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Branding 101 & Best Logo Design Tips

Articles about Branding and Logo Design Tips!


Promotions and Branding 101

This article looks at how businesses can create a positive brand which can then be promoted through social media and other online means.

Common Pitfalls In Logo Design

Much of the beauty behind a great brand logo is the simplicity but it can still be all too easy for the design process to go down the wrong path.

Design Your Own Professional Logo

You can improve your logo with a few key tips. To get started, make sure that you really understand what you are trying to do with your logo.

How To Identify Your Brand DNA

An article looking at how important it is to identify your brand DNA when thinking about a rebrand

The Importance of Branding

Branding is regarded as one of the main aspects of marketing in the present time. Branding is by no means a new concept. Scientists have uncovered evidence of product branding that dates back to 5000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia during a time products were designed with unique seals so their products could easily be identified.

Recessionary Branding to Develop Your Business

With a global recession that seems determined not to make an exit any time soon, should businesses consider their brand important, or simply a cost too far?

6 Reasons To Get A Custom Designed Logo For Your Business

Having a logo is an important part of every good business. The logo is a unique mark of identity that can be displayed on everything the business owns.

Tips On Creating A Logo That Works across The Board

An article looking into how to create a logo that works and the importance of doing this

Is Your Brand Using the Right Font?

The overused, chubby font doesn’t scream ‘professional’ and conveys all the wrong messages about your brand. Your brand is the most important investment you’ll make, so you need to ensure you’re using the right fonts.

Elements That Make A Company Brand Logo Unforgettable

Much have been said and written about designing logos. Few write about brand oriented emblems and this article will therefore focus on logos that are meant for the real world. With the influx of free and stock logos, the branding of newly established companies is suffering.

Seven Logo Design Features that helps you in Enhancing More Traffic

Today with the advent of internet and technology, the concept of online marketing has become quite popular amongst the business persons all over the world. But logo is one of the most important parts of both online as well as offline business. Logos play key roles in increasing the business of the company or a particular brand.

How to Restore Your Company's Reputation

In the business world a company's reputation is extremely important. If your business reputation has been harmed, it can be repaired, but requires some time and effort on your part. If someone feels that they have not had a good customer experience then they could express their discontent publicly.

How to Build a Strong Brand

The importance of branding in the modern corporate world is undisputed. Whether you are a multi-national corporation making millions or a small business with limited funds, it's crucial to understand that you need one in order to survive, and you need a strong one in order to succeed!

Building A Successful Brand For A Small Business

Brand building is an important strategy for any business, no matter how big or small it is. Yet, small business owners often lack the acumen or knowledge in how to brand their business successfully, and what strategies are open to them to achieve this. Here are some tips to get great branding on the road.

What's In A Sign? 4 Tips For Creating Stunning Business Signage

In an age where digital marketing has come on in leaps and bounds, with the number of businesses accommodating the high streets going in the opposite direction at an alarming rate, you may be questioning the viability of sticking with the traditional bricks and mortar for your business.

Are You Aware of the Professional Approach to Get Best Logo Design Results?

Logo designing process is time consuming as well as daunting. With logo, you are creating the face of a company. You are trying to summarize what the company does and what are its future plans. If a simple outline is followed, it can make the logo designing task more manageable, ending with a satisfied customer.

Innovative Ways Of Promoting Your Business

A key element of any business model is to invest in good quality branded material to help you to promote your business and to get your ideas and name out there. Offering promotional materials is a simple and innovative way of attracting potential customers as everyone loves a free gift.

4 Ideas For Marketing Your Brand With Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts have long been a reliable way to keep a company's name and brand in front of its target market. Custom tees can display a company's logo, giving it more exposure. It leaves an impression on passers-by who may - if only for a fleeting moment - think of the brand.

Anatomy Of An Effective Presentation Folder

It all starts with your presentation folder! If you want to convey authority, expertise in your craft, and the feeling of security to your prospect clients, then your presentation folders have to be top class! The thing is, your presentation folders are your first impression to your clients.

Making your Presence Felt with Signage!

A good business strategy will always involve signage in the branding of your business, it is the most important part of customer outreach. It is impossible to gauge the popularity and success of your business unless the consumers who might target are aware of what you offer.

What is branding and why I need it?

Branding is not something limited to the big players. You don't have to make millions to need a successful branding. Even a small business or a local store need to have strong branding or at least stronger than their competition in order to be competitive and even survive in the market.

The importance of the creative brief

Now that you have established your brand's story or narrative, the next important step is to communicate it. You can use a number of ways to do so. Your logo, tagline, stationary, web site and business cards (you do have some of those right?) are all ways to communicate your message to the public.

Creative brief + Research = Relevant and Novel solutions

Sun Tzu once said " A victorious army wins its victories before seeking battle ". And this is true in design. The more time you will spend to understand the challenge at hand and the design problem you will need to solve, the closer you will get to a proper solution.

How style guides fit in the branding process

You might have heard of style guides but maybe quickly dismissed it as something only a big corporation will do. Well it's not. The complexity and scope of a style guide obviously varies from one brand to another. But the necessity of having one is crucial to ensure your brand's consistency.