming:

Live Stream the progress and updates of your Events which will engage your audience very effectively. It’s a method of promotion which could be advantageous if utilized in an efficient manner. Also, this will lead to the significant change in your number of attendees.


5. Robot Attendants:

Robots can be employed to attend the attendees which eliminate the need of Human Workforce. These are trendy and are more efficient. Once they are assigned with a task, they will accomplish it without a fail and the way they are asked to do so.


6. Feedback:

Feedback can be made available easily by the attendees through the medium of technology. Either they can directly message you on your social media handle or update it on your particular apps. It’s so easy and feasible.


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