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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 tips before visiting Oman – The when, where and why

If you are planning on visiting Oman on your next vacation, kudos, you are going to have a blast. Before you go, read up on these tips to make sure your vacation runs smooth.


The weather

Oman is a middle eastern country which means that it is sunny all year long. The temperature can rise to a boiling 40 degrees during summer. There are some areas in Oman like Al Hajar Mountains where it becomes cold in the night and early mornings. Muscat, on the other hand, is warmer because it is near the coast. Salalah gets rain and breezy air during summer. Decide where you want to go according to the weather. Major hotel chains the likes of Minor hotels have resorts in most of these cities, so accommodation won't be an issue. However, pack a ton of light-coloured clothes when you go there.


Be mindful of the Omani culture

The locals are extremely respectful of their religion and traditions. This is reflected through how they behave and dress when they're out in public. Omani men have dishadas which are a cloth that covers them from head to toe. It is often white but there a few men wear colourful ones too. The local women wear the abaya and the scarf to cover their faces. Visitors don't have to dress as conservatively but extremely revealing clothes such as bikinis and shorts are considered as disrespectful.


Plan your itinerary

There are many must-visit places in Oman. The architectural masterpieces and the natural wonders of the country shouldn't be missed. All the cities have their own festival in different months like the annual market in Muscat. There are Omani stalls selling authentic Omani products along with other international products. There are traditional theatrical plays, live music and folklore dances in the market. The festival is for a month starting January every year. There are other festivals like this in other regions as well so plan your holiday to avoid missing out on the best of Omani.



The Omani Rial is used here. You can buy one Omani Rial for 2.60 US dollars. One Rial equals 1000 baisas and as for notes, you can get them as 500 baisas and 100 baisas. The notes are very colourful hard to miss. Not many people in Oman are used to tipping but if you want to compliment the service, it's alright to leave a tip of 15%.



The cuisine of Oman mainly consists of rice, bread, chicken, beef, and sauces and salads. They drink coffee with cardamom with halwa and dates. Red tea is also popular among Omanis. Although most dishes consist of meat, don't worry. They have options for vegetarians and vegans too at many hotels and restaurants. There are many nationalities in Oman so, you can find many restaurants with different cuisines such as Indian and Pakistani. Many international dishes are served at hotels so if you're craving something familiar you know where to go. Alcohol consumption is limited in Oman. If you want, you should find an international hotel which has a license to serve liquor. There are many rules regarding drinking such as no drinking outside bars.