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Home Organization and Decluttering Ideas Tips and Hacks

How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in Drawers – Organizing Clothes in Drawers – DIY Home Decor and Gifts

When it comes to getting your clothes organized I think it is important to deal with your drawers first. These are spaces in the home that are often under-utilized and unvalued. By learning the right way to fold all your clothes you will be surprised at just how much clothing can be neatly stored away in a drawer.

Ways to Organize your Bathroom Counter with Bathroom Vanity Organizers – DIY Home Decor and Gifts

It’s so easy to let clutter take over on the bathroom vanity, we often have many different types of toiletries, makeup, shaving equipment and beauty products. The bathroom serves a lot of functions. You shower there, some people change their clothes in a bathroom and a lot of people style and also trim their hair and do personal grooming.

How to Declutter the Kitchen Counter – Kitchen Counter Storage Tips and Ideas – DIY Home Decor and Gifts

By de-cluttering your kitchen counters you could save yourself from having to buy extra kitchen cabinets or even a whole new kitchen. Here are some tips, tricks and product ideas to help you have a neat tidy and functional kitchen that will be a pleasure to work in.

How to Store Gift Wrapping Supplies – Wrapping Paper Organizer Ideas – DIY Home Decor and Gifts

Gift wrap can be an absolute nightmare to organize and keep corralled. Here are some products, tips tricks and ideas for keeping all those wrapping accessories under control.

Storage Ideas for Under the Kitchen Sink – Under Sink Storage Units – Home Organizing Tips, Home Decor and Gifts

If, like me, your under kitchen sink storage area is a pit of doom and despair you may be interested in the selection of under the sink organizing solutions. These include racks and shelves that will fit neatly under the sink that will make the most of the small and awkward spaces under the sink. Cleverly some of these racks can be easily fitted around the U-bend pipe of the sink trap. Another idea to consider is a lazy susan style rotating storage container.

How to Organize Pots and Pans – Kitchen Cookware Storage Ideas – Home Organizing Tips, Home Decor and Gifts

Here are some clever storage solutions if you want to know how to store pots and pans in cabinets, cupboards and with wall mounted racks.

Outside Trash Can Storage Ideas – Animal Proof Garbage Cans – Home Organizing Tips, Home Decor and Gifts

If you have ever had your trash can turned over by dogs, raccoons, foxes or other critters you will appreciate a dog or other animal proof trash can. Nothing worse than having to clean up after that mess! If you have this problem then you will need a dog and raccoon resistant trash can.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator Properly Using Fridge Storage Containers – Home Organizing Tips, Home Decor and Gifts

If you suffer from a crowded and disorganized fridge here are some refrigerator organization accessories and ideas that will help you to bring the mess under control. Food is expensive so keeping it in good condition once you get it home is really important, nothing worse than finding food items in the fridge that have spoilt.