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Real Estate IDX Websites | WordPress MLS Plugins | CRM Websites | IDXMATRIX

We will design for you a visually appealing and user friendly IDX website, that showcases your brand and your properties. Customers will be able to access your full database of properties, which are than further subcategorised by location, size and price range.

Real Estate IDX Websites | WordPress MLS Plugins | CRM Websites | IDXMATRIX

We will design for you a visually appealing and user friendly IDX website, that showcases your brand and your properties. Customers will be able to access your full database of properties, which are than further sub categorised by location, size and price range.

Call-Text-Email-Logs, CRM Management | IDXMATRIX

When managing a successful real estate business, you will need to stay in constant communication with multiple leads.

Lender Accountability | CRM Tool | IDXMATRIX

Lenders have their own clients and their own business to worry about. Your priorities may not be the same as theirs.

Lead Full Details | CRM System | IDXMATRIX

Leads are not just potential sales; they are individuals with a wide range of interests and concerns. To convert these leads, you need to access all their information rapidly, so you know the best course of action to take to make a sale. You not only need to know about previous contact with the lead but you need to go further back to know things like what type of property they are looking for. If someone is after a 3-bedroom house, suggesting to them a 2 bed bungalow will not get you a sale and might lose you a lead.

By logging all communications you can go back and look at the lead’s initial enquiry, but doing this each time you need information is a slow and time consuming way of operating. Having access to a wide variety of information about your lead, all in one place, and in significant detail will streamline the operation.

This is precisely what the IDXmatrix CRM offers you; a page that details everything you could ever need to know about your lead. Within the CRM there is a section that lists All Leads, by clicking this and finding the name of the particular lead you are dealing with, you can then access a wealth of information about that client. The history tab will give you access to all previous communications, but you can also see what tasks are outstanding and what priority they are. You can see their recent website visits and property searches, their most popular searches, and which properties they have viewed. It also allows you to access data on Lead Mindset and to create E-alerts, ensuring you complete all tasks on schedule.

10 Common Real Estate Questions Asked by Home buyers | IDXMATRIX

Being a professional real estate agent, every day you have to answer a lot of questions related to your business. Buying a home is a significant investment that anyone makes in life. Most of the homebuyers are oblivious about the home buying process, which leads them to the unsolved puzzle which further popping out common real estate questions. However, it’s your responsibility to satisfy their basic questions by providing informative answers. It can be a challenging task for you but do it.
Let’s have a look at what are these questions!

10 most common real estate questions

Manage To-dos and notes | IDXMATRIX

Juggling multiple leads, all at different stages on the sales journey, can be a migraine-inducing nightmare. Forgotten tasks, duplicated jobs, and miscommunication can all kill a sale.

Import and Export Leads | CRM for Real Estate Leads | IDXMATRIX

The IDXmatrix CRM is designed to be an all in one system that can provide all your administrative needs. Leads come from a variety of sources and our CRM is designed to capture those leads automatically as far as is possible. When you first upgrade to our CRM you’ll want to import of all your existing leads into the system. If an agent comes over from another firm of if you merge with another brokerage they will have all of their leads stored on an Excel sheet or in some other format. These leads are potential gold and you don’t want to lose them, neither do you want to have to waste time finding them on some outdated, clumsy, software.

The IDXmatrix CRM allows you to easily import leads from an excel spreadsheet. If the leads on stored in other software then move to them Excel first, from here you can import all of the data into our CRM in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. If for any reason you need to export the data, for creating a backup or other purpose, then you can export to Excel in CSV format just as easily as you can import.

With our easy to use import/export system you can make sure you have all your data stored in one place, easy to access, and ready to use.

Auto Email Response | IDXMATRIX

The IDXmatrix CRM is designed to make generating and capturing leads as simple and easy as possible.

IDXMatrix | Real Estate Software Platform

Every customer is unique, what they are looking for in their dream home, what their priorities are, will all depend on their particular circumstances and values.

Email Templates | IDXMATRIX

Many of the tasks that you have to complete as a real estate agent have to be completed numerous times for each new lead you generate.

IDXMatrix | Real Estate Software Platform

Your potential customers right now are sitting at home on their computers or maybe sitting on the bus using their phones, starting their search for a new property to buy.

Lead Capture | Lead Management | IDXMATRIX

There's a very simple secret to generating new leads. When someone is browsing your listings, you need them to be sufficiently interested to provide you with their details.

New Lead Alerts | CRM Software | CRM Management | IDXMATRIX

The IDXmatrix makes sure that you will never miss an important update again. As soon as a new lead registers with you, the details are automatically uploaded to the CRM and a message is sent to the relevant agents by email and text alerting them to the acquisition of a new lead.

IDXMatrix | Real Estate Software Platform

Are you looking for a solution that can help you manage groups? Yes, it's possible with IDX Matrix's Manage Groups option.

SMS Templates In CRM | Best Real Estate CRM | IDXMATRIX

No doubt, real estate text message marketing is the best way to engage leads via text with information about properties.

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business?

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business? Are you are thinking about the heavy competition in the real estate market?

But have no idea what to do!

If yes, then look no further – IDXMatrix is here to serve you!

  • IDXMatrix, the one stop solution for all the real estate professionals who would want to see their business grow by 200 The pure technology driven platform provides customized IDX website, result driven CRM and lead generation tools that not only help in generating leads, but also lead conversion

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