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Things to know before reading The Great Gatsby..

The roaring 20's was a fabulous decade full of wealth, questionable behavior and corruption. Read through my list to further comprehend the time period of the Great Gatsby.

Mafia of the 1920’s

The Sicilian and Italian immigrants during the early 1920 had tried to establish their residence in the United States for forming a criminal organization. The immigrants had the intention to have their criminal organization to be reestablished from fresh palette. It is by forming the American Criminal Society that this group was able to succeed in its mission.

1920s Golden Coast of Long Island

A brief summary on the Golden Coast of Long Island during the roaring twenties & The Great Gatsby. I do not own any pictures, clips, or music in this video.




The current town of Manhasset represents "East Egg" where the Buchanans live. East Egg is known for its simple, Georgian style, palatial mansions as well as old money.




Prohibition was a ban on alcohol in the United States from 1920 to 1933. As seen in this advertisement, it's purpose was to cure corrupt society from alcoholism, family violence and political corruption. However, there is always illegal trade and this is how the mafia-- as well as many others-- started making money. They were called "bootleggers" and they sold alcohol in this time when everything was supposed to be dry.

Since the 1920s were all about independence and rebelling, it makes sense the Jazz was ultimately the soundtrack. This new type of music brought all races, white and black alike, together. It was all the rage and could be found in the big cities like New York and Chicago.