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Linux Tutorial

Learn How to Change File/Directory Ownership with Linux Chown Command at LinOxide, the best online tutorial for Linux howtos and various tips and tricks.

Chown Command | LinOxide

Learn the Chown Command that can change the ownership and group ownership of a files/directories at LinOxide. The files, directories and processes (which are again files) in Linux are owned by users.

Explain LS Command in Linux

Linux ls command is used to list files and directories. By default, it will list the content of the current directory. In this article, I will show you ls command examples and its options from terminal.

How to Install Chrome on Linux | LinOxide

At LinOxide, learn Linux through our Linux howto tutorials. We cover all Linux howto topics including how to create or display hidden files folders in Linux, How to Install Chrome on Linux, how to install DC in Linux and more!

20 Linux Cat Command Examples for File Management

Linux cat command is used to concatenate and print to standard output. Combining with sort, more and less command, you can custom the output of cat command

4 Commands to Shutdown Linux from Terminal

If you are a Linux user and your work involves with working with and manipulating text files and strings, then you should be already familiar with the uniq command, as it is most commonly used in that area.

Guide to Scan/Detect New LUNs on Linux | Linux Rescan SCSI

When you are running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, and 7 series system with DM-Multipath and the software iSCSI initiator, you can discover new LUNs by rescanning the iSCSI service on the host.

Commands to Shutdown Linux from Terminal with Examples

How can you shut down your system successfully using a command? According to the manual page of shutdown command, shutting down a system means bringing the system down in a secure way. This article discusses the commands you can use to shut down your Linux box.

How to Delete Files and Directories in Linux

You may, in some cases, need to delete directories and files that you do not need to free up space on your hard drive. In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to delete files and directories in Linux.

Learn Cat Command in Linux - LinOxide

This article is going to show how to install netcat tool on linux and use it for TCP/IP networking. Netcat is very useful utility when it comes to TCP/UDP sockets using.