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Is College Tuition Tax Deductible for Parents? | OpenLoans

College expenses and tuition can be a burden for parents. Find out what college expenses are tax deductible for parents to make higher education more affordable.

6 Things to Know Before Taking Out a Personal Loan

Some expenses are always unexpected. While looking for alternative financing options, please consider our tips before taking out a personal loan.

Filing Taxes for Free: Guidelines for Taxpayers | OpenLoans

Tax preparation time. Now filing taxes for free is possible for most taxpayers. Find free tax filing services available and take note of important tax deadlines and dates.

What is the Difference Between a Personal Loan and an Overdraft?

Some people go for personal loans to cover their expenses, while others prefer overdraft. Learn the differences between personal loan and overdraft before making a final decision.

How to Get Personal Loans as a Non-US Citizen |

Getting personal loans for non-US citizens is harder than for a person who has residency. Discover the requirements of personal loans for non-residents.

How Joint Personal Loans Work |

Applying for joint personal loans increases the chances to get approved. This is similar but at the same time different from cosigner loans. Let’s find out how it works.

Personal Loans for Bankrupts - Find out your options |

Personal loans for bankrupts are the best option for those who have declared bankruptcy. Discover your chances how to get back on your financial feet.

Using a Cosigner for a Personal Loan |

Do you have troubles qualifying for personal loans due to bad credit history or low income? Personal loan with a cosigner may increase your chances of getting approved.

7 Options for Plastic Surgery Financing |

Lots of people are using plastic surgery, but health insurance doesn't cover these costs, that’s why people look for other plastic surgery financing options. Find out your options.

Spousal Support and Alimony Payment |

Once you are done processing your divorce, it’s time to think about how to manage your alimony payment and spousal support. Find out some options on how to deal with the maintenance payments after a divorce.

The Importance of an Emergency Fund |

Unexpected expenses such as a medical, car, or home repair can happen to anyone. People need to be ready and know the importance of having emergency money.

Emergency Financial Assistance for Single Mothers |

Single mothers with emergency financial difficulties who need assistance should look into options like personal loans for single mothers to get out of it.

How to open college savings plans |

One of the best ways to pay for college is with a college savings plan that includes tax breaks. Before you open a 529 plan check what's being offered in your state.

How to Get Out of Paying Late Rent Fees |

Are you running late on paying your bills? This guide will answer to your questions regarding late rental fees and how to settle the problem with small financial loss.

How to Make Money in College |

Even if you received a scholarship to pay for your tuition, you'd still need money for books, gas money, food, and housing. Here are useful tips on how to make money in college.

How to deal with debt collectors |

Have you received a call for your unpaid bill or loan? Here are seven tips dealing with debt collectors. Know your rights and be ready to negotiate your debt.

5 Things That Waste Money You Should Warn Your Kids About | HuffPost Life

You’ve talked to your kids about stranger danger, the importance of wearing seat belts, that smoking is allowed only if they’re on fire and even then you’re not so sure, that they should never swallow a Tide pod, that drugs are a dead end and that no means no. Maybe you’ve even thrown in some advice that if you fall into quicksand, thrashing about is the last thing you should do.

Financial Assistance for Senior Care - Resources for Caregivers |

This comprehensive guide will help you find financial assistance for senior care. Find federal, state, and local government resources for caregivers that can help lighten your load.

Top 15 affordable cities for starting a business - AOL Finance

Entrepreneurs looking for a place to base their operations can take their pick from cities across the country that are business friendly and affordable.

Stretch your retirement with this tax-saving strategy | Reuters

Retirement strategy is about more than just how you will spend the money you have saved – it matters where that money is coming from too.

How to Get Loans for People on Disability |

To find your financial footing, you need to have a reasonable financial plan. Learn how to benefit from loans for people on disability and make life easier for you.

Income Tax payer? Beware of fraudsters lurking in your emails and SMS alerts! | Zee Business

Fraudsters gets hold of a careless individual with the promises of an income tax return and instead, results into the victim losing a lot of his hard earned money.

It’s complicated: how relationships affect your credit - MarketWatch

Relationships and finances seem to intermingle no matter how hard you may try to separate the two.

Save on medical cover premium

 If you are paying premium for your parents, spouse or children’s medical insurance, you will be eligible for a tax break under Section 80D for that amount.If your parents are senior citizens, 60 years and above, the tax exemption limit goes up to Rs. 50,000

How to Find Unclaimed Money |

Missing property or money? Check the list of free, official services. Start your hunt for unclaimed funds and protect yourself against unclaimed money scams.