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Orca - LinkedIn Management Tool

Orca complements your email sequences with Linkedin profile visits and connects to get you noticed faster by your leads.
Turn cold leads to conversations in less time and effort. More info at


TOP 6 Linkedin Automation Tools in 2018

Do you know that LinkedIn has already become the most powerful and valuable lead generation platform for the majority of growing companies, startups, and small businesses? And that’s not without reason. More info at

Best Linkedin Automation tools that will surprise you

Around the distant prospect which you usually aren't using LinkedIn for LinkedIn Guide Era, at that time you are passing up an excellent opportunity. More info at


Triggering social selling sequence with Typeform!

What’s up, guys. I hope you enjoyed my last article on Triggering a social selling sequence when leads are added to your CRM.

This week, I am back with another social selling hack. And I promise you will love this one!

As you already know, I like coming up with these social selling growth hacks, experimenting with different sales enablement and marketing tools, etc… so this week I will be working with one of my all-time-favourites, Typeform.

Typeform helps you make super cool forms and surveys that you can share.

Here’s what I’m thinking? What if I could trigger a social selling sequence on Linkedin through Typeform in exchange for something valuable?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that. We’re going to set up a Zapier trigger with Typeform to automatically engage prospects who want to access to a guide, e-book, or just pretty much anything you can share that you think will attract them into your funnel.

Warning: Make sure you are sharing something of value and not scamming them into your funnel because that’s just f’ed up and just really bad for your personal brand. If you want this to work, you’ve gotta give value to get value. If people can’t trust you, what makes you think they’ll trust your product or service?

The best sales tactic? Always Provide Value. It’s not ABC… it’s all about APV. That said, if you’re going to try this hack out, do it the right way or don’t do it at all.

Let’s get started. Here’s are the tools we’ll be using in this social selling hack:

Let the madness begin.

I will assume you already have a Typeforms account. If not, it’s free, so make one!

Make sure you have at least one form set up according to your needs and make sure that there is at least one Linkedin URL in your Typeform responses, so we can test the Zap.

Open up Typeform and go create your first form by clicking on New Typeform.

Now go ahead and pick the form that suits you the best. There are quite a lot of different forms, so I am sure everybody can find something. I will go ahead and choose Sign up Sheet.

Click Use this template and it will appear on your Dashboard. Open up new window automatically to help start editing it.

Now comes the fun part. Form building is hella fun, I can spend hours here on the look and feel!

An important note here while you create your form… Make sure you ask for the LinkedIn URL and make it a required field. Take a look at my super stellar form below:

When you are done editing and beautifying the form. Go ahead and click View. It will show you a preview of the form where you can spend 10 plus or minus 2 minutes admiring your masterpiece.

Test the form out by adding in your own information into the form — we need at least one Linkedin URL as a form response to test out the Zap.

Next, click on Share. You will find a link to your form that you can copy and share. Again, don’t forget to fill your form first so we have that Linkedin URL to test later.

Awesome, let’s move on to the next step and Connect Orca with Zapier.

To connect Orca with Zapier, open your dashboard and head on over to Preferences. Under Integrations, you see the Zapier integration.

Click on View integration on Zapier. A new window will open, login to accept the invite. If you don’t have a Zapier account, you’ll be prompted to create one.

Login to accept the invite. Get ready to create your first Zap with Orca.

Let’s head back to Orca and create a Zapier campaign.

Setup your sequence, publish and Click set up your Orca Zap.

Create this Zap and select Typeform from the list.

You have one option for a trigger here: social selling sequence will be triggered every time a new form is created. Save + Continue.

Next, connect your Typeforms account by entering your login credentials. Test. Save and continue.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of forms, choose the one you want to use and Continue.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of your completed forms, choose the form you want to test and Continue.

When you’re ready, move on to the next step to connect Orca with Typeform.

Choose Orca from the app list.

Then select Add Lead to Orca by Linkedin Profile URL. Save + Continue.

Select the account and campaign you’d like to push leads into.

Note: If you haven’t created a Zapier campaign in Orca, do so now. Otherwise, you won’t see anything in the drop-down menu.

Next, tell Orca where it can pull Linkedin URLs from the form.

On the next screen, test the Zap by clicking on Send Test to Orca. If the test was successful you will see your sample lead in pending verification status in the campaign details.

Click Finish and then turn on your Zap!

Once your Zap is live, you can start sharing your form.

Now whenever a new response is submitted through your form, it will automatically push leads into a social sequence in Orca.

By default, leads will be in pending verification status until Orca verifies that the Linkedin profile URLs is formatted properly. Once they are approved, they’ll be passed into the social selling sequence.

Whooo! Congrats, you’ve successfully set up a Zap to trigger social sequences in Orca through Typeform! Again, let me reiterate… make sure you are adding value.

Sales is about relationships. So if you’re going to do this hack, do it the right way.

As my pop would always say to me, “if you’re going to do something, do it right and do it well… or don’t do it all.”

That said, don’t half-ass this hack with garbage.



How to automate your work on Linkedin?

Have you ever been blocked–or even locked out of LinkedIn and do not know why? About 4-5 times a week I get this email: “Help! I have been locked out of LinkedIn! What can I do about it?” If your business is serviced by your connections and activity on LinkedIn, this can be a huge headache – costing you a bit of time and money.

While there are a couple of things that can get you limited on LinkedIn (something other than your name in the last name field, specific content, duplicate accounts), it has been my experience that most people have their accounts blocked because they automated too many processes on LinkedIn.

Now do not get me wrong, I do automate some of my activities – and even recommend it. But you must work on LinkedIn’s End User Agreement, and you must be conservative in your activities!

Here are some LinkedIn automation DO NOTs and what to DO instead!

Do not automate SPAM.

By this I mean:

  •  Do not use 3rd party apps to automate profile viewing extremely.
  •  Do not use 3rd party apps to automate inviting people to connect extremely.
  •  Do not use 3rd party apps to automate sending messages to your connections extremely.

LinkedIn does not want you to use any 3rd party automation tools at all – and has been actively using both the software tools and the users of many of these tools, coming down particularly hard on what it thinks “data scraping tools.” I do automate some of my LinkedIn activity, at the very least, if you overuse these automation tools, your account can be blocked or shut down completely!

Do automate repeated activities.

I do utilize a tool to automatically send messages to particular LinkedIn connections (Linked HelperChrome Extension). But I delicately curate these connections, I delicately curated the content I post them, (I never “sell” them anything in these messages) and I never do more than 100 private messages a day. My practice of thumb is: I make sure every message I send utilizing this automated process, I would have sent manually. I usually only send my delicately curated list:

  •  A post I wrote exactly for people like them;
  •  Or a tool I found that will support them in their LinkedIn marketing and lead gen practices;
  •  Or a free webinar I might be doing;
  •  Or a book I have read that I think they might like.

I utilize the tool because it saves my assistant's time and my money!

Do repetitive delegate activities.

I have my partner do some of the more repeated daily activities on LinkedIn for me. Since I get tons of invitations a week, she goes through and manually messages each would-be connection. Since I'm at my 35K connection limit, I have to choose who I accept into my network delicately.

My partner goes through every connection request, sends a different message to each person, and leaves the material and/or personalized invitations for me to respond to. He also manages my inbox alerting me to urgent posts and messages my contact as updates and (when needed) to Publisher for me.

This is a process I could fully automate, but choose not to because I think it is essential that human eyes are laid on each and every person who invited me to connect.

Do not automatically add everyone to whom you connect to your email automation list.

One method (that drives me insane) is when people connect with me on LinkedIn and then attach me to their email lists. Just because I approve to connect with you doesn't give you permission to spam me with your newsletter that I did not sign up for! I'm already signed up to all the newsletters I can handle. If you automatically add me to your newsletter I won't only unsubscribe from it – I'll also report you! (And disconnect from you on LinkedIn –another issue my assistant does for me.) If you want to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your automated email marketing process, then ask me to opt in! Which brings me to.

Do respond to every invite with a free lead/offer magnet.

When I respond to requests and new connections, I always give them a variation of free resources. I assume that people are connecting with me because they want to learn more about LinkedIn. So, I'm happy to provide them with information! I would highly recommend building a “lead magnet,” a piece of content that your connections would find highly valuable and offering it to them for free.

I add about 60 people a week to my email list- because they OPT IN to get my information! Yes, I would be adding tons if I just shoved every unsuspecting contact into my email list – but not only is that a bad practice, it is illegal in some countries (like Canada). So I would rather have fewer people who wanted to hear from me, rather than a bigger list that could get me to shut down on LinkedIn, get my website blacklisted or get me sued!


LinkedIn automation can be helpful but only done in moderation with highly curated content and connections. LinkedIn can be a great site for driving people to your automated marketing list, but only when you give them the option of opting in – otherwise you risk getting your account blocked and possibly sued! So carefully consider what, and how you'll automate on LinkedIn!

There are tons of software tools for LinkedIn, which help to automate even more accurate and prompt. As an example, you can use Orca to automate email sequences with LinkedIn profile visits, which will increase leads amount.



Which are the best software for automating LinkedIn activity?

As the world's largest professional media marketing platforms, it’s the go-to service for anyone who wants to connect with recruits under a range of job titles from-workers to customers, among others.

In the past, we have discussed the many ways to use LinkedIn advertisements to generate sales and social selling. While this is a solid approach that can generate big-time results, there is no reason to stop there.

In this blog, we're going to review 4 of the best LinkedIn automating tools that can help you become a wisdom media marketing expert.

We will touch on the finer details of each tool, including how and when to use them. Soon enough, you will find that each one could fit nicely with your current and future media marketing and content marketing methods.

By the end of this blog, I hope that you better understand how to use LinkedIn to boost sales and social selling, along with building trust in your marketing team and your marketing plan.

Let’s explore the four tools to help you nail life as a media marketing pro.

  1. LinkedIn Small Business

Here is how LinkedIn describes its approach to small business:

“LinkedIn is much more than a social website. It is a community of professionals – in a business-mindset – that is waiting to hear from you.”

Through the use of LinkedIn Small Business tool and its three-step approach to social selling and being an excellent lead builder, your small business will find itself on track to increase sales, build trust, and reach a different of related purposes. The three steps include:

  • Build your brand presence

  • Connect with your target audience

  • Engage them with content marketing

Step number three is my fav because this is where you establish and share valuable content marketing skills with your target audience. By doing so, you're in a position to not only attract recruits and motivate them to be decision-makers but to“turn followers into brand advocates.”

There is a lot to learn upon visiting the LinkedIn Small Business center, so make sure that you take enough time to review each feature that is available to you. From text ads to sponsored content, there is sure to be a strategy that fits in with your sales goals.

  1. Crystal

Sometimes a media marketing tool gets around that is different than anything else in its area. This is unquestionably what you get when you turn to Crystal, known as the“world’s largest personality platform.”

The company explains its service as follows:

“Crystal gives you instant access to millions of personality profiles and free communication advice for anyone you meet.”

So, what does this mean for those who use LinkedIn as a social selling tool? In short, Crystal can examine a LinkedIn profile or premium account and provide feedback and insight into a person’s personality.

With this information, you will find out it easier to interact with the person in the proper manner rather than just making a cold call. From the words you apply to the way you approach the prospect, this tool will give you a high-level ofguidance.

When you contrast two LinkedIn profiles, you may see the same thing (for the most part). But, when you use Crystal, you will soon find that many subtleties can be picked up on and applied to your benefit to avoid the dreaded cold call.

If you want to develop your LinkedIn social selling, it is imperative to become a better communicator. With this tool, you do not have to do much, to make this fundamental change and swap out your cold call for stronger lead builder potential.

  1. LeadFuze

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn is also a primary challenge for many sales professionals. What is it, you ask? It is the more than 440M members.

Without the help of a prospecting tool, you could soon find yourself sinking in data with no real concept as to which direction to take.

And, this is whyLeadFuze is so attractive. It lets you to quickly create a list of leads and target accounts through a simple search.

While the lead group process is a big deal, it does not stop there, after you need to be a lead builder actively. Users of this tool also have access to contact information, including phone number and email, making it simple to begin the sales process.

If that is not enough, LeadFuze also helps you automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups.

At this time, you can dig up contact information for more than 210 million B2B professionals and premium accounts. And, with customers adding roughly 360,000 prospects each month, it is easy to see that you will always have an endless supply of leads.

LeadFuze is known as one of the head all-in-one LinkedIn lead generation tools. With the capability to automatically uncover all of the essential information, this one tool can give your media marketing strategy a big increase.

  1. SalesLoft Prospector

The title of this tool alone should give you an idea of what it has to offer. However, if you want to experience its power, you need to give it a chance.

For those who practice multiple sales tools to reach their goals, SalesLoft should not be overlooked.

The basic concept is that you can integrate all of your most important sales tools, ensuring that they work together in perfect harmony.

On its official website, SalesLoft Prospector discusses the integration of the following tools:

  • DiscoverOrg;

  • Owler;

  • Crystal;

  • RingLead;

  • InsideView;

  • Datanyze;

  • Orca;

  • Sigstr.

Do you currently use any of the above sales tools? If so, you can join them all together through the use of this platform.


Twitter and Facebook are top notches social media platforms, but they do not offer the same level of B2B networking opportunities that LinkedIn does.

With the guidance of these tools on top of your social media platforms, you can take benefit of everything LinkedIn has to offer. From better organize your contacts to managing the sales funnel, there is something out there that will work for you and help you to become a better decision maker in the world of media marketing.



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TOP 6 Linkedin Automation Tools in 2018

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Which are the best software for automating LinkedIn activity

Which are the best software for automating LinkedIn activity
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