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Respirator Shop - Dust Masks and Respirators

Respirator Shop is one of the well-known one stop solution shop to buy the dust masks, respirators, filters and face fit testing equipment at affordable prices.

Best Tips for Hearing Safety at Work

Excess exposure to noise is one of the most common causes of the hearing loss in factory workers. Thousands of workers whose job involves loud machinery suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss due to excess workplace noise levels. To prevent hearing loss while employers should implement some sort of administrative controls at workplaces, employees also need to follow some effective noise protection tips.

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Top Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Most accidents and injuries in the workplace are preventable if you take the right safety precautions and remain vigilant. Staying aware of the common safety hazards in the workplace is the best way to protect your employees and other physical assets. Workers working from a height should be provided with disposable dust masks and a tool belt so that they can see the tools in their hand clearly, and store them safely once done.

3m 6000 Series Half Mask & Respirator

Respirator Shop offers the 3M 6000 series half face masks & respirators that are reusable, lightweight, soft, comfortable & come with a twin filter system which gives it lower breathing resistance. It is highly recommended for workers who are working with industrial gases, particulate hazards & vapors. This product is approved by NIOSH with standards EN 140:1998. The other advantage of this product is easy to clean & disassemble. Take a look at our full range of 3m 6000 series respirators and order online.

Reusable Dust Masks & Respirators

Respirator Shop offers the premium quality reusable dust masks & respirators to all workers who are working with industries like construction, gases, chemicals & environments with disinfecting facilities. These products are durable and well tested. We will help you in selecting the right product according to your industry. Feel free to browse our full selection of respiratory protective equipment such as full face dust masks, half face dust masks, etc. We stock all products from top manufacturers like 3M, JSP, Moldex and Portwest reusable masks. Free shipping available on orders over £150. Shop with confidence.

A Definitive Guide to Protect Against Chemical Attack

While the pace of development is fast in today’s world and new innovations and technologies are painting a perfect picture of the future with leading edge technologies facilitating the lives of every human. But with all these developments there is a major threat imposed in the form of mass destruction constructed by the use of man-made nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. It is recommended to wear protective covering like protective dust masks, hand gloves, and clothing that covers all the body.

Asbestos Masks, Bags, PPE & Coveralls | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop is your one stop shop to buy Asbestos PPE and kits that includes Asbestos masks, bags, coveralls and many more products at affordable prices. Our disposable & reusable asbestos products will prevent your team from the dangerous asbestos exposure at their work place. Get major brands in our stock. Order online now!

Disposable Dust Masks UK | Disposable Respirators | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop offers the lightweight & comfortable disposable dust masks and respirators to keep your employee safe at their dusty workplace environment. We have the largest stock of big brands disposable masks & respirators like 3M Dust Masks, Moldex, JSP and Portwest at affordable prices. Browse our high-quality respiratory products and choose your required one. Free delivery and next day delivery available on eligible orders.


Portwest BizTex SMS ST30 Coverall Cat 3

Portwest BizTex SMS ST30 Coverall Cat 3

Portwest BizTex SMS ST30 Coverall Cat 3 get now at very affordable rate.


Portwest PW48 Classic Plus Ear Protector

Portwest PW48 Classic Plus Ear Protector

Portwest PW48 Classic Plus Ear Protector get now at very affordable rate.

Moldex Face Fit Test Kit | Face Fit Test Solutions | Respirator Shop

Moldex Face Fit Testing Kit comply with OSHA standards and is designed to confirm your respirators are fitted correctly. This is important for your employee’ safety which you get with cost-effective and strong mining PPE. It is suitable for both reusable respirator and disposable respirators face masks. Our all products are well tested and our team of highly qualified respiratory experts ensures you have taken the correct respirators and face masks.

FFP3 Dust Masks | 3m Respirators | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop is the UK’s leading safety supply company that offers the industrial featuring FFP3 dust masks to provide comfort and supreme safety to your team against high-level toxic dust & dangerous particulates present at their workplace. FFP3 dust masks have the 99% filtering efficiency. Check out our wide range of branded 3m series respirators for effective, lightweight, and comfortable protection.

The Pros and Cons of PPE Disposable Workwear

When you hear about workwear one naturally thinks about formals or some specific workwear that are used for those specific jobs. Formal wear is somehow synonymous with the workwear and most of the time and it’s true. But not every workplace is suitable for wearing the formals.
You might have seen people working at construction sites, manufacturing plants, warehouses, jobs like electricians, painters, the one thing that is common at these workplaces is that most of these jobs require strenuous work on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes the employees even have to work in the not-so-safe kind of environments.

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What type of Mask is Used for Asbestos?

There are a lot of tough jobs that are needed to be handled with utmost safety and these work environments rely upon following a whole lot of safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the employees working in it. Asbestos removal is one such job that imposes a huge health risk on the workers and can prove to be extremely hazardous for those who work in that environment.
Airborne asbestos is indeed scary stuff, even if it happens to be present in minuscule quantities. At the same time, its removal is a costly and dangerous procedure that imposes serious hazards on the health of those who are present in that environment. It’s a well-learned fact that asbestos is a carcinogen and when inhaled can prove to be very damaging to the lungs and is responsible for producing lung cancer.
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Top 5 Steps to Risk Assessment

Every work environment needs to conduct proper risk assessment. Safety of workers and employees is the first and foremost responsibility of any organization.

Now when we talk about risk assessment what we basically want to measure are the hazards present at the workplaces. These hazards can be for premises, people, procedures, and plants.

Read more tips at Top 5 Steps to Risk Assessment

Moldex 7000 Half Mask & P2 Filter | Spray Mask

Respirator Shop in the UK, stocks a wide range of respirators, respirator filters, dust masks and protective masks equipment. These are high-quality products made to provide full protection. We stock Moldex 7000 mask which are reusable half masks that require minimum maintenance, made up of soft material and these are gentle on the skin of the wearer.

To purchase a good spray mask, get in touch with us at and select from a wide range of options available.

JSP Press to Check A2 P3 Filters | JSP FFP3 Mask

Respirator Shop based in the UK is one stop shop to purchase high quality personal protective equipment. We do stock a wide range of jsp mask. These masks come with a press to check design that ensures correct fitting of the jsp ffp3 mask and effectively provide a strong and secure seal for maximum protection.
To select the best jsp masks in the UK, reach us at We will assist you in the selection of the right mask based on your requirement and give you full information related to the mask.

Sundstrom Mask | Sundstrom SR100 Respirator & P3 Filter

Respirator shop, UK, stocks various masks that are well-equipped to protect you from a wide range of health hazards. Sundstrom mask comes with filters that can safeguard against all fine particulates, including dust, radioactive particles, sprays and viruses. These masks fall under the category of reusable masks and come with a wide range of filter options suitable for varied hazards.

To select the right mask and the right filter for maximum safety and protection, get in touch with us at We will provide assistance in selecting the right mask as per your requirement.

Respirator Filters & Cartridges | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop offers a wide range of respirator filters & cartridges of all big brands such as 3M, Moldex, JSP and Portwest masks. These filters and cartridges filter respirators are designed to protect your workers against dust particles & hazards. Get free delivery on your orders over £150.

Sundstrom SR100 Respirator & P3 Filter | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop offers the Sundstrom Mask SR100 & P3 Filter to protect you from dust, paint mist and all types of particles. This product has a soft yet durable body, deep nose bridge, comfortable in wearing and perfect secure fitting. Browse our variety of Sundstrom masks to choose your required one.

Which type of Disposable Mask for Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation imposes safety risks if the materials used are not handled properly. There are different ways to do loft insulation and each of these ways has pros and cons that differ in installation method, insulation power, price, and durability. To make a final choice one should consider all these factors.

Loft insulation prevents the loss of heating from the roof and is very useful in winters. As it helps prevent the loss of heat occurring through the roof but the installation of loft requires adequate safety measures to be taken or else it can cause harm.

Picking the right PPE for Safe Asbestos Removal

Safe removal of asbestos has become a major concern as it was heavily used building material in pretty much all the constructions done in the mid-twentieth century. The asbestos ban came into effect in 1999 after the harmful effects of the material were ruled out.

Asbestos exposure is extremely hazardous and the right PPE should be picked for the safety of the workers. The fine particles of asbestos can’t be filtered by any other ordinary dust mask. You should use asbestos PPE that’s labelled for working in an asbestos environment.

Top 5 Best Respirators for Reusable Protection

Selecting the right respirator is extremely important and you should select the one that is ideal for the environment you’re working in. And for doing this, all you have to do is a bit of research on these masks and the level of protection they can offer. Most of these masks can be used with a wide range of filters.
Apart from this take into account the requirements of your environment. A complete assessment of the risk imposed by the environment and check if that can be reverted. If risk can’t be removed from the environment then the use of personal protective equipment is advised. Select the best dust mask keeping the protection in mind.

How to Choose between Half Face VS Full Face Respirators?

You might be aware of the importance of wearing personal protective equipment if your workplace imposes health risks. Certain work environments are not safe to work as they consist of harmful chemical dust, fumes, sprays, and other types of airborne particles dissolved in the air surrounding us and that can enter into the human body through breathing.

According to the danger present in your environment, you can select the appropriate respirators to safeguard the workers. Respirators come in different sizes, shapes, filtering capacity and the level of protection these masks can provide in mentioned on them.

Half Face Dust Masks and Respirators | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop offers a wide range of half face dust masks and respirators from all the leading brands such as Moldex, 3M, Portwest, JSP, Sundstrom etc. Our half face masks are lightweight, comfortable and reusable that protect you against dust, dangerous gases, vapours and particles. Enjoy free shipping on orders over £150.

FFP1 Dust Masks and Respirators | Respirator Shop

Respirator Shop is the UK’s based leading online shop, offers FFP1 dust masks and other PPE & safety equipment to provide you better protection against dust and other particulate hazards. Our FFP1 face masks are tested, certified and filter out at least 78% of the respirable particles. Enjoy free delivery on orders over £150.