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Updated by Straight Up Digital on Dec 01, 2018
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Straight Up Digital is an online marketing agency offering Web Design, SEO service on the Gold Coast. We help business to increase online visibility through our mobile friendly web design and result oriented search engine optimization strategy. Visit us at

Straight Up Digital

most of the people now have 24/7 get right of entry to to the net and are capable of have a look at your services or products as well as those of your competition at their enjoyment This has brought on the emphasis of sales management to evidently trade.

Straight Up Digital | The benefits of an online shop versus retail – Straight Up Digital | News

Once you have decided that you wish to become involved in retail trading you then have to decide if you want to run a land based shop, have a virtual shop on the internet or a mixture. Your choice will really depend on the type of merchandise or services you wish to sell.

According to Straight Up Digital, If you are selling a product or service that is unique then it is probably ideal for selling on the internet, but if your product is widely sold then you are likely to find that there is a lot of competition on the internet and it may be hard to break into an already established and saturated market. In this case, it is often better to find a street location where you do not have so much competition. Once you are established it is then easier to branch into internet marketing. Read more at

Straight Up Digital | Google Search News – Straight Up Digital | Online

Although Google News has undergone many evolutionary changes over the years, its basic overall functions essentially remain the same even with all the updates which are purposely designed to make it easier for users to access what they want quickly and efficiently. According to Straight Up Digital, Low grade, spam or copycat type websites have found they have been placed in the bottom of the search engine listings in the same way they reduce the rankings of websites that are inaccurate or full of mistakes. Read more at

Straight Up Digital | Top 5 Solutions for businesses to do their own SEO – Straight Up Digital | Solutions

Regardless which industry you’re involved in or what you are trying to achieve on the internet, you need to have a very good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy just to be noticed and to succeed it is critical. SEO is much more than just having a few words jammed in to catch the search engines. As per Straight Up Digital these five SEO tools will help you find the solutions to do your own SEO.

Top 5 reasons why SEO is still important – Straight Up Digital

If anyone tells you that SEO is now irrelevant or unimportant, you’re talking to someone who just does not understand internet marketing at all. In fact, it is the only way anyone will even notice you there. You heard it here at Straight Up Digital.

The top 3 differences between Adwords and SEO – Straight Up Digital

There is often a lot of confusion about the different terms and concepts involved in internet marketing. At Straight Up Digital we find that this is likely to happen because internet marketing covers a wide range of expertise and requires a great understanding of all the many aspects involved in not only having a successful website, but maintaining it so it remains viable and operated at the most profitable level for you.

Top 5 things to ask your SEO Company | Straight Up Digital

Search engine optimisation is vital for your business, but our experience at Straight Up Digital finding the right SEO Company to look after your business is also vital.