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John Parker Events - Hens Nights

Ideas For Hens Party | John Parker Events

These Bridesmaid and Bride Tribe Tote Bags are so cute and adorable, fill it with a few gifts for your wonderful brides to say thank youTeam Bride singlets, Get your bridesmaids looking fab for the big day (or bachelorette night!) with these super comfy and awesome looking Team Bride singlets in Metallic Gold Print, Still Classy yet fun.

Mobile bar hens night Melbourne | John Parker Events

Release your inner diva, say goodbye to stage fright and take to the stage like the true songstress you really are! Hire out a booth at Luxury Karaoke, round up the troops, order in the drinks and maybe bring a pair of earplugs for that one friend who thinks that she is Adele after one too many Pinot’s. A guaranteed night of fun, karaoke is a serious go to for a Hens night Melbourne to remember and a great way of embarrassing the heck out of everyone.

Mobile bar hens night Sydney | John Parker Events

A buffet is laid on each month; constitutions towards it are always welcome. The venue is located on an industrial estate so you can arrive dressed to impress without being seen. We have plenty of car parking places. A smoking area is situated at the rear of the building.

Cocktail making class Sunshine Coast | John Parker Events

Hens night Sunshine Coast Ideas and Accessories Planning a fun, sexy, glamorous hens party is easy, we have done all the hard work for you by creating a range of hens night party packs. All you need to do is choose the pack that best suits your Hens night Sunshine Coast party.

Mobile Bar Hens Night Brisbane | John Parker Events

At we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service, prompt delivery and very efficient replies to any questions you may have. Our aim is to make your hens night as enjoyable and as easy as possible!

Cocktail Making Class Gold Coast | John Parker Events

Hens Night Ideas – Dinner Party You and your girlfriends could write a menu of easily prepared dishes, you could either delegate who is bringing which dish or you could go shopping together for the ingredients and spend an afternoon preparing the dishes all together over a few cold bevvies.

Topless Waiters Adelaide | John Parker Events

For hens night ideas you may need to do a little investigating of your bride to be… Be subtle and drop hints about what you consider to be the ultimate Hens night Adelaide out… and use her feedback to plan her party.

Topless Waiters Perth | John Parker Events

Presenting the alternative for the traditional Hens night Perth ideas that is fun, stimulating, and unforgettable. Your wedding preparations would not be complete without your Hens night Perth, the bohemian alternative. This is the ultimate in Hens night Perth games, the most fun Hens night Perth ideas ever!

Hens night Perth Party Games | John Parker Events

So your friend is getting hitched and now it’s up to you to organize the Hens night Perth Party!!! Deciding on a theme for the party can really help make the night or day seem more organized and streamline preparations.

How to Plan a Super Stylish Celebration | John Parker Events

If you’ve been given the task of organising the Hens Cocktail party Melbourne to beat all hen parties, stick with us. Whether you’re inspired by Michelle Keegan’s Hens Cocktail party Melbourne or are after a more chilled affair in the country, now is the time to knuckle down and start planning.

The Bachelor Party Oath | John Parker Events

In the Contract/Oath below, you must adhere to all guidelines and procedures in a strict fashion. When the document refers to the Bachelor, he will be the one who is the poor soul about to be incarcerated for the next 60 years with the same woman! The guys consisting of the Bachelor party are described as Bachelor Brethren and are the ones who should make the Bachelor’s party a success by following the regulations below! Please take the following document as seriously (seriously funny) as possible since it will provide hours of fun and memories.

The Plan Rock The party! | John Parker Events

Family and future in-laws need to be invited, but make sure that all the activities planned are appropriate for them. If the bachelor is uncomfortable “letting it all out” in front of his future father in-law or brother in-law, make sure not to schedule the entertainments’ games until after the in-laws leave.

Male strippers Perth | John Parker Events

Chicks like mixed drinks. Always make sure to have something light on hand for the dancers. Wine coolers, Hard Lemonade, and other “mixed drinks” are pretty popular with the entertainment. You can’t go wrong with Captain Morgan’s either!

Bachelor Party Guide Part-4

Fun, hot, wild and beautiful women are what make every party a hit! You know you’ve got a good party when there is a hot, fun, half-naked female in the house with Male strippers Brisbane!You always want to make sure to order your dancers in advance. The guys coming to the party are expecting to see some naked debauchery, so don’t wait till it’s too late. Also keep in mind that the more guys you have, the more girls you’ll need.

Topless waiter home visit Sydney | John Parker Events

When you are planning a Cocktail making class Sydney party, keep in mind that all party guests should be chipping in, so the cost is distributed over the total amount of people. For Example if you have 20 guests attending the party & the bill is cost per person!

Bachelorette Party Tips | John Parker Events

Whether it is a Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthday, or any party occassion you want to make sure to invite the right people. Friends who are bad drunks or who can’t behave themselves in a Cocktail making class Melbourne should also be excluded. Drama is the last thing you probably want on this night of partying.

Bachelorette Party Tips Part-3 | Aambitions-Experience

If a guest is caught taking a picture during a the Cocktail making class Brisbane entertainer(s) performance, the show may end immediately and the dancer may choose to leave the party. Under these circumstances, no refund will be given.

Hens cocktail theme Perth | John Parker Events

A dancer who is at a Cocktail making class Perth party where the guests are making them feel sexy and appreciated will always put on a far better show than a Cocktail making class Perth party where they feel uncomfortable because they are being harassed.

A Dinner Party At Home | John Parker Events

Budget hens night ideas you’ll find plenty of recipes for alcoholic mixers over the internet. If slushies are your thing, maybe champagne cocktails would be a winner at your [Hens party Melbourne. Shots are another way to get the party started and there are many many combinations that can be made with just a few different types of liquor.

A Guide to Male Strippers | John Parker Events

You can get any Male strippers in Melbourne here. We have the best Melbourne bachelorette party male strippers and female strippers Melbourne. Call us now to book Male strippers in Melbourne for hire for your party. Stripper Gods can help give you and Melbourne bachelorette party ideas you may have.

Why Male Strippers Succeeds | John Parker Events

Were you searching for black Male strippers in Sydney? Then our black male strippers for hire in Sydney are here to perform and show you what it means to have a Sydney bachelorette party. We have the top Male strippers in Sydney available for any situation and all locations. You won’t find these sexy hunks in any male revue show in Sydney. Stripper Gods Sydney male exotic dancers only perform as private party strippers in and around the Sydney area.

How to Turn Male Strippers into Success | John Parker Events

Male strippers in Perth provide a quality male entertainment service. Whether you require a male dancer, topless waiter or stripper for your hen's night or special occasion don't hesitate to give us a call. We have a range of male strippers and dancers available to suit every occasion, call us now!

How I Improved My Male Strippers | John Parker Events

From Party Hostesses and Shot Girls to Sexy and Seductive Male strippers in Gold Coast Shows, Premier Entertainment creates a party atmosphere unlike any other by screening and training the most beautiful and talented individuals to become the "Premier" Entertainers Male strippers in Gold Coast has come to know and love!

Best Male strippers in Adelaide | John Parker Events

We provide Professional upscale Adelaide Male Exotic Entertainment for any event. We also guarantee the lowest prices in Adelaide. Call us today to reserve your Adelaide Bachelorette Party or for any event needs. We’re open daily from 10am to 11pm. Strippers Adelaide has the Best Looking Strippers in Adelaide for any event.

Best Male strippers Melbourne | John Parker Events

Hen’s nights might seem like an awful lot of work – and they are – but there are many things you lovely ladies can do to make life easier. Topless Waiters, Male strippers Melbourne, Cocktail Parties, I have organized thousands of hens nights across Australia – starting as a topless waiter myself and working up to the manager/owner of my own hens night company I have seen all sides of the Hens Night process. Below is an accumulation of hens night information that I think will benefit you, from conception to delivery!