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Updated by dennispgoodwin on Oct 18, 2018
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Five Kinds of Commercial Trucks and Their Uses

It is important in any business or enterprise to consider getting trucks as part of their expansion. Trucks do not only carry food products, there are a lot of other kinds of trucks built to transport heavy loads from furniture, textile, wood, cargo, and even vehicles. The following is a list of some types of commercial trucks and their functions:


Tow truck

A tow truck comes in handy when there is a vehicle that’s violating parking rules. Depending on the kind of vehicle that need to be hauled, certain configurations and structures need to be present in a specific type of tow truck. Some examples of tow trucks are: flatbed, hook and chain, and the wheel-lift tow truck.


Box truck

If we were to disassemble a box truck, we can come up with three basic parts: a cab, chassis rails, and the enclosed cargo area added to the chassis cab. Although some people use the terms “box truck” and “van” interchangeably, the key difference is the structure. Unlike a box truck, a van is unibody in structure.


Flatbed truck

A flatbed truck has no sides or roof and the cargo is held in place by straps tied to the hooks around the edge of the flatbed truck. Because this type of truck does not have roofing, cargo is exposed to rain. Nowadays, they remain in use to carry machinery and other construction materials.


Heavy-duty truck

A heavy-duty truck is equipped with specialized machine or gears to perform specific functions. These trucks are used in agriculture, construction, and many more.



This kind of truck has a tractor that does not carry cargo. The load is carried by the trailer, which is attached to the tractor.

Whether you’re aiming to add to your fleet of trucks or if you’re still working towards getting your first, it is important to know the different kinds of commercial trucks because each one of them is built to address specific demands and circumstances. Along with this, reading up on wholesale truck insurance will also help you grow your business.