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KML Worktops

KML Worktops is a London based leading worktop suppliers with all worktops being fabricated in our factory in Wembley, London. We provide branded worktops like Silestone, Caesarstone, Compac, Technistone, Quarella, Cambria, Unistone, Quartzforms, Classic Quartz, Dekton, Neolith, Lapitec, Sensa & many more. KML templates, fabricates and installs all worktops within 5-7 working days from the day of the initial templating stage.

Quartz Granite & Stone Kitchen Flooring - Kitchen & Bathroom Worktop Suppliers in UK | KML Worktops

KML Worktops - Online cheap stone kitchen & bathroom worktop suppliers in London, Surrey, Essex, Kent & across UK, provides a wide range of marble, quartz, granite worktops & flooring products at affordable prices. Enquire today for best price quotation. KML Worktops is located at Unit 14, Pop In Commercial Centre, South Way, Wembley.

An Expert Guide To Granite Worktops In London, UK

Are you search for expert advice on how to select granite countertops for your kitchen? This guide from KML provides suggestions for identifying the best granite worktop colours and prices. To learn more visit today.

Why Should You Get Your Kitchen Worktop Cut to Size?

Getting your kitchen worktop cut to size is a smart move. It ensures that you are getting the perfect fit that suits your home and looks in sync with the rest of your kitchen while also giving you the best value for your money. Learn more about the benefits of getting worktops cut to size.

Premium Quartz Kitchen Worktops In UK

With KML Worktops, homeowners in UK get access to a wide variety of colour, design and brand options for premium quartz kitchen worktops. Explore brands like Techinstone, Silestone, Compac among others and find the perfect colour that goes with your kitchen with expert help from KML Worktops. Get started today.

Top 7 Kitchen Remodel or Kitchen Renovation Trends

Think your kitchen needs a fresh look for 2019? Discover 7 kitchen remodel trends that you should be wary of before planning a successful kitchen renovation.

Homebase Kitchens Reviews: Ideas for Best Homebase Kitchens

Identify the key criteria that you need to consider before making an investment in homebase kitchen worktops and understand how customer reviews can help you get the best value for your money.

Granite Worktops Prices: How Much Do Granite Worktops Cost?

Planning to invest in granite worktops for your home? Here's everything you should know about granite worktops prices and how much should you be paying for them.

Granite Worktop Cleaner: How to Clean Granite Worktops

What is the best way to clean the granite worktops in your kitchen or bathroom? Discover this step by step guide to maintain the colour and quality of granite worktops.

Advantages, Thickness and Colours of Dekton Worktops

The wide range of designs, styles, and colour choices available with dekton worktops make them a very popular choice. Understand the numerous advantages of dekton worktops.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Kitchen Worktops

Composite kitchen worktops are a great choice of modern homes. Explore the advantages and the shortcomings of selecting composite kitchen worktops for your home.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Kitchen Worktops

For many homeowners, choosing the right material and colour for kitchen worktops can be a tough decision. Discuss the various factors that you must consider when selecting kitchen worktops for your home.

Marble Effect Worktops That Are Absolutely Irresistible

Marble effect worktops deliver the exciting and luxurious look of marble at a fraction of a cost. Learn more about marble effect worktops and find the right surface for your home.

Make An Informed Decision for Your Kitchen with Dekton Reviews

Dekton blends quartz, glass, and porcelain to deliver a smooth and shiny finish. Learn more about Dekton worktops and understand why it is a good option for your home.

An Easy Cleaning Guide For Your Kitchen Worktops

The cleaning instructions for your homebase kitchen worktops vary depending on the type of stone installed. Follow this detailed guide to cleaning the different types of stone kitchen worktops.

A Guide To Choose The Right Homebase Kitchen Worktops

Explore the key features, benefits, and the limitations of the different types of homebase kitchen worktops and find out which worktop material is the most suitable for your kitchen.

Neolith Worktops: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the exciting features of Neolith that makes it a brilliant choice of worktop material for the kitchen and find out all the necessary information to strike a good deal with neolith worktop installers.

Which Cheap Kitchen Worktops Should You Buy

Before you can get started with deciding what worktop to buy, you’ll need to find out what your requirements are. Follow this how-to guide and find the right cheap kitchen worktops material for your home.

5 Uncanny Ways to Use the Worktops in Your Kitchen

Each of these kitchen worktops can be adjusted to the best of your abilities as each one can add some beneficial value in your life. Discover exciting ways to make use of kitchen worktops in your home.

5 Tips That Will Make You A Kitchen Decor Artist

Kitchen decor is more than it's pieces of equipment, appliances, and your chinaware. These five tips will help you up your kitchen design game and make your kitchen worktops and designs an attraction in your home.

Marble vs Quartz vs Granite – 3 Way Tie For The Best Worktops

When it comes to your dream kitchen, a quality worktop is something that pays you back over time. This comparison of features of marble countertops, granite worktops, and quartz worktops will help you make a wise decision for your home.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

It's true that not everyone out there has an unlimited wallet to finance their dream kitchen. This article features a few curated tips to decorate your kitchen on a budget.

Tiny homes are earning adhesion as more homeowners are agreeing that living with less infers living more. Learn how stone worktops have become a key component of decorating parts of these tiny homes.

Expert Tips To Clean The 5 Big Spots In Your Kitchen

From stubborn stains to moist spots, cleaning the kitchen is not everyone’s cup of tea. This article points out the five common spots in the kitchen that need regular cleaning and the best ways to do so.

Tips and Tricks for Easy Stone Worktops Cleaning

It is essential to understand the care required for each category of stone and proper maintenance that is needed to deter deterioration. Explore several ways how to clean stone worktops with reasonable maintenance.

What Are Silestone Worktops and How Much Do They Cost?

Silestone is famous for being durable, non-permeable, harsh surface. It can easily keep away scratches, smudges, staining and moulds. Learn more about the features of Silestone worktops and figure out the right cost of installation for your home.