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Updated by Spyros Thalassinos on Jan 10, 2022
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Creativity 101

Articles and tips on Brainstorming and Creativity


Brainstorming Techniques to Unleash your Creativity

With the design brief completely understood and our research data at hand, its time to create & evaluate concepts that may solve our design problem. But how can we get started? Well there several brainstorming techniques we can utilize to help us generate an idea, and we are going discuss some of the most famous in this article.

Boost your Creativity by Effectively using Mind mapping

In a previous article we had seen about brainstorming techniques and how to use them to boost your creativity. Today we'll see a round up of 5 videos that explaining visually how you can create mind maps and use them in real life situations and not just to solve design problems.

6 Ways to Become More Creative

Creative thinking is neither simple nor easy. Even though our minds are full with brilliant ideas its difficult to get them out on demand without the proper mental attitude and approach. Last week I have mentioned several brainstorming techniques. Today I would like to discuss methods to encourage your creativity and get the most from brainstorming.

Craving Greater Creativity? Tips to Get the Juices Flowing

Creativity is not something you either have or don't. Through a variety of means, you can enhance your ability to think creatively.

Why Photography and Creativity Helps Alleviate Stress

Photography and other creative pursuits are excellent ways to draw yourself out from stress and depression. It allows you an outlet where you can pour your emotions and channel it into positive ways.

The Death of Creativity

Statistics suggests that productivity is steadily increasing in the working environment today, but this increase in productivity appears to be at the expense of creativity...

Skiing Could Be The Perfect Get Away To Increase Your Creativity

Even the most creative of us has times when we are lacking in inspiration, or just can't get into the right frame of mind. Preoccupation with day to day...

How to Come Up With Useful Inventions

If you want to be a hit then you need to come up with something genuinely useful and marketable that no one else has thought of and isn’t already patented. This is the thing that sets the successful entrepreneur apart from the crowd, so here we will look at how to go about coming up with such an idea.

Innovation & Product Development

Internally, marketing experts say there are keys to breeding innovation within your company. Here is a quick rundown of these tips and what they can do for your

How to Be More Creative - 10 Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Today, I'm sending a shout-out to Brenda Hendrick. I love her artwork! Thank you for inspiring others to use their creativity! I love Brenda's outlook on creativity. On her blog she says, "Many people feel they have no creative ability whatsoever. Yet, we all perform many creative tasks throughout our day."