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Updated by Spyros Thalassinos on Jun 26, 2013
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Express Yourself through Art!

Ways to express yourself artistically! Feel free to add to it :)


Express Yourself through Artistic Talent

We use creativity to express inner feelings. Before you get intimidated by the word artist, remember that we are all capable of using our artistic talents...

Exploring the World of Art

Are you daunted by the thought of visiting an art gallery? You'll soon discover that you can enjoy such situations.

Get Started with Pencil Drawing Basics

Have you ever been in front of an empty paper, holding a pencil in your hand and thinking: "I can't draw..."
Well you probably have! And don't feel guilty about it. It's the majority of people who think that way.

Get Started with Oil Painting Basics

Have you ever wanted to start painting with oils but didn't know how to get started?
Did you visited an art supply store but got immediately overwhelmed by the choices in equipment and left?
In today's article i gathered some resources for you to get you started! Starting with a few background information on the medium.

Get Started with Origami Folding

This Monday we'll be exploring origami basics. We'll also see some fun projects for beginners you can start with, and close with a really cool (but very advanced ) video by the origami expert Tadashi Mori, making a paper dragon.

Get Started with Mixed Media Art Techniques

One of the secrets of creativity, is to always experiment and try out new things. By exploring new media, you open yourself to new creative avenues and possibilities. And in order to help you get started i assembled a selection of 5 fun projects you might want to try, or just use as inspiration for your own experiments.

A Guide To Printmaking Techniques

A guide to various types of printmaking techniques.

A Brief Guide on Finding Bright Careers in the Field Of Fine Arts

Creativity has always led to the discovery of something innovative in this world. Today, a career in creative art has become the latest trend among students. Many universities have started offering fine arts courses to students like you.

Artsnapper Summer Art Guide - Artsnapper

Summer Art Guide - The Artsnapper Summer Art Guide is here! It is your go to source for the upcoming shows, and events for this summer. Not only do we want you to discover the most intriguing art around you, we also want you to explore the neighborhood and all that New York City can offer.