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The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Galle – A Mesmerising Coastal Town

The seaside town of Galle always captures the imagination of the sightseer with its many attractions. From cultural highlights to international cricket matches, there are many reasons to visit this town.


To explore Galle Fort

This splendid cultural attraction was initially constructed by Portuguese colonialists in the year 1588, before being significantly strengthened by the Dutch in the 17th century. Today this striking fort has the distinction of being Galle's most important sightseeing attraction, with many tourists flocking to Galle to experience it. By taking a tour of Galle Fort you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the history of the town, as well as enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean. By strolling through the fort you will also have the chance to admire the various churches, warehouses and other buildings of interest.


To visit the Dutch Reformed Church

Your initial impression of this famous church, initially constructed in 1640, may make you think that it is rather austere; however, if you explore it further and perhaps converse with the caretaker you will discover some of its fascinating aspects. You will see that some sections of the floor of this church have been paved using gravestones taken from a Dutch era cemetery. Some interesting stories are recounted about this church, including one suggesting that the remains of a human body are hidden within the church. This church was refurbished during the 18th century and contains an old organ as well as a wooden pulpit.


To tour the National Maritime Archaeology Museum

Since Galle was at one time the primary port of the nation of Sri Lanka, it is not surprising that the town's National Maritime Archaeology Museum offers a host of interesting exhibits for the visitor. Within this museum, you will encounter an array of nautical items such as seagoing craft, maps, ropes, artillery weapons and earthenware. Many of these artefacts have been recovered from various shipwrecks with some being up to 800 years in age. Another interesting establishment in the vicinity of this museum is the nearby Galle National Museum which contains various anthropological and archaeological displays. A choice of accommodation to consider from where this museum would be within easy reach would be The Fortress Resort & Spa which may be considered to be one of the conveniently located hotels in Galle.


To watch an interesting cricket match

A hundred years ago, the site where the Galle International Stadium stands today was an expansive racecourse where races were staged for the entertainment of the British colonialists. Today this popular cricket ground stages numerous international matches. The Galle International Stadium is considered to be amongst the most picturesque cricket stadiums on the globe. Some local residents take the opportunity to watch games free of charge from atop the nearby bastions from where they can enjoy splendid views across the stadium, town and ocean.


To take a boat excursion

The areas of the Indian Ocean close to the town of Galle have acquired a reputation as a good locality in which to spot whales. Blue whales, sperm whales and humpback whales, as well as dolphins, can all be spotted in these waters. The contracted continental shelf bordering the town of Galle permits whales to approach the shore whilst on their yearly migrations through the waters of the Indian Ocean. In fact, the ideal areas in which to observe these giant marine mammals are the ocean regions close to Dondra Point and Mirissa, both of these locations being in proximity to the town of Galle.

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