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Best Photography Tips

Articles with Tips to become a better photographer! Feel free to add more!


5 Tips for Starting a Career as a Professional Photographer

Photography is merely a hobby for some. For others, it's an art. Others still manage to make a profession out of it. Is that the life for you?

5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures

Many amateurs assume that improving their photographic skills is all about buying the latest camera equipment. In truth, technique is much more important than expensive equipment in photography. With enough practice, you can take a good photo with any camera. Here are five tips to help you take better pictures.

7 Tips to Enhance Landscape Photos

Ready to try your hand at landscape photography or improve what you already do? Here are 7 tips to enhance landscape photography shots.

All you wanted to know about the bokeh effect and was afraid to ask

Hello and welcome! In this video round up we'll some techniques on creating the bokeh effect both with camera and in Photoshop before CS6 (since now Photoshop CS6 makes creating this effect a breeze). Hope you'll enjoy the videos and have fun experimenting with this awesome effect!

Autumn Photography - A Short Guide

Autumn can produce some truly glorious sights and colours – be they red leaves or fantastic bare branches. But getting the right picture in autumn isn’t always easy

Exotic Locations - Every Photographers Dream

Fortunately there are still many locations left in the world which remain exotic with an array of untold tales or new angles which are begging to be covered.

How to Get the Best Photos From Your Skiing Holiday

The article talks on some tips and tricks to get the best pictures from your ski holidays to impress everyone.

In a World Full of Images, What is Interesting to Photograph?

In this age, the world is saturated with images and so surely the most interesting things to photograph is what has not yet been captured?

Is Camera Equipment Really Important?

Is it true that you don't need great camera equipment to get great photos?

Learn to shoot and create awesome HDR images

Hello and welcome! On today's article we have 5 videos that will help you get started with HDR. For those unfamiliar with the term HDR. HDR or HDRI allows a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods.

Macro photography tips and resources for beginners

Today we have 5 very interesting and informative videos aiming mostly at those beginning in macro photography.

If you are an advanced macro photographer you might still find something useful info in them, and don't hesitate to comment on with your tips and techniques!

So lets get started!

Photographing Your Newborn

Celebrating the birth of a newborn baby is one of life's greatest joys. It can be an especially busy time and the intention of having a professional newborn photography session can end up getting lost amidst diapers, streams of visiting well-wishers, and day-to-day activities. Hundreds of Glamour Shots reviews are testament that you don't want to make the mistake of letting this important time go undocumented.

Photography Tips - Become a Master of Street Photography

For those who don't have the countryside on their doorsteps, there is still a world out there for street photography. Learn how to get the best shots.

Techniques for effective long exposure photography

Hello and welcome! In todays article we'll see 5 techniques for long exposure photography both in day and night! You will find out several useful tips to improve your technique or get you up and running with long exposure photography if you haven't tried it before!

The Top 10 Tips to Starting Out in Photography

Photography may be a feasibly creative outlet particularly for those who have an eye and a passion for art. Contemporary digital cameras usually make it much easier for professionals and novices to visually capture appealing images. Starting out a career in photography is fairly easy and the following tips will help you to have a successful as well as a satisfying career.

Tips and Techniques for effective water splash photography

Hello and welcome! In today's article we'll see 5 techniques for capturing water splashes with our dslr camera. Hope you will find the videos informative and help you understand better the techniques behind water high speed photography. Lets get started!

Tips to Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

A good picture doesn’t need to be tact sharp or noise free and there are other factors like composition and perspective that makes a picture stand apart. Here are some tips that will help you shoot better pictures with your smartphone...

Three Ideas For Your London Photo Tour

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. If you have a camera, you'd be crazy not to make the most of its sights and sceneries for as long as your battery lasts.

How To Get Wedding Photography Jobs

Passing through college or training course to become a wedding photographer is just the first step. Here are some tips on how to get the wedding jobs you want.

Social Media Tips For Photographers

With millions of people being obsessed with their social media profiles, there is no better way to promote your photography business than through this medium.

Taking Stunning Pictures Of Jewellery

Jewellery is extremely hard to take a picture of, because of its shiny appearance. Diamonds especially tend to blur when placed in the middle of a flash of light

Tips to Shoot Better Photos After Nightfall

Some of the best photos to date are undoubtedly those taken at nightfall. Under the shimmering moon and magnitude of stars, if taken correctly, photos can capture a rare and inexplicable beauty.

Nightclub Photography Tips for Beginners

The difficulty with this type of photography lies in making people look glamorous with low lighting conditions and all types of house lighting rigs (including lasers and strobes on occasion).

5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Product Photography Shoots

If you are doing shoots and taking photographs for professional products for websites and product catalogues, then you are always striving for that perfect shot. The main task of taking professional product photos is to make them stand out visually and display the product and its features.

Perfectly Capturing Christmas

With the Christmas season already in full swing, there are bound to be a multitude of seasonal photo opportunities that will create long-lasting memories.