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5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Thailand - From Transport and Attire to the Local Language and Massages

The former Kingdom of Siam is replete with glorious attractions, unique experiences and panoramic views. Here are five things you should keep in mind when planning a trip to Thailand.


Transport: Getting Around Thailand

Once you fly into an international airport in Thailand such as those in Bangkok or Phuket, you will need to take internal flights to many of the cities and towns that are considered tourist hotspots. If you are residing in Bangkok city hotels, getting around the city itself is quite convenient because you can use the Skytrain and the metro. In other cities and towns, it is convenient to opt for a three-wheeler which is known locally as a tuk-tuk. It is also possible to take a tuk-tuk in Bangkok, but this is done best during the day while taxis are a safer mode of transport in the night. Keep in mind that if you opt for a tuk-tuk, you will need to haggle on the fare before getting into the vehicle for, if not, you may end up having to pay a high fare.


Attire and Dress Code: Pack Appropriately

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country and the majority of the sites and attractions include temples or temple complexes. Therefore, make sure to bring clothes that cover your shoulders and knees in order to ensure that you are not denied entry to any of the sites. Alternatively, tourists can opt to bring jackets or shawls in order to cover up when they visit religious attractions, monasteries or palaces.


It is Best to Book Accommodation in Advance

Don't wait till you get to Thailand to select and check into accommodation. Because of its location and increasing popularity among tourists, there is a high demand for accommodation in Thailand. This has led to a profusion of accommodation options ranging from small homestays in villages to chain hotels such as AVANI Atrium Bangkok in the cities. If you book in advance, you will be able to take advantage of some great deals and online offers and even save a bit of money on your tour.


Learning a Few Basic Thai Phrases Can Go a Long Way

Locals will always appreciate foreigners who attempt to speak in their own tongue. Therefore, it wouldn't hurt to learn a few select phrases in Thai that you may have to use frequently. However, even if you can't remember these phrases, fret not, because many locals speak English as well. This is especially true in major cities and islands such as Bangkok and Phuket but keep in mind that this might not be the case in rural parts of the country.


Thai Massages are Some of the Best in the World

Thai massages are well known across the world and therefore, when visiting Thailand, make sure to keep some time aside for a massage or two. Thai massages usually combine yoga postures with ayurvedic treatments and acupressure and there are nearly one thousand clinics registered in the country. These massages are designed to relieve muscle pain and enhance relaxation and are ideal to experience when on holiday.