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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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9 Must pack things when visiting Thailand – The essential items that you'll need

Whether you're visiting Thailand for the first time or you've visited there before, having a checklist of what you need to pack will never hurt. Here are 9 essential items you should pack.


Slip-on shoes

If you're planning to visit temples, religious landmarks or museums wearing slip-on shoes like slippers or sandals would save you the hassle of taking off and putting on your fancy shoes. Avoid shoes with plastic soles as walking around in them during the rainy season could be tricky.


Appropriate clothing

This is another important factor to consider if you're planning to visit places of worship such as Wat Phra Kaew or the Grand Palace who have strict dress codes. Men and women are expected to wear clothes with sleeves and flip flops, tight tops and anything showing off your midriff is a big no-no.


Water bottles

The heat in Thailand can be unkind and staying hydrated is very important. There are plenty of stores that you can buy something chilled to drink but carrying a water bottle can save you lots of money that you'd otherwise spend buying bottled water near popular tourist attractions.


Sun protection

The sun rays in Thailand are quite strong so make sure you pack sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and hat to avoid getting sunburnt as you wander the streets of Thailand during the day or while you're sunbathing on the beach. You might want to consider packing a cooler and a few beach books if you're planning to spend the day sunbathing at Thailand's gorgeous beaches.


Beach sports gear

Thailand has some the world's best beaches that offer plenty of water sports like snorkelling, Water surfing, kite surfing and sailing. Some of the popular Koh Samui resort and hotel properties similar to Sunset Coast Samui Resort & Villas provide their guests with the equipment needed for water sports for a nominal amount or as a complementary part of their stay. If you are however planning to visit a hidden beach then pack your own equipment as you might not find many shops close some of these untouched beaches.


Insect repellent

The tropical conditions of Thailand is a breeding grounding for mosquitoes especially during the rainy season of November-April. Evenings, in particular, can be unbearable unless you use insect repellent.



If you're hoping to trek across Thailand then buying a sturdy backpack that you can wear comfortable and can also accommodate all your stuff is one of the things worth buying that you won't regret. While you can find plenty of cheap backpacks online, it's better you go to an actual store and try a few on for size and find the one that fits your requirements.


Travel Wallet

Having one easily accessible place to store all your most essentials documents and important items such as your passport, debit card, hotel reservation, maps etc will save you a lot of time that you'd spend rummaging through your bag in a rush. Most people prefer something you can wear around your neck and under your clothes for convenience and discretion.


Power adapter

The power outlets used in Thailand are very different from what is used by most people. Hence carrying a universal power adapter will come in handy. You might want to consider buying an adapter with surge protection also as electricity fluctuation in Thailand is quite common.