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Step-up IELTS Band Score with IELTS Writing Correction Service

IELTS Exam coming soon? Then, waste no time and visit IELTSTutorials.Online for their Writing Correction Service!

Boost your band score with scoring more points in IELTS Writing Task by practising regularly and getting the IELTS Writing task evaluated by Experts at IELTS Tutorials.

You will get:

• Explanations for the corrections made
• Suggestions for improvement
• Understanding of your strengths and weak points

Just pick a suitable plan and practise thoroughly. Excel in the IELTS Exam with this Writing Correction Service.

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If you’re one of the IELTS aspirants planning to give the IELTS Exam soon, then you should have proper knowledge of the exam, test modules and other scoring criteria.

IELTS Tutorials help IELTS aspirants to have an in-depth knowledge about IELTS Exam, so that while practising for the IELTS, applicants can identify how to prepare and ways to increase their score in the IELTS Exam.

To comprehend all the details of the IELTS exam, all you have to do is visit IELTS Tutorials and you can Download “Brief on IELTS” for FREE after signing up.

Let your mobile guide you to a top – class score in the IELTS Exam.

But where are the books and other resources? What if we tell you we’ve condensed all of it and have given you a one – stop package for your IELTS Exam preparation. With features like free IELTS mock tests, writing correction service, similar test interface and more, we aim to make your IELTS test preparation excuse – free and make you feel prepared & confident so that you aim for the bullseye!

Other than the services mentioned above, our dedicated team is always there to help you with your problems and solve your queries at you earliest. Also, don’t miss out on important updates and study with like-minded people throughout your journey!

To know how, get started with the IELTS Tutorials Mobile App today!

Be alert in the IELTS exam! You may need to check this to avoid common mistakes

👉🏻 Want to know the most common mistakes done in the IELTS exam and want to avoid them to get the targeted score? Don’t let these common mistakes ruin your exam and future goals.

👉🏻 Watch the video, our expert will share all the tips and tricks to help you do the best on your exam day. This video will cover all the content related to the topic and help you to avoid such situations.

👉🏻 For more IELTS preparation material, visit our website, Remember, practice will make you perfect and help you to improve your score. Keep practising!

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: IELTS Reading Task | Practice Makes You Perfect | Let’s Solve Together

👉 IELTS Reading exam needs a lot of practice. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the syllabus and the different sections of IELTS at a time. At this point, you need some strategies to overcome these challenges.

👉 Our IELTS expert will guide you through handling the situation and will share all the tips and tricks to help you to practice more.

👉 Don’t miss out to watch the video. Get more content and material from our website to practice. Practice will make you perfect. Keep practising, keep growing!

IELTS Exam | Experience the actual scenario of Interview

We know that it is challenging to showcase our skills. The IELTS exam is no different and this is the time to understand the actual challenges of the exam through this session.

Our expert has many strategies and we believe you should know them before going for the IELTS exam. You will plan accordingly and also overcome the biggest challenge of your life.


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IELTS Reading Task | Confusion in solving True/ False/ Not Given & MCQs?

👉🏻 While reading the paragraph, people often get confused to check whether the question is True/ False/ Not Given. There are some tips that you should know before attempting this section of the IELTS Reading Task.

👉🏻 Our IELTS expert is sharing strategies with you so that you can understand the logic and use them in your practice. You need logic to attempt such questions. Watch the video and solve questions confidently.

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IELTS Writing Task | Be a Pro in Essay Writing with Intro & Conclusion

The Essay Writing Task of IELTS exam is time-bound, takes 40 minutes to write a minimum of 250 words. The situation can pressurize you if you fail to write a perfect essay. A perfect introduction and conclusion are essential for a perfect essay.

The IELTS expert is sharing all the strategies to guide you to write a perfect essay with introduction and conclusion. Know the tips and tricks to improve your writing and to score high in the IELTS exam.

Don’t forget; the first impression is the last impression.

Watch the video, and also visit our website to get other benefits. Find more content and get the tips to achieve the desired score.

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IELTS Listening Task – Strategize Plan & Ace in Map Labelling & MCQs

Planning is essential to ace in the IELTS Listening Task. Map labelling can be confusing and time taking. Worst of all, you can hear the recording only once.

This video will guide you to manage your basics and help you to score in the exam. IELTS expert will give you a handful of tips to ace in Map Labelling and MCQs.
Don’t wait, watch the video now.

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IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Solve a Double Question Essay?

A double question is a combination of opinion-based and descriptive essays. This FB Live covers the appropriate format and a sample which will help you to score better. Watch the video to learn the simple tactics, and techniques to be able to do this task well.

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IELTS Reading: Crack General Training Passages with High Band Score!

Participate in this webinar and learn to solve all different types of questions you may encounter in the General Training Exam. Benefit from practical tips and tricks to answer multiple-choice questions, True/False, Not given and other question types.

Stay tuned to IELTS Tutorials for regular tips, tricks and strategies.

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IELTS Reading | Answer Match the Headings Questions

This part of the IELTS Reading Section can be challenging for many students. Everyone must be aware of the format and knows how passages could be complicated. Don’t worry; watch the video by our IELTS expert who is sharing all the tips and strategies related to the topic.

Don’t miss to see all the points as they are essential for IELTS preparation. Learn how to solve such type of questions in the IELTS exam without wasting much time. Practice often and be more quick to check out this video.

For more such content, you can also visit our website and take the benefit of our services; Online Coaching, Test Evaluation and many more!