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American Spine and Pain Centers

Our company, American Spine and Pain Centers, is here to serve patients that suffer from long term (chronic) pain in your community. Our team is comprised of extensively trained and well-experienced physicians who have dedicated themselves to the study and management of chronic pain.

3 Tips To Help With Your Lower Back Pain

Individuals experiencing lower back pains may sometimes get interrupted from continuously doing their daily tasks just to soothe and relax a little from the pain. There are different pain interventions that can alleviate this condition, but if it is much more serious than a strained lumbar, further diagnosis from a spine doctor will be needed to identify the underlying cause of the pain and if surgery is deemed necessary.

Home Remedies For Minor Knee Pains

Our joints and knees do a great deal of work to get us through our days and over the years, they have done a lot of activities that have contributed to our successes and family milestones. Sometimes, we put so little attention to them that we only give them notice when we are already experiencing knee pains.

4 Tips for Fast Headache Relief

When it comes to chronic pain, the most common form is a headache. When you have so much to do and your head is killing you, you just want it to stop. The pain from headaches can range from bearable to literally head-splitting pain like that of a migraine. You won’t be able to do much or even hold a conversation when your head is pounding.

American Spine and Pain Centers Pain Conditions Treated

A pain-free life can be one that you enjoy! American Spine and Pain Centers, a pain management center in Hyderabad, Telangana, invites you to experience an innovative way of treating chronic pain that may have resulted from cancer or other health conditions – we treat the pain that reduces your quality of life.

How to Ease Fibromyalgia Pain in Five Ways

Fibromyalgia, according to some people, has made their lives more difficult than they could possibly have imagined. Having this chronic pain disorder means you’re experiencing aches every single day and can barely get anything accomplished. In this day and age, however, there are several, effective ways to better cope with this condition.

Understanding Sciatica Pain

Do you often feel a tingling pain on your legs, accompanied by numbness or weakness? It’s a kind of pain that starts at the lower back and moves through your buttocks then through the back of the legs. If you’ve had these pains, you might just be experiencing the sciatica pain.

Pain Management Center in Hyderabad, Telangana

Our company, American Spine and Pain Centers, is here to serve patients that suffer from long term (chronic) pain in your community. Our team is comprised of extensively trained and well-experienced physicians who have dedicated themselves to the study and management of chronic pain.

Your 5-Point Guide to Understanding Epidural Injections

When it comes to chronic pain, there will be only a handful, if any, who will relish going through it. Pains, no matter what form or cause, can be disturbing, debilitating, and disrupting of a person’s normal life. Can you already imagine that while this disruption is true with only one episode of pain, what more for chronic pains?

Pain Management Center | Treatment Provider

American Spine and Pain Centers focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pain resulting from a wide range of medical conditions. Our goal is to improve the quality of your life by controlling pain, restoring function, and shifting your focus from pain to other enjoyable aspects of your life.

Disc Prolapse and What You Can Do

Also known as a herniated disk, it is a problem when a spinal disk’s gelatin-like center starts to develop problems when the gelatin-like center pushes outward and creates tears on the sturdy exterior.

Awake Endoscopic Discectomy

Back pain is a chronic and prevalent condition that brings a lot of patients to see their doctors. There are different underlying causes of back pain because some can be caused by injuries and aging while some can be through genetics.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain is something that many of us deal with on a regular basis; regardless if you are young or old. However, there is an effective medical way to prevent this kind of pain. And, it is important to figure out what is causing it.

Preventing Neck Pain When Working

When you are working in an office day in and day out, it can take a toll on your body. Even though it is not physical work, it can still lead to a number of physical health issues such as neck pain. However, there are still a number of ways that can be used to reduce or prevent neck pain when working.

Fibromyalgia Pain: Is It real or imaginary?

In 1990, the American College of Rheumatology finalized the name and definition of a certain disorder involving chronic pains which used to come in different names. They now call it, Fibromyalgia.

Post-Surgery Pain Management Tips

This comes as ironic, but in truth, surgery pains are lesser painful than post-surgery pains. Right after the procedure, as the wound begins to heal, the recovery period can take longer as compared with the surgical procedure performed only in a matter of hours. For this reason, post-surgery pains need to be managed well; else, they will greatly affect the patient’s health and wellbeing.

4 Habits That Put You in Danger for Lower Back Pain

Your work in school or in the office may be done, but your back pain will remain with you even when you’re ready to sleep. Isn’t that frustrating? You end up spending hours and hours supposedly for rest, only to agonize over the back pain that you feel.Well, if you’re ever curious where your back pain originates from, it may be attributed to one of the seemingly innocent habits that you’re used to. To give you a clearer picture of what these habits are, the American Spine and Pain Centers has listed several examples down for you.

Neck Pain: How Can You Avoid It?

One of the most difficult things one can experience in a day is neck pain. Whether you’re at work, school, or leisure, it just stays with you. In fact, you wouldn’t even be able to use your phone without feeling the pain radiate from your neck to the rest of your body! While it’s worrying that neck pain can be caused by a myriad of things, it can be prevented by a couple of simple actions.

What You Need to Know About Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain is a kind of pain affecting the nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Such pain may be occurring in only one area or spread through the entire body. It can be also either acute or chronic. Due to the pain that the patients are experiencing, most will definitely seek acute or chronic pain treatment in Telangana for this situation.

6 Ways to Treat and Manage Chronic Headaches

There are different ways on how you can treat or manage your chronic headaches. Such headaches can be debilitating at times so the following suggestions from Advanced Spine and Knee Hospital (ASK Hospital) below can be of great help to you.

What to Expect from a Total Knee Replacement

The knees, just like any other part of the body, have a special function. They are responsible for providing motion between the thighs and the lower legs. When your knees suffer from damages due to medical conditions and you feel intolerable and chronic knee pain, you may have to seek chronic pain treatment in Telangana.

What Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Is All About

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery or MISS is a type of surgical procedure that is focused on the backbone or the bones of the spine. Contrary to standard surgery, smaller incisions are used in MISS. As a result of smaller incisions, there is a lesser likelihood of harming the muscles and tissues nearby. You can expect less pain yet faster recovery after the procedure.

Managing Pain While Recovering Post Surgery

When you have a certain disease or injury, you may need to go through surgery to treat it. Pain is definitely an inevitable feeling that you will experience at any point even after your surgery. A number of pain interventions may be necessary to address the pain that you are feeling.

What to Expect in Your Rehabilitation Post TKR

The rehabilitation process after going through TKR or total knee replacement surgery is crucial in your recovery and resumption to your normal daily routine. Apart from being an option for chronic pain treatment in Telangana, this kind of surgery also addresses various issues that may be affecting your knees, thereby aiming to improve your quality of life.

Taking Advantage of PRP Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain. At times, the pain becomes unbearable, affecting how they live their daily lives. Many of these patients take advantage of options on chronic pain treatment in Telangana. Through any of the suitable options, they can find relief from the shoulder pain they are feeling.

Diagnosing and Treating Foot and Ankle Pain

A lot of people are seeking for chronic pain treatment in Telangana for foot and ankle pains. These pains can often result in limitations in mobility. When their feet and ankles are too painful, patients cannot move about freely.