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Agriculture Farming Guide

latest agriculture knowledge and technology information sharing a place where you learn how to start profitable farming, and you get top tips to improve your agriculture income

Azolla Cultivation Guide ( Rich proteins feed for cattle, poultry, fish and pig)

Azolla is ideal substitute feed for cattle, fish, pig and poultry birds, also it is good biofertilizer. Azolla cultivation helps farmer to reduce cost on feed

The Ultimate Guide for Pomegranate farming (2018) - Agricultureguruji

Learn how to do Pomegranate cultivation commercially. Pomegranate farming is very profitable here some tips and technique help to improve Pomegranate yield.

The Ultimate Guide for Carrot farming (2018) - Agricultureguruji

learn how to cultivate, grow, and harvest carrots. Include important tipes for commercial carrot farming this definitely improve carrot yield and profit.

Garlic Farming Guide (2018) - Agricultureguruji

Learn step by step to start garlic cultivation. Garlic farming is a profitable crop with a modern farming technique you can produce 50-100 Q/Ha yield.

Lettuce cultivation Guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

The demand for lettuce is growing very fast. learn how to cultivate lettuce in easy steps and earn decent money in just 60 day doing lettuce farming.

Cauliflower Cultivation Guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

Cauliflower cultivation guide help to understand how to start Cauliflower farming scientifically it helpful for improving crop yields and farmer income. 

Bird of Paradise Cultivation Guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

brilliant colours and unusual appearance of the bird of paradise flowers have made it exceptionally popular as a cut flower therefore, the  Bird of paradise cultivated in many parts of the world.

Tomato Cultivation Guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

complete tomato cultivation information with important tips to increase tomato farming yield for a tomato grower.

Anthurium Cultivation Guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

Step by step guide for commercial Anthurium cultivation under the greenhouse. With advanced technique and Anthurium economic helpful for Anthurium farming.

Broccoli Farming Guide 2018

Broccoli farming is a good source of income. How to grow Broccoli? This guide give complete overview of broccoli cultivation procedure.

Mulching Guide - Improve your crop yield - Agricultureguruji

What is mulching and how to select mulch - Advantages of mulching, type of mulching, how to install mulch and list of suitable crop

The Ultimate Guide for Drip Irrigation (2018) - Agricultureguruji

The ultimate guide for Drip irrigation provides info about a component of drip irrigation system, suitable crop, Drip irrigation system cost, Government subsidy, List of Top Drip irrigation companies and Guidelines For Maintenance Of Drip irrigation system.

Commercial Mushroom Cultivation guide 2018 - Agricultureguruji

mushroom cultivation is one the important agribusiness. this guide provides a simple technique to start commercial mushroom farming

Greenhouse Farming in India (beginner guide 2018)

This is Ultimate Guide for Greenhouse farming. In this guide, you get a clear idea of what is Greenhouse farming / Polyhouse farming ? also government subsidy norm, list of Greenhouse manufacture, marketing contact details & many more information

Gerbera cultivation guide 2018

step by step guide for commercial cultivation of gerbera under the greenhouse. tips & technique to make more profit from gerbera cultivation

Carnation cultivation guide (2018) - Agricultureguruji

Carnation cultivation step by step complete guide for 2018 with the latest techniques, also important tips for reducing carnation crop mortality

Dutch Rose Cultivation Guide - Agricultureguruji

Dutch rose has high demand in national and international markets. Therefore Dutch rose cultivation is increasing day by day. dutch rose is important commercial crop in the greenhouse

capsicum cultivation in polyhouse - Agricultureguruji

Capsicum is an important commercial vegetable crop. Capsicum cultivation in greenhouse increase day by day because of higher quality & quantity of capsicum fruit. follow this step by step guide for Capsicum cultivation

Gerbera cultivation economics in 2018 - Agricultureguruji

With Gerbera cultivation farmer can earn approximately 50000 ₹ per month in 0.5 Acre land. we explain in detail all aspects of Gerbera cultivation economics including all initial investment cost, working capital requirement & total net return

Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation in 2018 - Agricultureguruji

Dutch rose is one of the important commercial cut flower crops in the greenhouse. Dutch rose has high demand in the national & international market. Before start dutch rose farming in the greenhouse, you must understand Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation

Poultry Farming-beginner guide ( 2018) - Agricultureguruji

Poultry Farming guide help to start a poultry farming with the improved technique & tips you maximize your profit. all essential thing explained to succeed in poultry farming

How to start Sugarcane Farming - Agricultureguruji

In India Sugarcane is one of the important commercial crops and holds a prominent position as a cash crop, Sugarcane the main sources of sugar & jaggery. India is the world’s second-largest producer in sugar. It is one of the most important food-cum-cash crop grown in the country; sugarcane farming provides employment to a larger number of people & also a significant role in earning foreign exchange.

Strawberry Cultivation Step by step guide - Agricultureguruji

Strawberry plant required a medium range of temperature. In the greenhouse, strawberry cultivation is better because quality and quantity of strawberry fruit are much better than outside strawberry cultivation.