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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka – a Magical Island Nation

The picturesque island nation of Sri Lanka has secured a reputation as a popular holiday destination. There are a number of amazing reasons to visit this country, like those described below.


The Climate

You will find that Sri Lanka experiences a warm tropical climate which is often a delight for dwellers of colder regions. Visitors will see that Sri Lanka is pleasantly warm even in the season when their native lands are cold and chilly. On the other hand, there are varied climates within Sri Lanka itself, which means that it is possible to sunbathe in the warm beaches in the island's south and then venture to the pleasantly cool weather of the nation's central highlands. However, it will make sense to generally avoid the island's two main monsoon seasons, which affect different parts of the country at varying times.


The Beaches

Presently it is the beaches in the west and south of the country that are most popular in this entrancing tropical nation. Sometimes called the 'Riviera of Sri Lanka', you will see that these beaches are an appealing golden tan in colour and adorned with attractive palm trees. You will also find picturesque orchards, rice paddies and tea estates in the vicinity of these beaches. Perhaps the most idyllic of Sri Lanka's beaches are those in the south of the island, particularly those in proximity to Galle, a pleasant coastal town. However, those who seek more beach activity would do well to visit the beaches on the west coast of the nation.


The Food

Sri Lanka boasts a delightful cuisine featuring many delectable and distinctive foods. Make sure to try out hoppers, which are like a crisp pancake, sometimes containing eggs and other flavours. Also, take the opportunity to savour curd with treacle; curd is made from buffalo milk and treacle from palm trees. Naturally, your visit to Sri Lanka would not be complete without tasting the nation's spicy curries and seafood. Also make it a point to enjoy the refreshing water of a king coconut, which is a popular thirst quencher in the country. Another local highlight is watalappan, a sweet dessert that will have you asking for more.


The Wildlife

The nation of Sri Lanka is rightfully renowned for its splendid wildlife which is sure to capture the imagination of the animal lover. Highlights include elephants, leopards and the varied kinds of birds that you will have the opportunity to view here. If you have an interest in leopards, make sure to visit Yala National Park which is renowned for its population of these big cats. On the other hand, if your objective is to view elephants, head over to the Udawalawe National Park, a sanctuary which is reputed for its resident pachyderms. When it comes to tours to Sri Lanka that will take you to Yala National Park and other such attractions, a tour specialist to consider would be Connaissance de Ceylan.


Its Cultural Heritage

You will find that Sri Lanka boasts a rich cultural heritage with a host of interesting cultural attractions that will strike the interest of the discerning visitor. Make it a point to experience the city of Kandy, which is a sacred site for the local Buddhists. Another highlight is the town called Galle, a settlement that was originally created by Portuguese colonialists. Not to be missed is the cave complex at Dambulla, which is an ancient monastery featuring an array of Buddhist-themed murals and statues. Sri Lanka has experienced a rich and eventful history that will capture the imagination of the culture lover.