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7 Most Popular Types of Wine - A sip of a lifestyle

Wine is one of those things that demonstrate class and elegance. While there are many types of wine around the world, some have a global popularity. These seven are such types.


Elvio Cogno "Bricco Pernice" Barolo

A delectable concoction by Valter Fissore, the balance and purity in this wine is simply exceptional. It is but little wonder that Fissore is considered one of the best winemakers in Italy. The exceptional taste of the wine is attributed to its locality. This comes from a specific plot of land along the Ravera cru. The wine is powerful, refined and is silky on the tongue. In fact, it is often termed a time capsule of a wine.


Pierre Gonon Saint-Joseph

Stemming from a large northern Rhone crus, Saint-Joseph can be found at any best restaurant in Sri Lanka or any other remote but luxury location. The wine can be described as complex and dramatic, a concoction of heavenly aromas and flavours. It contains olive brine, roses, summer berries, and reminds one of bright summer mornings. It is the type of wine that will make you feel nostalgic for a time before you were born.


Alkoomi "Black Label" Riesling

If there is one wine that will put the Old-World versus New World debate to rest, it is this Australian Riesling. The wine is made at the hands of one of the leading winemakers in Australia. The grapes come from the cool and comforting region of Frankland River, a fact that is evident in every sip. The flavours embedded in the wine are classics, ranging from peach jam to lime candy. It has an acidity that zings your palate, and austerity that is amazing to behold.


Villadoria Barolo Riserva 2010

A truly remarkable wine can be identified by its lineage. The Lanzavecchia family is one that has had a true affinity for grapevines through many generations, currently blossoming in the talented hands of Paola. Paola's expression of a true Barolo is a combined effort with her father, thus spanning across generations in a unique way. Although this Villadoria's wine is only seven years old, a mere infant in terms of Barolo years, there is a sense of stunning maturity in its taste. Each sip feels ethereal, with notes of roses, red cherries, and turned earth singing in your mouth. It is a wine that can be described as beautiful; no other adjective would suffice.


Cain Vineyard and Winery "Cain Five"

If you need one word to describe Cain's wines, it would be "thoughtful". It is a blend of five of the classical varieties that are fundamental to the trade. It is perhaps this nature of Cain Five that has it stocked in all parts of the world. Walk into the wine cellar of Blue Water Club Suites in Sri Lanka, and you are likely to encounter this delectable treat. The flavour of Cain Five is complex, with a long finish. It is one for the learner, a true lesson in winemaking.