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GIS Company in India

CAD Services provider GIS Company in India - AABSYS

AABSyS is a leading outsourcing company offering GIS, CAD and software services to its clients worldwide. It brings together strong financials and skilled resource base to meet a variety of customer needs in geospatial and IT services.

GIS Services & GIS Mapping Services - AABSyS

GIS services by AABSyS allow visualisation of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. GIS data conversions enable data from different sources to be merged in one standard format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilisation.

Aerial Photogrammetry and Digital Photogrammetry Services - AABSyS

AABSyS IT offers a wide variety of photogrammetric services such as aerial photogrammetry and Digital Photogrammetric services to its clients worldwide. Aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry services are obtained using aerial acquisition through digital orthophotography.

2D and 3D Digitization Services - AABSyS

AABSyS 2D digitizing involves creating digital copies of data such as road/street network once digitized helps to preserve, access, and share the data. 3D digitization is the process of taking point-by-point measurements and coordinates until enough data is captured to build geometric surfaces with z-axis elevation.

Paper to CAD conversion Services - AABSyS

AABSyS IT offers end to end paper to cad conversions services with high precision and quality in synchronisation with global standards. Paper to CAD conversion services convert paper drawings and maps into highly accurate digital files, with help of its paper to cad conversions technique.

Raster to Vector Conversion Services by AABSyS

Raster to vector conversion offered by AABSyS IT is helpful for architects, mechanical engineering firms, researchers, Government agencies in requirement of raster vector conversion services for process automation and information sharing.

GIS Remote Sensing Applications & Services by AABSyS

AABSyS offers remote sensing services to its clients; this services ensure accurate and cost-effective data collection which is important input for planning and designing of mapping projects.

3D Building Landmarks & 3D Models by AABSyS

AABSyS IT offers 3D Building Landmarks and Photorealistic 3D Models which are a unique amalgamation of geo-informatics and multimedia technology to achieve precisely geocoded real time 3D imitations of the landmarks.

Indoor Mapping Services for building maps by AABSyS

Indoor Mapping services by AABSyS are significant in information transmission and searching perspective, especially in large public and private buildings. The indoor maps act as mobility aids in navigation to classrooms, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, entry/exit areas, cafeterias, restaurants or any other parts of the building.

Engineering Design & Drafting Services by AABSyS

AABSyS offers Engineering Drafting Services in the domain of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics engineering design and drafting.

2D & 3D CAD Drafting Services Provider - AABSyS

Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is a convenient technology, which replaces manual drafting on paper and allows designers to prepare drawings on a computer screen. 2D & 3D CAD drafting services by AABSYS has reduced the drafting efforts and increased the efficiency and quality considerably.

Architectural 3D modeling Services for 3D models - AABSyS

Architectural 3D modeling helps AABSyS’s customers to visualize the property for better decision making for selling, leasing, or renting out a house or an office. They present a powerful overview of the actual architectural structure before or after its construction.

3D Walkthrough Animation Services by AABSyS

3D walkthrough by AABSYS is the best solution to create a visual impact of an architectural structure. It depicts the interior and exterior landscapes of office buildings, residential complexes, and other visuals before the actual construction of the project.

AutoCAD 2D & 3D Drafting services by AABSyS

AABSyS offers the Auto CAD drafting services to real estate developers, architects, engineers and contractors all around the world. It includes creation of all type of as-built drawings for mechanical, electrical and plumbing sectors.

Municipal GIS Services for municipal work by AABSyS

Aabsys offers municipal GIS system which manages various municipality tasks such as property tax, birth and death registration, socio economic data management and holding registration and other. The municipal GIS service also assists in generation of a geospatial view of the current municipal area linked with the corresponding up-to-dated database.

Cadastral Mapping Services to create cadastral maps - AABSyS

AABSyS IT provides cadastral mapping for creation of cadastral maps from hard copies of the administrative maps with specific details of each plot, roads, railway lines, water bodies, vegetation, etc. These cadastral mapping service provide all inclusive solutions to land information system problems by focusing on various forms of land records.

Topographic Mapping Services for maps creation - AABSyS

Topographic mapping services by AABSyS helps in route planning, thematic data preparation, and decision-making for telecom and transport services and disaster management

Parcel Mapping & Land Parcel Maps Services - AABSyS

Parcel mapping service by AABSyS generates maps, created from base maps, with polygons that have details about the ownership of properties and other related information.

GIS for Environmental Management - a management tool by AABSyS

GIS for Environmental Management by AABSyS acts as management tool that helps in maintaining sustainability of natural resources, environment management. The environmental reforms and policies have grown leaps and bounds from the times of its foundation and therefore the use of modern technologies is inevitable.

GIS for Mining and Geology - AABSyS

GIS for mining and geology services by AABSyS use image analysis software packages such as ENVI, ERMapper, ERDAS Imagine, MultiSpec, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine/ER Mapper, ArcGIS, MapInfo, AutoCAD Map and MicroStation to easily build focused and detailed spectral libraries tailored to the application requirements.

GIS for oil and gas - AABSYS

AABSyS IT provides GIS for oil and gas which helps in land management which includes working on centralisation of the data for report creation for regulators or for better analysis of the project.

Forestry GIS & Forestry Mapping Services - AABSyS

Forestry GIS by AABSYS are often required by government and commercial agencies to perform value assessments for certification, funding, policy recommendations and regulatory compliances.

GIS application in agriculture - AABSyS

GIS agriculture technology helps in improvement of the present systems of acquiring and generating GIS agriculture and resources data. AABSyS IT uses GIS application in agriculture sector such as GIS agriculture for improving present method of acquiring and generating agricultural and resources data.

Utility GIS and Mapping Services - AABSyS

AABSyS IT utility mapping services help in efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, power line management and monitoring.

GIS for Electricity & Electricity Network Mapping - AABSyS

GIS for electricity sector by AABSyS focus on Network Mapping, Network Re-Alignment, AM/FM Mapping, Consumer Indexing, Network Topology, Spatial Analysis, Energy Auditing, Network Analysis, Pole Loading Analysis, Solar Panel Layout Designs.