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Forks In Alternative Crypto Solutions Ripple And Stellar

Forking is fairly common for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it is also possible in other blockchains. Let's start with the Ripple and Stellar networks.
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Blockchain Art Hackathon Founder On Blockchain Through Eyes Of Artists

On September 19, at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Kiev, numerous blockchain-related works by modern artists were exhibited in the main hall.

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More About Hidden Mining, Or How To Protect Your Devices

Hidden mining is a fairly new kind of income but not everyone knows that you should be aware of it. In the meantime, any Internet user can become a victim of cryptojacking regardless of the device type. As we have stated in the previous article, in-browser hidden mining is the most common kind of the cryptojacking. This article is the property of

Fork Issues And Descendants Within NXT Solution

The NXT platform can hardly bear the popularity of Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it can rightly be called a valuable representative of the blockchain environment that brought many lessons to the community. Moreover, the proven fork as the parent of another project and regular improvements through the fork mechanism make it an even more significant solution.

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Bytecoin-related Forks And Their Unique Approach To Privacy

Bytecoin is a successful implementation of blockchain technology and a significant contribution to the blockchain environment. It shows that other security approaches might be implemented, adapted and even inherited if necessary. Different developers tried to work on the basis of the Bytecoin solution, and some of them could gain desired popularity.

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Blockchain Life 2018 — Outcomes

The Blockchain Life 2018 conference was designed not only for work. The event gave an opportunity to all crypto community members to meet like-minded people for informal interaction. The organizers made sure of that — all participants were invited to have fun at the after-party following the closing ceremony.

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Other Specific Languages For Smart Contracts Construction

It is very interesting to observe the evolution of internal blockchain languages in dynamics. Starting as common scripting codes, they have evolved to full-functional high-level programing products applicable in many cases. Regardless of their flaws and pessimistic predictions about the future of the blockchain environment, they will remain the evidence of the large-scale engineering and technical evolution.

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Cryptocurrency Regulation: Which Path Will South Korea Go?

It is still too early to judge the cryptocurrency market regulation in South Korea. Neither digital assets nor crypto exchanges have obtained a clear status yet. However, the decisions made by the government in 2018 demonstrate that the country is moving in a positive direction. That will be the subject of our next article.

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Standard Languages Used To Write Smart Contracts On Various Platforms

It seems that many different platforms use various popular languages to write smart contracts. They are implementing virtual machines, containers and compilers to place contracts code on the chain. This approach is very useful for involving proficient programmers to the crypto environment. Their enthusiasm and experience might positively influence the area.

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Mining More Detailed. 2. Full Node Tasks From The Perspective Of Blockchain

In the previous article, we have described mining from the point of view of a computing machine. A miner performs calculations, closes a new block, and gets rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency. But when it comes to the blockchain network as a whole, mining resolves more various tasks, such as transaction retransmission for a new block, transaction data filtration for lightweight (or simply light) nodes, hash function calculation, and correctness verification.
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Mining More Detailed. 3. Mining Reward Race

The peculiarities of mining reward distribution is an interesting issue as the process is constantly evolving. Apart from Proof-of-Work mining, there are many other methods of reward distribution. Moreover, some of PoW implementations are claimed to be ASIC-proof. It means that performance does not play a key role in the probability of success.

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Mining More Detailed. 5. PoS Algorithm And How It Differs from PoW

In the previous articles devoted to mining, we have provided a detailed explanation of the PoW mining approach. PoW has become the first implemented and examined protocol. Nevertheless, alternative solutions contain plenty of interesting details as well. Let’s consider the Proof of Stake concept more properly.


How Do Blockchain Oracles Interact With Smart Contracts?

Ethereum brings plenty of opportunities for writing smart contracts. However, smarts can only work with on-chain data, whereas to interact with the off-chain world, they need a special program called an oracle.
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Forks In Alternative Crypto Solution Called Litecoin

Litecoin cannot be called a real Bitcoin fork, even though it uses the Bitcoin Core software as a raw model. This project has its own peculiarities and forking history, which we will talk about now.

Chinese Threat To Bitcoin: Reality?

For the past ten years, Bitcoin has done a lot to influence the world of finances and countless other sectors. It has presented the entire world with the new concept of decentralized money which does not depend on any bank or government. In doing so, it has created its own adversaries, one of which might potentially be the entire country of China.

Ethereum Hashing Algorithm Keccak

Ethereum has two different hashing types in use. The first one is called Ethash, it is used only for mining purposes. Keccak is a hashing method for all other cases in the Ethereum environment.

Cryptocurrency History From Smart Cards To Electronic Money Payments

Let's talk about сryptocurrency history before the invention of Bitcoin: from smart cards to the first crypto money and e-payment systems.

Although bitcoin is considered the first cryptocurrency, this is only half true. It’s the first released cryptocurrency, which was widely distributed and opened the blockchain revolution and the era of decentralized currencies. But the history of cryptocurrency began long before the invention of blockchain technology by Satoshi Nakamoto. On January 3, Bitcoin celebrated its first anniversary — 10 years ago the first block was mined. Now it's time to recollect what framework behind the establishment of Bitcoin was.

History Of Cryptocurrency. Part II: Decades Before Bitcoin

What were the first digital money projects and what role did they play in the history of cryptocurrency? Let’s talk about the predecessors of Bitcoin — E-Gold, B-Money, and Bit Gold.

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Types of Addressing Systems Used In Various Crypto Projects


Distinguishing participants in the Bitcoin environment is a simple task. It is solved with the help of unique addresses. Each address is received from a public key owned by a participant. This public key might be well known to the community after being used but it gives no chance to connect it to the owner since no personal data is given by default.

All projects that were introduced after Bitcoin can be divided into several groups according to the identification approach. The first group includes solutions that use approximately the same key handling processes. Here it means that a particular hashing method or a number of bits used as an address are irrelevant. The main idea is kept unchanged.

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Roles Of Ethereum Network Participants

Complex and developed crypto projects propose different activities to participants. Yet, a particular role choice in each case is up to users.

Bitcoin Lightweight Node Privacy Support

The issue of privacy is important for Bitcoin network participants. It assures that users can exchange assets without exposing themselves.

What You Need To Know About Crypto Mining Amid Crypto Winter

It's never too late for mining! Crypto mining makes sense even now, in the middle of the so-called crypto winter. Let's talk about mining trends and advice of experts.

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Proof-Of-Capacity Consensus Algorithm

When it comes to blockchain technologies, consensus achievement is a crucial topic of interest. One of consensus algorithms is called Proof-of-Capacity.

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