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Updated by Autism Parenting Magazine on Oct 08, 2018
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What Are the Signs of Autism in Girls – Is Asperger’s in Girls Overlooked?

Autism in girls has long been misdiagnosed as their symptoms look quite different from those of their male peers on the spectrum.

What Are the Signs of Autism in Girls – Is Asperger’s in Girls Overlooked?

New research indicates that autism in girls is more common than previously thought as more is learned about the signs of autism in girls.

Signs of Autism in Infants and Children - Ultimate Guide

Worried that your child may be on the autism spectrum? This guide has proven to help parents identify the early signs of autism in infants, babies, and toddlers as well as provide the right interventions to take.

Signs of Autism? Don’t Be Scared of the A-Word - Autism Parenting Magazine

Your 2-year-old son has tantrums all the time. Just moving his favorite chair can trigger a meltdown. He grunts and points when he wants something. He rarely looks you in the eye and often doesn’t respond to his name.

Are Girls with Autism Not Being Diagnosed? - Autism Parenting Magazine

When a child is sent for diagnostic testing to determine an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the tests, traditionally, are the same for both males and females. Depending on the age of the child being screened for ASD, markers will vary, but generally speaking, doctors test a child’s developmental and social skills as well as sensory processing abilities. The guidelines for these tests and possible subsequent diagnoses are ruled by the most up to date version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). However, a study published on January 4, 2018, in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders recognizes the importance of adjusting diagnostic testing depending on the child’s sex.

Expert Advice on Ways Asperger's Reveals itself in Girls - Autism Parenting Magazine

In this episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Dr. Kelley Bolton takes a closer look at Asper-Girls. Specializing in Asper-Girls, Dr. Kelley Bolton provides key ways Asperger’s manifests in girls as opposed to boys and also provides tips for parents of Asper-Girls.

How to Prepare Aspie Women for the Workplace - Autism Parenting Magazine

For women with Asperger’s, the workplace can be a very isolated place. Organizations are social environments, which is uniquely challenging for Aspie Women. In the workplace, women tend to form cliques, social groups, and tribes that neurotypical women are more naturally enabled to understand and navigate. In organizations that I have observed, there is a distinct social stratum among women with unclear directions and stumbling blocks for women with Asperger’s.

Was My Child’s Autism Misdiagnosed? - Autism Parenting Magazine

The symptoms of autism spectrum disorders can mimic a variety of other conditions, making it crucial to receive an accurate diagnosis. Early intervention is key for autism symptoms, so being properly evaluated and diagnosed will give children access to the best therapies for their special needs.

Autism Therapies and Solutions - The Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best autism therapies for your child? Download our free PDF now and learn more about the most successful autism therapies and solutions for children on the spectrum.

Expert Advice on How to Help Girls Handle Menstruation - Autism Parenting Magazine

You can’t change the radio channel fast enough. You’ve had a bad day, and you can’t make up your mind what you want to want to listen to. You scan the radio channels like you are looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then you hear it. That old song that takes you back to a memory in time.  As much as you should be focusing on the road, the song takes your mind off the road and you start to visualize a memory.  You begin to dance, and you don’t care who is watching.  The song ends, and you shake back into reality.  You feel something on your face.  No one is in the car, and you realize you have a huge smile on your face. Your bad day has melted off your body just by the correlation of a song to a good memory.  It is that simple—handling menstruation with your child with special needs can totally change with the simple idea of correlation.

Young Girl with Autism is the Creative Force Behind Popular Show - Autism Parenting Magazine

August 24 was around the corner and everyone could feel the excitement in the air. Would it be a girl or a boy? It really didn’t matter to the family. The only thing they wished for was a happy and healthy baby. When the day arrived, the news spread like wildfire. The first baby in the family was about to come into the world and everyone was buzzing with excitement. And so Illiana Alexis Figueroa was born on a beautiful morning surrounded by the love and support of a young family ready to help her to take over the world.  Unknown to them at the time, the journey ahead for their little girl was going to be filled with challenges.