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Renewable Energy Companies In India

Tata Power's Electrical Vehicle Charging Solution - EV Charging | Tata Power

Tata Power's EV Charging Solutions - Tata Power's charging solutions for electric vehicles are equipped with a network of charging stations at offices & malls. The company’s first EV charging station was installed at Vikhroli, in Mumbai. The company also offers a fast charger which can fully charge an average Electric Car's battery in just 90 minutes.

Thermal power plants in India - Tata Power is working on the clean energy compliance. The non-renewable energy sources like thermal power plants have huge power generation capacities in household, agriculture, and industrial complexes. Tata Power is also working on hydro energy, nuclear energy and wind energy.

Renewable Energy Companies in India - Power Generation From Renewable Resources | Tata Power

Tata Power is one of the renowned green energy companies in India with a capacity of supplying 3417 MW of renewable energy to its customers. It has a strong portfolio of hydro, solar and wind energy generation capacity from its various plants across different states. Visit the website for more information

Power Transmission Companies in India - Tata Power's electric transmission system caters to the growing power needs of Mumbai. Tata Power plays a major role in electric power transmission and distribution system by connecting power stations and major substations across Mumbai.

Power Distribution Companies in India - Power Supply in India | Tata Power

Power Distribution in India - Tata Power's electric distribution system ensures uninterrupted power supply to a customer's home or business from a central generating station to main substations. Tata Power is engaged in electric power transmission and distribution in India and abroad as well.

Energy Trading Companies in India - Power Trading Company in India | Tata Power

Energy Trading Companies in India - Tata Power Trading offers innovative initiatives in energy trading with domain expertise in both conventional and unconventional sources. Tata Power has also reduced the demand and supply gap of electricity primarily in Mumbai & it's nearby cities.

Solar Power Projects in India - Solar Energy Projects in India | Tata Power

Solar Power Projects - Tata Power, India's first and largest integrated solar power company, offer energy solutions in wind and solar power projects & other renewable energy source initiatives at affordable prices with a strong portfolio of 941 MW of solar generation capacity.

Power Company in India - Solar Power Plants in India | Tata Power

Power Services in India - Tata Power is India's largest integrated power company with international presence in thermal, hydro and solar and wind power. Tata Power's strength lies in generation of solar and renewable energy solutions along with transmission, distribution and retail.

Power Projects in India - Thermal Power Stations in India | Tata Power

Mega Power Projects in India - Tata Power's national power projects offers clean energy solutions. The company has huge generation capacities in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Karnataka. Check out list of Thermal Power plants in India.

International Hydropower Projects - Hydro Projects Globally | Tata Power

International Power Projects - Tata Power's multiple hydro power projects have delivered clean energy solutions globally providing benefits to local communities. Tata Power has launched international projects on renewable sources in Bhutan & Norway.

Power Plant Projects - Power Projects, Power Generation Projects | Tata Power

Power Plant Projects - Tata Power's reliable power supply has encouraged the company to plan more projects globally for the ever-growing energy needs. Tata Power is in the process of implementing various renewable power projects at multiple locations using cleaner fuel sources.

CGPL MUNDRA, Gujarat - Coastal Gujarat Power Limited Under UMPP | Tata Power

Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) MUNDRA, an Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP) by the Government of India, is India's first 800 MW unit coal-based thermal power plant in the country using supercritical technology.

Maithon Mega Power Plant (MPP), Jharkhand - Maithon Power Project | Tata Power

Maithon Mega Power Plant (MPP) is in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. Launched by the Government of India (GoI) this coal-based Mega Power Plants (MPPs) helps with the required capacity addition and provide cheaper power.