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Updated by Jason Lundberg on May 13, 2020
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How Do I Report A Work Injury And File A Claim?

File a worker’s compensation claim? In California, it is a bit easier than in other states; typically, you would have to file a worker’s compensation form with the state’s workers’ compensation agency. Some states allow you to file it online, at the agency’s website. If you are unable to due to your condition, send someone (usually a family member) to do it on your behalf. Workers compensation attorneys in San Francisco will gladly help you with it.

What Can I Do If I Was Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian In San Francisco?

Most of the car accidents involve a pedestrian. If a pedestrian is hit in a crosswalk, the driver is always the one responsible. Pedestrian has the right to file a lawsuit against the driver and seek compensation for all the injuries he or she sustained. In addition, the injured pedestrian may seek compensation for the medical bills. If you are injured in pedestrian contact best pedestrian accident attorneys in San Francisco for a free initial consultation.

Personal Injury: Sticks and Stones Really Do Break Your Bones

Personal injury cases happen after some kind of accident which is not your fault, or at least, the majority is not your fault. Injuries can be as small as bruises or as large as brain injuries. If you are the person in the accident you are entitled to get out of the debt as it was not your fault. As you now know, it is more likely to get the compensation you need consult with the Personal injury attorney in San Francisco in order to get the full compensation .

Motorcyclist Need Representation Too

Motorcycles have mixed reputations. Some see motorcycles as these freeing vehicles that empower the driver. They feel that it is the symbol of individuality. When you drive a car you are used to seeing other cars and trucks. You are not used to seeing a motorcycle or something smaller on a regular basis. There are two main reasons for fatal motorcycle accidents: alcohol and speeding. This is from the perspective of the motorcyclist being at fault. Consult with the Motorcycle accident attorney in San Francisco , they will give you the legal advise for the compensation .

A 75-Year-Old Woman Hit While Crossing The Street

You may have seen the story from two weeks ago. A 75-year-old woman was struck by a truck as she crossed the road in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. When you go out on foot, whether for a walk or to get some jogging in, we know that the last thing you think about is getting hurt. Unfortunately, you cannot control other drivers and their negligent behavior can really cause you harm. Pedestrian accidents are not like regular accidents. In a vehicle, people have protection from a metal vehicle frame. They have airbags and seatbelts.

You need to focus on healing, not worrying about how to take care of yourself and your family. When you need a pedestrian accident attorney in San Francisco, you can contact at Allegiance Law.

Bus And Train Collide Causing Injuries

Bus companies have a responsibility to regularly inspect and maintain their vehicles to prevent mechanical problems. If something happens, such as brake or engine failure, a driver could lose control of the bus. If the bus driver is operating while distracted by their phone, they can cause major injuries. When you need to get on a bus, whether to get across town or from one city to the next, the last thing you should have to worry about is getting hurt. You expect buses to be safe and their drivers to follow all laws and regulations.

When you need a San Francisco bus accident attorney contact at Allegiance Law.

Stephen Curry In Multiple Vehicle Collision | Allegiance Law

Vehicle accidents in California resulted in more than 12,000 serious injuries during the latest reporting year. After an accident, your focus needs to be on healing and making sure your expenses are covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not have your best interests at heart. They may try to get you to settle for an amount that will not cover all of your accident-related costs. If someone else caused your injuries, there is no reason for you or your family to be in financial jeopardy. Get a San Francisco car accident attorney from Allegiance Law and schedule a free consultation by calling 415-404-6395.

Staying Safe This Halloween: 3 Tips For Trick Or Treaters

Halloween is just a few days away, and children and adults alike are putting the final touches on their costumes. Trick or treating in the Bay Area varies by neighborhood, but you check out some of the best areas to take your children by visiting Red Tricycle. However, staying safe this Halloween should be even more important than the amount of candy that your children can gather.

If you or a loved one has injured in Halloween, you may have legal options. Explore those with the San Francisco personal injury attorney at Allegiance Law.

How Much Do You Get From Workers Compensation Benefits

The general rule is that the worse your injury, the more money you are able to receive. Remember that in order to receive these benefits, you actually have to visit a doctor following an injury and do everything that the doctor orders. If your injury is represented as an illness, you will receive continuous medical care. You may be also offered a lump-sum settlement by your employer to prevent you from claiming any future medical costs. One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that once you accept this monetary reward, you will lose the right to argue that you are disabled or the right to claim any future medical care.

If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits. In order to find out how much you are entitled to receive, you should speak with a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney in San Francisco and schedule a free consultation.

AME vs QME in Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits you can receive based on your injury, either an Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME) or a Qualified Medical Evaluator(QME). Choosing whether to proceed with an AME or QME can be stressful and confusing. Kindly consult San Francisco workers compensation attorneys at Allegiance Law.

  • Jason primarily represents clients in personal injury matters. He takes pleasure in helping his clients maneuver through what sometimes could be considered a confusing and overwhelming legal system. “One of the most satisfying days I can have is a day where I can see justice served for one of my clients,” says Jason.

    Over the course of his career, Jason has achieved results for his clients through negotiated settlements, as well as taking matters all the way to jury trials. Every situation is different, and a different perspective is applied to each case to determine what the best course of action could be. However, either way, Jason is equally comfortable discussing your matter with an opposing adjuster at an insurance company or in front of a judge and a jury.

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