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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things to do in the Maldives on your Honeymoon - Romantic activities for the newlyweds

The Maldives has long since been considered the ultimate honeymoon location! There are plenty of things to do here to celebrate a new life together and heighten your sense of romance.


Go deep water diving or snorkelling

Snorkelling and deep water diving are activities that one must not miss when in the Maldives. The water surrounding the archipelago is crystal clear and is perfect for these activities, even if it is your first time. There is something romantic about going under the sea, and swimming among the colourful fish and corals; you could easily happen across a shark or a manta ray, too. An adventure under the sea would be a good way to start your journey together.



There are over 200 islands in the Maldives, which are free to be explored. While some of the islands are occupied by resorts in the Maldives, some others are inhabited by the local community, while others remain uninhabited. Going off on a day trip of island hopping can you to many of these islands, and you can choose what you want to do at each point. For example, you can opt to go fishing, have a picnic, or even go on a hike. If you so wish to, you can have dinner under the stars on an uninhabited island, too.


Have a couple's massage

There is nothing as relaxing and soothing as a massage or a spa treatment, and the Maldives has this in plenty. If you happen to stay at a luxury resort such as Niyama Private Islands Maldives, you can spend an entire day being pampered and catered to at a luxury spa. A couple's spa day is a good way to unwind after spending some time in the sun having fun. It will also give the two of you a chance to bond, and enjoy comfortable silences.


Have dinner at a unique restaurant

The Maldives lays claim to many interesting restaurants, but nothing can beat the underwater dining experience. These restaurants are located in a dome under the sea so that you will have an uninterrupted view of various sea creatures swimming past as you dine. You might even have a curious manta ray stop by to see what you are up to. It also provides great photo opportunities. However, as these dining experiences are unique and limited, it is important that you make a reservation in advance.


Visit the glow-in-the-dark beach

What is more romantic than finding that the stars have descended into the ocean that is lapping away at your feet? The glow-in-the-dark beach in the Maldives is one romantic place you must not miss. The starry sight is a result of the bioluminescent organisms that are found in the water. Watch as they follow your every move, and dance around in the dark. Walking along the beach in the glow of organisms your eyes cannot make out under a canopy of stars would be a sight you are unlikely to ever forget. You can arrange to have dinner by the beach if you so wish to. Just remember not to wade into the water without a lifeguard nearby.

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