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medical devices suppliers

medical devices suppliers in China


Medical Diagnostic Equipment suppliers on

The competition among medical diagnostic equipment suppliers/manufacturers is really tight as they have to come up with the latest technology, high accuracy diagnostic machines. New researches in the field of medicine ask for new diagnostic equipment every now and then.

Ddu ( the leading global medical devices online B2B platform has collaborated with the best medical diagnostic equipment suppliers/manufacturers in the industry for providing the best equipment to consumers.

Ddu features the following companies on its platform:

Medicom MTD Ltd. is a manufacturing company based in Russia which builds the Electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalon-EEGR-19/26". It gives a high technical performance and includes a unique feature of a changeable configuration of portable electroencephalograph-recorder " Encephalon-EEGR-19/26" which means that it can be applied to various fields of neurophysiology. It is CE certified and has a warranty of 2 years.

Getein Biotech, Inc. is a manufacturer from China which is a professional biotechnology firm that develops rapid test kits for laboratory tests of D-dimer, CRP, cTnl, NT- ProBNP, etc. and also ImmunoAssay analyzers which are required to carry out these tests.

Guangzhou Sunnymed Electronics Limited is a Chinese manufacturing company which focuses on the production of SY-P029-1 Video Bronchoscope portable Nasopharyngoscope Video Endoscope specially designed for use in ENT and astrological diagnostic procedures.
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3 Hospital Bed Suppliers in China

An ideal hospital bed would be one which is designed to give comfort to the patient and be convenient for use to the healthcare professional or caretaker. It should have an adjustable height for all the ends, the side rails and should be equipped with electronic buttons to carry out the functions.

To find an ideal hospital bed for your hospital/ healthcare facility/ home, visit Ddu (, the global leading pharmaceutical and medical devices B2B platform. Our team has selected good quality hospital bed suppliers/ manufacturers to meet the needs of healthcare settings.

Surgitech India is one of the hospital bed suppliers on Ddu which offers its 3-part dividable examination table, electric examination table, manual and automatic ICU beds.

Another manufacturing company is the China based Hengshui Qiankang Medical Co.,Ltd. which has made its multifunctional nursing bed available on Ddu. It is made from the top quality stainless steel and has plastic foot which enables a noiseless functioning of the bed.

Also, we have the Jiangmen Raydow Healthcare&Fitness Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer from China which specialises in the production of its wooden home care electric nursing home bed ideal for patient care at home.

All the beds can be purchased in retail or wholesale quantities from the suppliers via Ddu.


3 Medical Diagnostic Equipment Suppliers

With advancements in the medical field, new, rare or common diseases seem to spring up frequently. To outpace the ever-growing illnesses, technology has helped the medical fraternity enormously to diagnose and tackle them. Advanced medical diagnostic equipment is hence, a need of the hour and Ddu ( has not left any specialty untouched and brings to you medical diagnostic equipment suppliers from around the world.

Specialized medical diagnostic equipment suppliers showcasing their products on the global leading platform of Ddu are:

  1. Wuhan Newcando Biotechnology Co., Ltd:
    This biotech company specializes in manufacturing fluorescence immunoassay quantitative analyzers. Based in China since 2013, they also supply reagents for in vitro detection of creatine kinase MB, myoglobin, Troponin I, Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide which can be assayed in its quantitative analyzer. The expertise of this company is focused on diagnosing cardiologic parameters.

  2. AHT INC:
    This manufacturing company builds vein detectors, vein finders, vein locators, syringe pumps, and Infusion pumps which are extremely handy devices in hospital settings. They have been manufacturing and supplying these products since 2015 from their Chinese basal unit.

  3. Beijing LHH Medical Science Development Co., Ltd:
    Targeting Urology (specifically BPH, vascular surgery and dentistry, this China-based company is a proficient manufacturer of 980nm diode laser surgical devices. They have been manufacturing these specialized products since 1996.


Tips for Choosing Wooden Electric Hospital Bed Suppliers

Are you considering purchasing a Wooden Electric Hospital Bed for paralyzed patients? The Drugdu medical devices products buyer’s guide will help you decide on what you need and what you require.

  1. The Dimension of the Wooden Electric Hospital Bed

Wooden electric hospital beds for paralyzed patients are 218x 106. Extensions are available to increase the length by five inches.

Optional accessories

Monkey pole

Overall size




Wooden head and foot bed board

Elevating wooden guard rail

5"abs castor(two of them with lock)

  1. Wooden Electric Hospital Bed Mattresses

When you are selecting a wooden electric hospital bed, search for a supplier that will supply both the bed and the mattress. The supplier should be able to suggest the best mattress for the patient based on their needs.

  1. After-sales service of Wooden Electric Hospital Beds

The bed in the picture above has a one year warranty and the Drugdu hospital bed supplier will provide wearing parts for replacement within 2 years for free.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about which hospital bed products we have, [click here]

Please contact us now for a hospital bed sample!

Want to know more? View our official website:

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Don’t Miss These Tips before Your Cardiac Monitor Purchase

A cardiac monitor is a precision medical instrument, which can be used both in hospitals and at home. The heart is the engine of our bodies, it keeps pumping blood in and in to ensure the nutrients in the blood is delivered to the whole body.

The performance of our hearts is a significant index to mirror health conditions. A cardiac monitor can monitor a patient’s heart health in real-time by providing the physiological parameters of ECG patterns, which proves the necessity of cardiac monitor within the medical treatment. Other physiological parameters such as respiratory, body temperature, blood pressure, blood-oxygen saturation and pulse rate can also be detected by the cardiac monitor.

Cardiac monitors are used to execute EPS procedures, diagnostic tests as well as therapeutic procedures. The device can also analyze atrio-ventricular conductions via targeted stressors, determine the intervention and assess the sinus node function. Before purchasing and cardiac monitor consider the following tips:

  1. A cardiac monitor should be equipped with amplifiers and filter for signal acquiring and processing. It should also be equipped with a display screen and a recorder. Pre-existing amplifiers can be used and be interfaced with a corresponding display screen and recorder.
  2. Cardiac monitors may be tabletop, mobile or wall-mounted depending on what their required positioning should be.
  3. The devices should be equipped with at least 12 surface electrocardiogram channels and 24 intra-cardiac electrocardiogram channels, as well as programmed lead switching allowing physicians to select the maximum channels depending on procedural requirements.
  4. A console with high-resolution color monitors should be fitted to display waveforms and other relevant data on an integrated computer system, which should be equipped with media recording and data processing software.
  5. A cardiac monitor should have a chart recorder with printing functions, plug-in modules with vital signs and procedure monitoring functions as well as a remote amplifier unit to process and condition cardiac electrode signals.
  6. A cardiac monitor should be able to print out the interpretation chart by referring to various reference lines. It should also be able to access the cardiac CAT lab imaging systems and radio frequency generating devices as well as use multitasking software with user-configurable parameters that allows real-time signal analysis.
  7. These devices should have the capability to access to the NCD (National Cardiology Database) and the system of cardiology data management.

As the importance of electro-cardiac monitors is notable, the demand in the medical market is predicted to continuously growing. Before making a purchase you need a professional guideline to ensure the quality of your intended buy. This is where our team at Ddu, a global cross-border medical trade B2B e-commerce platform, can assist you in realizing your goals.

Click here for more information about the hang-picked online cardiac monitor rallies and ECG monitor.


Tips for Medical Trade Exhibitions

Participating in exhibitions not only helps you to reach the targeted customers but also gives you insight into what is happening and trending in the industry as well as establish the company's international image along.

Today Ddu is going to share some key points of what to prepare for an exhibition, plus some helpful tips for during the exhibition.

List of exhibits

Here is a general list of what you need to prepare before joining an exhibition.

  1. Exhibition materials

Including exhibition invitations, booth contracts, renovation contracts, product catalogs, promotional materials and schedules.

  1. Stationery and other supplies

This includes business cards with holders, pens, notebooks, markers, laptops and chargers, staplers, scissors, glue and refreshments.

Tip: If you are going abroad, remember to take either an international power adapter or a local plug power cord.

  1. Gifts

Budget for company merchandise such as pens with the company logo as a reminder to clients of who your company is.


The next step will be transportation. From our experience, here are the two main modes of transportation to consider:

  1. Transport carrier companies

Do some research on the company before committing. Read reviews and check security. Once you have selected a reputable company, provide them with your address and ask them for time estimates between your hotel and the exhibition center.

  1. Airport check-in

Prepare a sample list in advance with invoices, sample prices and other relevant information that would be required for customs clearance. When customs check luggage they will need to see a valid invitation letter proving that the samples are for an exhibition and not for trading.

An accurate estimate of how many items are expected to be used during the exhibition is crucial. Less than actual needs will weaken the display effect, and too many will be wasted on shipping fees and space.

Preparation for meeting clients

  1. Contact clients in advance

Carefully analyze the exhibition, check the official website and review the list of clients who joined the exhibition the previous year and contact them in advance.

  1. Collect and record the details for meetings

Be organized in regards to who you need to meet. Create a timetable for the meetings, list the points of interest and any issues that need to be resolved.

  1. Be familiar with products details and quotations

Be familiar with the company's products and quotation forms. Be sure that you and all your staff are able to answer all relevant and important questions to present your company in the most professional light possible.

  1. Prepare all your staff members

Brainstorm and role play helps to prepare staff members for questions clients may ask. Preparing the answers in advance, especially some shortcomings or difficult and detailed question regarding the company will help you and your staff members to stay cool and confident.

  1. Meeting with VIPs

Important clients are often invited to the conference room for more detailed presentations and meetings. To help create a more relaxed atmosphere, prepare refreshments that you can serve during the meeting.

Every exhibition is an opportunity to enhance oneself with numerous benefits. Preparing everything in advance will help assure a smooth experience. With these trusted tips from Ddu, you are sure to reap the rewards!


Tips for Purchasing Medical Ultrasonic Instruments

Medical ultrasonic instruments are widely applied to clinical, diagnostic and many other medical fields by utilizing the principle of ultrasound. As a milestone in medical technology development, lots of barriers have been broken in regards to the process of medical diagnosis and treatment.

Through manual scans the ultrasound systems can provide echo images of anatomic structures of soft tissue. Medical ultrasonic instruments generally have one of two specific purposes: high-frequency ones produce high-resolution images but only within a limited range of extent, while low-frequency ones are designed for images of deep structures. There are also various targeted medical ultrasonic instruments specifically for cardiology, urology and vascular areas apart from general examination ones.

The core technologies of a cardiac ultrasonic scanner are combined with several transducers with a variety of functions. They are used to evaluate the cardiac function of blood flow and heart structures by working interactively. As an integrated device, cardiac ultrasonic scanners are also equipped with an image recorder, printer and relevant software, all these systems operate in real-time to capture the non-invasive imaging of heart structures.

Taking this into consideration, we here at Ddu ( have compiled a list of purchasing tips to assist you in purchasing cardiac ultrasonic scanners.

Be sure that the cardiac ultrasonic scanner has the following features:

  1. The capacity for calculating quantitative 2-D and Doppler values to aid diagnosis.
  2. The full range of a scanner’s Doppler functions can be invoked by the cardiac ultrasound unit.
  3. The capacities of examining the structure and function of the heart and vessels including imaging of the cardiac valves, heart chambers, wall motion and thickness.
  4. Turbulence and flow can be detected throughout the heart and vessels by utilizing the device’s echocardiography.
  5. Electrocardiography can be incorporated with timing reference and some advanced cardiac ultrasonic scanners can execute stress echocardiography studies.

Due to cost-effectiveness, non-invasive characteristics and real-time image capturing, the market demands for medical ultrasonic instruments maintain a high level. If you need to purchase medical products with certain specification and require professional guidance, simply ask any of our Ddu ( staff members to assist you.

To start sourcing your now, click the links below.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about which Medical ultrasonic instruments are available [click here]

Click here to buy Ultrasound Imaging on

Click here to buy Ultrasound Diagnosis on


Five tips for exploring pharmaceutical drug export markets

For pharmaceutical companies who want to explore international markets, identifying these target markets is the first step. Being able to pinpoint the right target market, will increase the probability for more business deals. In order to help you with this process, we have listed 5 of the more important aspects to consider.

I. Product information

A. Know your products

Pharmaceutical drugs are different from other general products since their quality has a great impact on treatments. This, of course, is why there are strict management standards for drugs in every country. Before any drug is released onto the market, it must be registered and approved by the local drug regulators. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with all of the drug’s relevant information like registrations, classifications ,clinical and non-clinical trials.

B. Know your competitors

Gather as much information about domestic exporters of the same products in terms of registration information, workshop production lines and GMP certifications to identify your competitive advantages.

II. Product market sales

A. Domestic competitors

Do research on the countries your competitors export their products to. In general, the countries that your products can enter should be your priority market and the ones with large sales volumes should be the focus of your future developments.

B. Branded drugs

If there are no domestic companies exporting their products to your target market, it’s advisable for you to research the sales of branded drugs in international markets and decide on your next move from there.

C. Market capacity

If you have limited access to the above information, identifying the potential market capacity can also serve your purposes. Usually the local population and the corresponding incidence of diseases can be used as a reference.

III. Retail price

After identifying the target countries, the next step is to assess the price of the drugs in the target markets and the estimated profits.

Tip: The local retail price of the drugs and the CIF import price of the products sold, should also be taken into consideration.

IV. Registration requirements of target countries

While fully investigating the market, you also need to carefully review the registration laws and regulations for drugs in the target countries and scrutinize the following key points:

a. Requirements for GMP certification;

b. Requirements for clinical and non-clinical data;

c. Whether there is a need for clinical trials in the target country;

d. Whether the drug regulatory authorities in the target country need to conduct an on-site inspection of the drug's production line?

e. Development planning

Your market development plan has to be in line with the company's short, medium and long-term planning. In general, countries with a large market capacity and very strict regulation laws may serve as long-term development goals while countries with low registration requirements and no on-site inspections for clinical trials and production could be short-term targets, allowing you to get your products registered as soon as possible.

After analyzing the factors mentioned above, you should be better equipped to make more informed decisions regarding the possibilities of exploring your target markets, enabling you to make reasonable plans for the ones you wish to develop.


The purchasing tips for CT scanner of medical imaging equipment

The main function of the medical imaging equipment such as CT scanner is literally by adopting the radiographic techniques. The organs inside our bodies are covered by flesh and skin, which means we can’t inspect them directly through our eyes. In this kind of circumstance, the physician could use the medical imaging equipment to acquire the inside information without an invasive action.

CT scanner as one of the most common medical imaging equipment, which could produce thin cross-sectional views of the human body. In the meanwhile, the CT scanner also could reconstruct the tomographic plane of the patient by using a number of imaged slices. The images given by the CT scanner are usually used for diagnostic purposes or any anatomic region if necessary.

If you decided to make a CT scanner purchasing, tips below should be noticed.

  1. Affirming the specific type of CT scanner which could match your requirement, normally a mid-range 16-slice system can adequately perform most routine clinical exams.

  2. Wide-bore CT scanners are appropriate for oncology examining and bariatric patients scanning.

  3. The more and the thinner slices the CT scanner systems equipped, the more complex exams and the more varied patient populations it could handle.

  4. The incremental benefit actually decreases as the number of slices that can be acquired increases, and the most of exams do not require the smallest slice width.

  5. Computer tomography Systems may also be different in the speed of image reconstruction, acquiring more slices will not be recommended if patient’s throughput was held up by slow image reconstruction.

  6. Patient population, clinical needs, and desired throughput must be well evaluated before the purchasing.

  7. The differences between the top CT scanners and the less sophisticated ones generally involve added functions such as cycle time, spatial resolution, data-storage features, and helical scanning protocols.

The significance of medical imaging equipment is beyond doubt, which leads the market demand will be enlarging continuously. However, due to the functions varies and the budget issue, a professional guideline will be necessary before the purchasing, this is why you may need Ddu (, the leading global cross-border medical trade B2B e-commerce platform to assist you to realize the goal.

Click here for more information about the hand-picked online medical imaging equipment rally.


6 Tips for Purchasing Anesthesia Equipment——the safegua

Anesthesia equipment can be considered as a significant safeguard within the medical treatments such as clinical narcosis, first-aid recovery, intensive caring and pain healing. Using the anesthesia equipment can ease patients’ painfulness and erase their horrible memories during the surgical process, which ensures the safety and fluency of the operation.

Anesthesia equipment or anesthesia breathing apparatus is equipped with metered dose devices, ventilators and monitoring system for both equipment itself and patients. The inhalation anesthesia system is responsible for managing the mixture supplied to the patient, such mixtures containing air, oxygen, nitrous oxide and anesthetic (eg isoflurane, sevoflurane or desflurane). A vaporizer built inside the anesthesia equipment adds volatile anesthetic to the breathing air at a precisely defined concentration. The pressure and flow sensor monitors the line pressure, inspiratory flow, and expiratory flow in the anesthesia equipment to ensure that the gas mixture selected by the anesthesiologist is delivered to the patient at the preset concentration, pressure and volume.

An anesthesia equipment is usually eqipped with integral or optional medical ventilator. To make a decision of purchasing the anesthesia equipment, notes below should be noticed.

  • The anesthesia equipment should be equipped with the gas supply, the control circuit, the breathing and ventilation circuit and a scavenging system.
  • The anesthesia equipment which could accept compressed-air inputting will be preferred, in this way to allow the delivery of air and N2O.
  • Air and N2O shouldn’t be delivered to the patient simultaneously.
  • The anesthesia equipment which can monitor the ventilation rate and PEEP will be preferable.
  • The anesthesia equipment must be able to measure O2 concentration, airway pressure, and either the volume of expired gas or the concentration of expired CO2 from patients.
  • Adding an independent physiologic monitors or gas monitors can improve the anesthesia equipment’s performance.
  • Line-powered units should be equipped with a power loss alarm, while battery-powered units should have an automatic low-battery alarm. If line power went off, the anesthesia equipment should be connected to the internal battery automatically.

The status of anesthesia equipment within the medical industry has been widely approved, resulting in the continuous demand from the medical market. However, due to the significance and high costs of an anesthesia equipment itself, a professional guideline is necessary before committing to a product. Driven by this reason, Ddu, the global cross-border medical trade B2B e-commerce platform will continue to bring you more valuble notes of the trade.

Click here for more information about the hang-picked online anesthesia equipment rally.


4 Tips for Purchasing Medical Devices

Over the past decade, the medical device industry has seen a boom in development and innovative ideas. With this innovation came a rise in the costs of medical device products which presents new challenges to buyers. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 4 tips that could help you in this decision making process.

  1. Assess the need for the device

Medical devices and equipment are constantly being upgraded with new features and functionalities on an almost daily basis. With all this progress taking place it’s easy to get side tracked and lose sight of your actual objective, leading to large amounts of capital being spent on inessential products. Before making a purchase, take some time do the research. This will help you focus on your business goals, ensuring that you buy what is necessary to achieve them.

  1. Budget reduction

Doing this research may reveal various methods for expense reductions on medical devices and could reduce overall supply costs by as much as 10% to 20%. These methods often include…

  1. Long-term cost benefits

Due to the high costs involved in purchasing medical devices and equipment, you generally want them to last for as long as possible. Many medical device suppliers often offer maintenance services and warranties for their equipment. This allows for some peace of mind when obtaining a new products. The additional fees involved for acquiring a warrantee is usually worth the cost.

  1. Inspect and test before signing the contract

It is highly advisable to thoroughly inspect and test all medical devices before purchasing them. Double check all features and be sure to do an electrical safety inspection to ensure all features are working and that it is safe to use.

As a crucial element to enhance and improve medical care, taking the time to do in-depth research before purchasing a medical device could ensure the longevity of the product and reduce unnecessary expenses for hospitals and medical centers.



Five Tips to Create Better Quotes

Offering a quotation to a client is not always as simple as it sounds and may take some time to master. As with most things in life, the key is to keep practicing and to gain experience because, as you know, practice makes perfect. So how can we swiftly attract clients and ensure effective communication with potential customers in a short amount of time? Below are our 5 tips which may come in handy.

  • Know yourself as well as your client

Firstly, we should have a clear understanding of what clients are looking for, whether they are interested in goods or whether they have come to see what we offer and compare our prices with other service providers. Don’t be too anxious to justify the price. Clients often have preconceived ideas of a price so rather than going on a tangent to explain all that the offer entails, take another course of action.

We all know that we should have a clear understanding of a client’s company. This will allow you to predict whether a client will accept the quotation you offer. If a client is willing to pay $1 for a vaccine and yet your quote was 4 times that, odds are they will reject your offer and so alternative methods of persuasion would be necessary.

- Be confident in your products

Do you really know your products? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of every product? Being informed about every aspect of your product allows you to speak about it with confidence. There is nothing feebler than a sales consultant who is uninformed about their own product. Even if your product is of a much higher quality than all its competitors, badly informed sales personnel will sabotage your sales.

  • Make good use of advantages

Being knowledgeable about your own product is not where it ends. You will have to know your competitors’ products too. Know the advantages of your product and know how to explain the benefits your product holds over those of your competitors. Although there may be certain aspects in which your product is inferior to others, the advantages should be emphasized when comparisons are made. Keep in mind not to deny the inferior aspects as this will create distrust with the client.

  • Consolidate step by step

Once you have reached the point where you are able to give a quotation, be ready for the client’s counteroffer. Be sure to quote a reasonable price as over quoting may cause the client to lose interest and result in you losing the transaction. Also keep in mind that offering a quotation that is too low won’t benefit you or necessarily stop counteroffers from the client.

  • Client's psychology

All clients want to get the best deal they possibly can and will try a wide range of tactics in order to get it. One way of doing this may be to tell you about an absurd offer they got from one of your competitors, one you cannot compete with. Not to worry. Don’t compete and shoot yourself in the foot, rather explain why your product is superior as well as other features such as after-sales services.

About Ddu

Ddu ( is a leading global B2B online platform focused on the cross-border trade of pharmaceutical and medical device. As a pioneer in the industry, Ddu is committed to accelerating the circulation of pharmaceutical and medical device trade around the world, making it simpler and more efficient. With advanced technology and expertise in the international medical trade industry, Ddu has provided a full range of solutions for thousands of global suppliers and buyers to build and develop channels of communication and expand international business opportunities.


Things to Know before Buying Newborn Baby Incubators

A baby incubator is the most vital devices in every pediatric and obstetrics hospital as it provides a warm and safe environment for newborns and specifically for premature or sick babies who require special care. However, a top grade incubator does a lot more than this as it has a large number of functionalities, such as a built-in skin temperature monitor and an infant scale which monitors the baby's condition all the time.

  • What exactly is the purpose of placing a baby in an infant incubator for the initial few days of their life?

As homeotherms, humans can produce and maintain their own heat however, a newborn baby’s capability to do so is greatly restricted. Preterm babies are at higher risk of medical complications and even death and thus they require extra care and support. Some babies who are ill or disabled require round the clock care for weeks or months in a 360°visibility incubator.

  • Tips for buying baby incubators online:

  1. Attachment

Various first-aid devices such as an oxygen mask and cylinders or infusion sets can be attached to the incubator in case of emergency.

  1. Precise temperature monitoring system

With the temperature probe, the incubator can compare the difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature in the incubator and change the power output accordingly to provide the baby with a more stable internal temperature.

  1. Humidity Sensor

Babies born before 31 weeks face the danger of suffering from evaporative water loss. An incubator equipped with a humidity sensor will be able to adjust this to the most suitable humidity for babies.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the right incubators, feel free to contact Ddu ( Leading Global Pharmaceutical & Medical Device B2B Online Platform. We offer a variety of baby incubators, click here to view them now.


4 Pharmaceutical Machinery Packaging and Materials Suppliers teamed up with the following world-class Pharmaceutical Machinery Packaging and Materials Suppliers in order to deliver sturdy, user-friendly machinery available in varied capacities with prompt output in minimal power consumption.

  1. 'Pet Plast India

This Indian company was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Haryana (Delhi-NCR). They are specialized in manufacturing package machinery like PET/PP/PC blowing machines (semi and fully automatic) with ancillaries like refrigerated air dryers and compressors. These machines are used to make packaged drinking water, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and pesticides.

  1. 'Sundly Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd.

This China-based company was founded in 1999. They are specialized in the development, production and sales of magnesium/ aluminum/zinc based non-toxic PVC heat stabilizers. These ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified stabilizers are used in making products like pipes, calendered film/sheets, toys, shoe materials, injection molding parts and leather.

  1. 'Jiangyin Tejie Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

This China-based company produces pharmaceutical packaging materials for antibiotics, infusion, blood collection tubes, freeze drying and polyisoprene gaskets. They are specialized in producing 3 billion ISO9001 certified butyl rubber stoppers every year. They have also introduced high-speed detection equipment to ensure the quality of stoppers

  1. 'Omega Pharma Machinery

This Indian based prominent pharmaceutical machinery packaging and materials manufacturer established in 2003, specializes in supplying varied pharmaceutical machines like packing section machine, capsule counting machine, tablet coating, metal detector, dryer machine, vibro sifter and tablet packaging conveyors. All this machinery is used in packaging pharmaceuticals in a high-quality manner.

15’s 4 most Popular Veterinary APIs and Veterinary medicine Suppliers

Veterinary APIs and veterinary medicine suppliers should follow Good Manufacturing Practices while manufacturing pharmaceuticals for veterinary use. Considering this point, our (Ddu) team has collaborated with the various manufacturers for the supply of veterinary APIs. Below we have listed 4 of our most popular companies.

  • 'Guangxi Guanghong Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd.

This Chinese company is specialized in the production and sales of highly qualitative veterinary medicine like iron dextran, dextran and dextran sodium sulfate. They are the largest manufacturer of USP34 standard iron dextran in China with an annual output of 1,500 tons. Their production of dextran sulfate sodium for AIDS prevention and treatment is one of the most effective drugs in the world and has been exported globally since 2012.

  • Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical’s main supply include GMP certified veterinary medicines, ivermectin injection, oxytetracycline injection, albendazole suspension and albendazole bolus since 2008. They are the most comprehensive largest scale drug manufacturer in China since their annual output value ranges from US$5 million - US$10 million.

  • An Hui AODE Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

This China-based veterinary APIs and veterinary medicine manufacturer was established in 2015. They are specialized in pet medicines like OEM tablets and powders, which are internationally exported.

  • Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical Limited Company

This China-based GMP certified largest veterinary medicine manufacturer was established in 1998. Their poultry, veterinary, aquatic healthcare products in granular, tablet, oral solution, powder, and injections have been exported successfully to Africa, America, Middle East, Europe, etc. Their annual output value ranges from US$5 million - US$10 million. Click here to learn more.

  • Ddu ( ) is a leading global B2B online platform focused on the cross-border trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a pioneer in the industry, Ddu is committed to accelerating the circulation of the pharmaceutical and medical device trade around the world, making it simpler and more efficient. With advanced technology and expertise in the international medical trade industry, Ddu has provided a full range of solutions for thousands of global suppliers and buyers to build and develop channels of communication and expand international business opportunities.
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