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Fun Travel to Komodo, Flores

Is Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, on your bucket list? These are all things you need to read before!

Photographer Guide to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip | Centcofee

With the overflowing beauty of Labuan Bajo archipelago, camera gears are definitely something your don’t want to miss. Both worlds—the land and underwater—continue to give endless supplies of breathtaking sceneries. Every corners are a perfect setting to fit afor a frame. Without questions, this place draws photography enthusiasts to stay and spend quite a long time exploring the pristine nature. It can be quite a challenge, however, to find a suitable liveaboard Labuan Bajo to support photographer traveler.

Simple Steps to Get the Best Komodo Boat Deal | Djerou

The first thing that will come to mind when you hear about Komodo sailing trip is, as it should be, booking the Komodo boat. Though it seems super easy, finding a good boat that suits your preference is quite a hard work, let alone finding the best deal. Labuan Bajo has wide collections of liveaboard for all preference. All you need is set some time aside and put that into a good research.

Pack These For Comfy Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trips – Embportmalta

Komodo diving liveaboard still sit on the top of diver’s favourite. Just how they can’t? Liveaboard provides an opportunity to reach pristine and remote diving destinations that otherwise cannot be done. Commending a diving liveaboard experience gets even more fun when it’s done in the wonderful, internationally-protected Komodo waters. Waking up surrounded by hilly islands and translucent water, then submerge to one of world’s most beautiful underwater region. Spend some days in this coral triangle region and do all the dives you want. Flores never fail to amuse even the most experienced divers in this planet.

A Little Peek to How Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Works | Notredame

Trip with liveaboard Labuan Bajo is on demand. Trips are selling fasts—especially on the holiday season. Labuan Bajo is no longer been a quiet fishing village. Tourism blooms like flowers in spring and now the town is brimming with tourism centre. Labuan Bajo is the base of Komodo adventure; a thrilling expedition for deadly encounter with the last dragon on earth and an exciting exploration to the gorgeous frontiers, both above and under the water.

3 Highlights to Remember in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo | Thesnapchattv

Choosing to take Liveaboard Labuan Bajo for your upcoming trip to the Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Flores, is a great way to experience some of Komodo’s secluded beaches and best dive sites that are further away from resorts and hotels back in the land. Here in Labuan Bajo, sailing is the main option—if not the only one—to get into places within the national park. Obviously, Labuan Bajo has abundant of liveaboard boat of all class and style to take you around. There’s always a liveaboard to suit a range of budget, intended sailing duration, number of passengers, even type of holidays. Some of these liveaboard are especially intended for dive trip with complete diving essentials, and some are more focused on islands exploration featuring a snorkel (or dive) session, some of them even specialise themselves to honeymoon holidays. You can share the liveaboard with a dozen of random passengers from all around the world or rent the whole just for yourself. 

In the Hunt of Best Komodo Liveaboard for Budget Wanderers | Saltoalto06

Komodo is famous to travelers for its Komodo dragons, the-lost-world vibes, and exceptional underwater conditions and remarkable marine life. Breathtaking views of towering dormant volcanoes, jagged mountains, undulating hills, and pristine valleys with swaying savannah are everything. Once you set the sail to Komodo, you will immediately feel the outlandish vibe and feel like you are finding a long lost world where the ancient and prehistoric Komodo dragons roam the land. As sailing is a mandatory method to explore the magnificent Komodo, of course you would want to complete the experience by sailing in the best Komodo liveaboard you could find—without breaking the bank. In this article, we want to share the best liveaboard on a budget for your upcoming Komodo holiday references. 

Fun Things To Do in Komodo Boat to Fill Up Time | Embportmalta

When you are booking a sailing trip with Komodo boat for a week, things could be quite boring after a few days. The thing is, Komodo National Park is so wide with dozens of little islands and mind-blowing dive sites to explore—and each one of them is particularly unique to another. For true adventurers, the basic three days sailing trip that’s commonly offered by the majority of liveaboard operators are not enough. However, the time that it takes to sail from one destination to another could be quite long. Soon, you would be running out of thing to do in the boat—especially when phone signals doesn’t reach to the sea to connect you to the internet. To save you from the burden of boredom, we have gathered seven fun things to do onboard during the long sailing trip. 

Useful Items People Always Forget to Bring to Komodo Boat | Kamloopsweddingcakes

You think you have packed everything necessary—and yet you always realise something you forget to bring to Komodo boat sailing trip. All the essentials are here; sunscreen, dive/snorkel gear, swimsuit, towels, clothes, power-bank, seasickness pills, you name it. But there will always be times when you wish you have bring these items. Things that you don’t think important at first but proven to be very helpful once you are on board. These items below might seems totally unrelated to sailing trip at first, but they are useful and definitely worth to bring.  

Komodo Yacht Charter: Peeking the Cabins | Schoolvolunteersnyc

They said that once you light a fire an adventure in your soul, the sparks would never go out. For those whose souls are constantly seeking for adventures, this Indonesia’s breathtaking ‘Lost World’ island would certainly awe them. It’s the Komodo National Park, home of the last of dragons on earth, incredibly rich marine ecosystem, and dozens of emerging jagged islands that seems like cropped out straight from the Jurassic Park. With more than 20 islands and dive sites to explore within the national park, cruising is an obvious choice to see the Komodo’s undulating peaks and coral gardens. And for you who want to get a taste of wildlife beauty in Komodo without leaving creature comfort, let’s take a peek into Komodo yacht charter, one of the luxurious cruise line that you can book in this frontier. 

Why Komodo Cruise Is Great for Travelling Solo | Kamloopsweddingcakes

So you have pinned the raw and wild Komodo National Park for your next solo trip destination? This Indonesian frontier has been rising as the next “It” thing amongst travelers alike for its exceptional terrestrial beauty, stunning aquatic life, and of course, the legendary Komodo Dragons—the lasts of prehistoric beasts who live only in this region. Given to the KNP’s landscape, sailing trip with liveaboard boats and cruises are hugely popular, even for those who are wandering alone! Here, we have solid reasons why Komodo cruise is perfect for solo travelling. 

From Beaches to Beaches with Komodo Boat | Purfectlychic

It's fun to explore the Komodo National Park! With Komodo boat, you can fill the entire trip full with beach galore, and here's our recommendation.

Extra Preparation to Komodo Liveaboard Sailing | Kamloopsweddingcakes

Sailing with Komodo liveaboard deep to the nooks and crannies of the remote Komodo National Park is a dream for many. It’s a chance to get away from worldly business and reality. A chance to get lost in the “Lost World”, in the land of undulating hills, savannah fields, blue waters, and wild Komodo Dragons who roams freely in the uninhibited islands. And if you are a diver, this is the time when you can get in contact with one of the most preserved, remote reefs and marine life. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard: The Amusing Night Dive | Chuyenthumuaphelieu

While you are on a dive trip in Komodo with Komodo diving liveaboard, don't miss a moment to have an amusing night dive and see the ocean changes!

Expert Diving Tips for Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trips - Shamrocktemecula

When you come to Komodo National Park, Flores, you’ll either yearning to see the prehistoric Komodo Dragons and it’s Jurassic looking islands, or dive the remote water to see one of the best aquatic ecosystem in the world. For this reason, Komodo diving liveaboard trip become enormously popular among divers and travelers alike. It’s a chance to explore the stunning area and discover breathtaking beauties without the necessity of going back to the mainland. Diving liveaboard is savvy divers’ favourite when it comes to maximising their water expedition. And here’s our best tips to maximise your dive travel in Komodo diving liveaboard at Flores, Indonesia. 

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Labuan Bajo might be famous for its rare and deadly Komodo Dragons, but it’s not the only star. The savannah-covered undulating hills, captivating landscapes, stunning empty beaches, and the life on liveaboard Labuan Bajo itself is one of the of charm of Komodo.