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Six Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

The key to gaining benefits from pre-settlement funding is choosing the right company that has your best interest in mind. Visit :

Elevant Finance Group LLC – Justice delayed is justice denied.

The Elevant Finance Group LLC team is comprised of seasoned leaders with business, finance and legal industry expertise. We understand the value of helping businesses and law firms expand and succeed.


At Elevant Finance Group LLC we provide pre and post-settlement funding opportunities for lawyers, plaintiffs and legal service providers with mass tort or personal injury legal claims.

New York City Bar Association on Fee-Sharing

The Litigation Finance Journal points out, in a piece regarding the NYCBA’s formal opinion, that Rule 5.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct ‘explains that the fee-sharing restriction is intended “to protect the lawyer’s professional independence of judgment.”’

Driving results through experience and innovation

As President and Chairman of the National Automotive Finance Association (“NAFA”), whose members comprise a $50+ Billion annual business segment, he rallied at Federal Trade Commission’s round table discussions about how essential non-prime lending is for Americans who were severely impacted by the Great Recession. The FTC ultimately created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to govern the non-prime lending sector.

Litigation financing: A trend driven by need

Several recent announcements and articles in business and legal publications show that the litigation financing industry is getting stronger every day. Canada and Asia and Ireland are beginning to see large investments in law firms as well.

Litigation funding for mass-tort and personal injury attorneys

Elevant Finance Group LLC is a leading provider of legal case funding for personal injury and mass-tort attorneys across the nation.

Learn More About Our Process

Just another WordPress siteOur financing options can eliminate cash flow issues from getting in the way of justice. Whether you are an attorney involved in a case or a plaintiff in need of capital to fund your medical expenses or other personal costs while awaiting settlement, Elevant Finance Group LLC is here to help you find a solution.

Legal Financing 101

Legal financing is known by many other terms. It also goes by litigation financing, litigation funding, professional funding, settlement funding, pre-settlement funding, third-party funding, legal funding and lawsuit loans.

Need For Pre Settlement Funding

Elevant Finance Group LLC is a trusted name in the field of funding solutions for small businesses, law firms or consumers.

Everything You Need To Know About Lawsuit Cash Advance

A detailed study of the lawsuit along with investigations, discoveries and negotiations can take the trial up by more months. Lawsuit cash advance is the only reliable go-to option while you need the trial to resolve.

4 Reasons Why Litigation Finance Matters

Understandably, the concept involves a specialist funder financing where it includes some or all of the claimholder's legal fees incurred in a dispute. Once the case turns out to be successful, the cash lender will recover their investment.

Funding for Litigation Finance Services

Funding for legal service providers supporting mass-tort and personal injury attorneys.

How Safe Is Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding?

It is true that returns aren’t correlated with traditional markets. This makes legal funding an exciting option investors are using to diversity their portfolios. Because legal funding has garnered a great amount of attention on Wall Street, some people see a need for reform. Batnick himself has inferred that the scales of justice are weighed down by gold.

Four Main Reasons to Get Litigation Funding

Irrespective of the financial circumstances, any business can benefit from the litigation finance.

The concept of lawsuit cash advance

Pre-settlement funding method has been developed to assist claim holders during the time between the incident and the settlement time of their lawsuit. When looking for lawsuit cash advance loans, it is important for the plaintiffs to understand there is a basic difference between lawsuit loans and pre-settlement advances.

Litigation Funding - Know Your Worth

There are many reasons which it makes sense for companies, law firms and other entities with valuable IP assets to look for the legal finance. The cost of litigation is rising. Over the years, third party litigation funding has developer as a viable resource for cash-strapped claimholders who may be struggling to lead a regular quality life while waiting on pending litigation to be settled. Too often are plaintiffs forced to accept the early settlements for a multitude of reasons.

Pre Settlement Funding can be Your Life Saver

One avenue to consider is pre-settlement funding which is a financing option that is often considered as a lifesaver during the litigation process.

Litigation Funding For Mass-Tort And Personal Injury Attorneys

Whether the funding is required for personal injury and mass-tort attorneys, Elevant Finance Group LLC is a leading provider of such services.

Brief Account Of Lawsuit Cash Advance

Successful law firms depend on litigation finance that help them pursuit their justice. If you are looking for options, get in touch with the team of Elevant Finance Group LLC at Dial 855-240-0246 for further details.

Understanding The Reasons Of Pre Settlement Funding

While the personal injury cases are pending, there are many benefits of plaintiff advances. As opposed to traditional bank loans or lines of credit, one is eligible to apply for a pre-settlement advance to get money before the personal injury case settles or goes to trial.

Need For Cash Advance

It's understandable how it’s not always easy to wait for your case to settle and it’s even more difficult to wait for the finances when you’ve been injured and your bills are piling up. Whether you need cash to pay rent, settle mortgages, buy groceries or need to continue the medical treatment, you can rest assured that there are trusted firms that has an option for you.

Taking litigation funding is a wise option – why?

Litigation finance, also called litigation funding is the provision of capital to a law firm or claimant in exchange for a portion of the compensation from the successful litigation or arbitration.

Basic of Litigation Funding You Need to Know

Litigation funding or third party funding is basically the provision of capital to a plaintiff or law firm in exchange for a portion of the settlement amount from the lawsuit or arbitration. The key feature of litigation funding is that recourse is generally limited to the proceeds of the lawsuit award or settlement, which means that the funded party only needs to pay to the litigation funder if the party successfully wins or settles its case.

Pre Settlement Funding for Law Firms and Plaintiffs

Pre-settlement financing which is also known as a lawsuit advance, gives plaintiffs the access to money before a particular case is settled so they can pay for the regular expenses that are mounting during the legal process.