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Play Laugh N Grow Childcare & Pre-School Center

Play Laugh N’ Grow has two locations, conveniently located at 41 Freetown Road, Raymond, NH and 184 Raymond Road, Chester, NH.

Helping Your Children Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Remember to check with the Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire where you will enroll them about the activities available for your kids.

5 Pointers When Playing with Your Toddlers

Toddlers attend a center providing Childcare in New Hampshire to help them develop holistically.

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

Sending your little one to a pre school in New Hampshire can be both an exciting and scary day.

The Benefits of an Early Childhood Education

One of the main reasons to provide an early childhood education to your little one is due to the cognitive development benefits.

Daycare Center | Pre School | Play Laugh N Grow

Welcome to Play, Laugh, N Grow Childcare and Preschool Center. We serve the areas of Chester and Raymond in New Hampshire.

Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire

Play, Laugh, N Grow Childcare and Preschool Center is a quality childcare and daycare center in Chester, New Hampshire.

Why Early Childhood Learning Helps Develop Great Kids

Early childhood learning programs can bridge this rapid development stage.

The 4 Important Foundations of a Child’s Character

When a child is born, they are not packed with all the knowledge in the world because they have to acquire it one by one.

Values | Philosophy | Chester, New Hampshire

Play, Laugh, N Grow Childcare and Preschool Center believes in the importance of providing early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe at Preschool

Sending your little ones to a pre school in New Hampshire can be both be an exciting and scary milestone.

The Benefits of Sending Your Little One to Preschool

The education they will receive will not only help excel in school but it will also help boost their cognitive development.

Why Encourage Your Child to Pursue the Breakfast Habit

As a Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire, we advocate for the building up of your child’s overall potential.

Tips to Make Reading Part of Your Every Day

You will be glad to know that even when they’re still in a Pre School in New Hampshire, your child’s reading ability can potentially increase in time. While their teachers are very instrumental in this important life skill, parents like you are still very indispensable. Your influence on the love of reading can contribute a lot towards building the learning capacity of your child.

Helping Your Little One Be Prepared for Preschool

While many may believe that preschool is not a necessary stage for a child—as Kindergarten is the official start of early childhood education anyway, and “preschoolers” are merely a little older than toddlers—it has been proven that preschool offers many benefits. For one, it is a great place for your child to have an early grasp on the basic fundamentals such as colors, shapes, numbers, and the Alphabet.

Benefits of Preschool in Early Childhood Growth

To some, preschool may be an unnecessary stage in early childhood education. They attribute letting their children skip it entirely and just wait until the right age for Kindergarten to the children participating in preschool not even being much older than toddlers anyway.

Building Children to Be School-Ready Every Day

Throughout your child’s stay at our Pre School in New Hampshire, we can guide them through different fun and learning activities that will maintain their interest to discover new things and help them get ready for much learning ahead.

Take Action and Prevent the Spread of Germs

The flu season may just be out of our way but just in case the cough and colds are still lingering on, you can take action to prevent the spread of these germs in your household. At our Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire, we do the best that we can to help eliminate the spread of viruses to keep our children happy and healthy at all times.

Encourage Your Child

At Play Laugh N Grow Childcare & Pre-School Center, we know that most children look up to those who watch over them. As a parent or guardian, it is crucial that you water your child with words of encouragement. We are a Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire dedicated to giving your bundle of joy uplifting words and the safe, learning-conducive environment they need.

Children and Balance

Life, unbeknownst to the young, is all about balance. Play Laugh N Grow Childcare & Pre-School Center knows this well. As a parent or guardian of a little one, it is critical that you raise them to understand the importance of having balance and making sure every aspect of their life is balanced out until they are ready to govern themselves properly.