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Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain

A sign of a success is no more than a growing team and Capri's team now includes hundreds of specialists working across 6 clinics in Delhi, NCR & Pune. Visit to know more about our success story and to schedule an appointment. #CapriSpineClinic #WhyCapri

Physio therapy Centre in Delhi

Many of the physical changes that can cause low back pain during pregnancy may contribute to an achy back now, especially if you've given birth very recently. Our specialists have helped multiple recent mothers battle these back issues and transition back to a normal life post their pregnancy. Visit a caprispine clinic to consult one of our specialist today! #PostPregnancyBackPain #CapriSpineClinic

Home Physiotherapy in Delhi

Gudiya & many others like her have walked through our clinic doors & received successful treatments of their back pain troubles. You too can get pain free today. Visit to schedule your first appointment with us today! #CaprispineClinic #PatientReviews

Physiotherapy in Delhi

Capri’s Spine Centres are committed to look into the various issues that people are facing due to their spine. The spine centres consist of the leading doctors who ensure the best of treatments for the spine.

Physiotherapist in Delhi

Expert physiotherapists, latest equipments and world class service defines CAPRI. Clinics at CAPRI are among the best equipped clinics in the country especially designed to bring physiotherapy treatment comparable to international standards in and around Delhi. These model clinics provide personalized attention to each patient. CAPRI clinics have researched and developed the applications of electrotherapy by employing the latest computerized and electronic equipments as well as manipulative physiotherapy techniques. At CAPRI clinics, treatment is delivered in a patient friendly and soothing environment. , we at Capri Spine Clinics offer non-invasive drugless treatment (without medicines & surgeries), which is effective, affordable and risk-free. Being in the physiotherapy segment for over two decades & successfully operating 6 centres in Delhi NCR, we have till date treated more than 80,000 patients. We treat more than 300 patients a day, at our clinics with high commitment to quality and personal attention to each patient. We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as pioneers in delivering Spinal care services in & around Delhi. We are a professionally managed chain of spine clinics, offering state of art services in Spine Care since 1992.

Treatment for Lumbar Disc Bulge

Joint problems not only affect your lifestyle but the excruciating pain can even change a person's behavior as a direct response to constant pain. Book an appointment with Caprispine Clinic today and let our expert staff help heal that pain for you. #CaprispineClinic #JointPaint

Best Spine Specialist in Delhi

The finest team of physiotherapists & spine specialists, our doctors are trained to help you with your spinal issues to help you get instant relief. With over 6+ locations, we are constantly striving to make visiting one of our clinics as convenient for our patients as we possibly can. #CaprispineClinic #EffectiveSpinalTreatment

Physiotherapist in West Delhi

Yes! we provide drugless treatment!
Book your appointment today, 9063696969

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Physiotherapy Center in Gurgaon - Capri Spine Clinic

Get rid of that pain for once and for all! Consult Doctor Now at Capri Spine or call 9063696969.

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Slipped Disc Treatment Clinic

A bulging disc injury is a common spine injury sustained to your spine's intervertebral disc. It can occur in your lumbar spine (lower back), thoracic spine (upper and mid-back) or your cervical spine (neck). At Caprispine, our team can help you with any form of bulge disc injury. Visit to schedule a visit with one of our spine specialists today.

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Degenerative Spine Treatment - Capri Spine Clinic

Live a pain-free life!
Book your appointment today, 9063696969

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Physiotherapist in South Delhi - Capri Spine Clinic

Don't let your neck & back pain limit your capacity to do things. Consult with a specialist at Capri Spine Clinic today. Visit to book your next appointment today.

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Physiotherapist in East Delhi - Capri Spine Clinic

Get effective back pain treatment @Capri Spine Clinic!
Consult Doctor Now,Visit: or call 90-63-69-69-69

Joint Pain Treatment

Listen to your Knee pain!
Consult Doctor Now, Visit or call 90-63-69-69-69

Home Physiotherapy in Gurgaon - Capri Spine Clinic

Choose nothing but the best. Visit and fix an appointment with the top spine specialists in Delhi & get instant relief from your pain.

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