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Updated by Robert Kostuch on Oct 15, 2018
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Amazing cotton bags which you will carry for shopping

If you are looking for amazing and cheap cotton bags, find some of these


Website at

Looking for a best cotton bag for promoting your company? Want to have best quality i low price? This company form Poland will meet your needs. Over 200 models of bags, with price starting at 0,54 $ per cotton bag! Can't belive? See on your own at this website. You will find there not only cotton bags, but also: paper bags -cheapest, jute bags - most durable and luxurious, and non woven - fabric but very cheap.

Want to see how screen printing is made? - Here's how it's made on cotton bags

On this video you will see printing in 3 colours on manual machine, on cotton bags. Print is made by plastisol inks, wet on wet. After printing bags are going under furnace, which have temperature of at low 200 celcius, then print is cured and will be non removable even when bag will be washed in washer in 40 degrees. Bags which you can see on video is canvas 220 gsm, so it's very durable, but very cheap - 0,85 $
You can buy it here:

Interested in making your company more recognizable? See how you can make it ECO!

On this fanpage you will see actual promotions, prices of recent realizations. Also rich portfolio is added. You can contact throught fanfage with stuff, so you can ask about anythink you are interested, like prices, delivery time, also you get FREE soft proof before ordering!


How to make great promotinal bag?

How to make great promotinal bag?

Great promotional bag? - What does it mean?

It means that person which you gave it to, will carry it as ofeten as possible, so your logo will be on this self carrying advertise.
It should be durable, so make sure that fabric will be heavy, at least - 220 gsm. Most popular cotton bags are 140 gsm, and they are thick.
Second one is - make the project of graphic looks amazing, so it shouldn't be only your logo, becouse no one want to carry bags with logo. But make a Unicor, or Flower design, and it will be favorite bag of every girl :)

Find this bag on:


Thinking about making your promotional bags? See how to order

Thinking about making your promotional bags? See how to order

How to order promotional bag - step by step.

At first you will have to choose your kind of bag, there are plenty of:
1. Paper bags - cheapest, but can be used like 1-10 times. Very recyclable
2. Cotton bags - more expensive, very popular. With original graphic design most favorite in many countries
3. Non voven - also fabric, but not so durable as cotton. Made of recycled plastic bottles
4. Jute bags - jute is very heavy material, it's rough, but look very elegant. Those bags will stay with owner forever, they are indestructible, and can carry around 50 kilos!

After you will choose bag, you need to get pricing, it will depend of:
-how many bags you want
-how many colours are in printing (becouse each color is applied separately, and matrix is needed)
-delivery time (standard or express)

Then if you are decided, you will get soft proof of your bag with print. Then you can relax and wait till package with your order will be at your place

Simple as that! :)


How to make sure your promotional bags will be visable?

How to make sure your promotional bags will be visable?

Advertise is made to be eyecatching

Simple way to make it is choose color of bag which will be eyecatching, like fuchsia, or turquose, or mixed black-white, for example blask bag with white print (most popular), or white bag with black print (less popular becouse white bags are getting dirty fast)

Cheapest way is to take natural cotton bag, and make a fantastic projet on it, best way is to make it in one colour - like red, black or another, most important is to make it graet, so every want to see what exactly is it. Like some funny simple comix, or funny graphic (like cat or lama), funny text (like "My other bag is Channel).

Also you can make mix of colours, and take natural cotton bag with color handles.


DTG print -what is that?

DTG print -what is that?

Direct to garmet - DTG

It is technique of printing on textiles witch using a printer in which you put textiles like tshirt or bags, instead of paper. It is connected to computer, so printing is easy as printing on paper. Only difference is you need to dry it arter. Cou can make in in special furnace, or if don't have something like it - in oven.
DTG it technique which is profitable from 1 piece! You don't need any kind of matrix. You can print every kind of project, like fullcolor, halftones and other.
Disadvantage ot DTG is less durable print.

Want to make umbrella your promotional gadget?


So if you will give your client umbrella as a promotinal gadget, you are autmatically make your company look like want to protect your clients.

Umbrellas are also one of the client's favorites gadgets becouse of useful. In almost every country there are rain, and nobody likes to buy umbrella, but get it for free? - Be my guest!

You can take cheapes promotinal umbrella, starts from 2,70 $, but if you want to impress your clinet you can give them models which are made of fiberglass - those are windproof, also materiasl can be almost luxurious, so your client will be surprised, and impressed of quality. Definietely will choose this one when it gets rainy, and will caryy your logo on it - WIN-WIN fo everybody!