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Samantha Markle and Meghan Markle – It continues — Viral-a

It was Samantha Markle and her partner when they were allegedly turned away from Meghan Markle’s Kensington Palace as an invited guest

Cardiff Half-Marathon 15th anniversary – A tragic day — Viral-a

Cardiff Half Marathon witness a tragic event on their 15th anniversary as two men collapses and later dies, south wales police confirming the incident.

Finding the right airport taxi manchester service

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What a move on world mental health day by Britain — Viral-a

This world mental health day Britain appoints world’s first Minister for suicide prevention. Mental health checks for pupils, teachers to assess children

Stock Market and Dow Jones - 300 point loss — Viral-a

Dow Jones future imply, at Thursday’s open a more than 300-point loss as the stock market continues with many speculations coming in place

Coast soon to be ghost as the fashion chain collapses — Viral-a

Coast fashion chain creating a risk of 300 jobs, as the fashion chain faces another blow for the high street as WH Smith closes six stores

Facebook says it’s ‘only’ 29 million users — Viral-a

Facebook says that were ‘only’ 29 million people whose data was stolen in network’s biggest ever data breach, the investigation continues

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson – It’s over — Viral-a

Calling of their engagement after five month, ariana grande and pete Davidson says its over for them however there is hope for rekindling in future

Jamal Khashoggi – Turkish police investigation — Viral-a

Turkish police search Saudi Consul's residence while investigating Jamal Khashoggi disappearance, especially after he was recorded telling hit squad

Range Rover and Jaguar “roof less” - courtesy a transporter — Viral-a

Hundreds of thousands of pounds bran new Jaguar and Range Rover had their roofs TORN OFF after a transporter carrying them smashes into a bridge.

‘Greenest’ Apple MacBook is here and alot more to come — Viral-a

Apple Inc, is again showing how its done in the tech industry. The Apple event is taking place while many products are being launched.

Jose Mourinho and Manchester United - In Trouble — Viral-a

Whats in store for the old trafford boss, Jose Mourinho and his men even though being in so much pressure of not performing well.

Hopes for EU-UK Financial deal rises - Brexit — Viral-a

According to the unconfirmed reports there is deal that has been done between the UK and EU on post-Brexit financial services.

Google Doodle honors Amanda Crowe and her works — Viral-a

Amanda Crowe the person behind the rebirth of the Native American Art is honored by many including Google Doodle read the story here

Theresa May has advised her critics who are in constant motion of eliminating her as PM wouldn't usually make bringing Brexit any easier.

Search Engine Optimization (seo) and why we need it - Krea8iv Solutions

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Flights Canceled and 40 inches of Snow - That's Winter Storm Harper

This weekend possibly upto 40-inches of snow could fall as the “blockbuster” winter storm Harper is setting its next target of Norteast.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing features now on all Android phones with this app

With ActionDash now all android phones will have Google’s Digital Wellbeing features - Somehting that we all were waiting for - Krea8iv Solutions

Seo and Content Marketing never goes seperate - Krea8iv Solutions

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What is digital marketing and why we need it - Krea8iv Solutions

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Digital Marketing importance can never be overlooked | Posts by krea8ivsolutions | Bloglovin’

Digital Marketing importance can never be overlooked, a post from the blog Posts by krea8ivsolutions, written by krea8ivsolutions on Bloglovin’

The airport taxi transfer companies importance and need — part I

Airport a place where you see a lot of life and emotions, one such emotion is the fear and the stress. Fear and stress for missing the flight or delays in it. Stress of the fact that when you reach…

The airport taxi transfer companies importance and need – Part II — Viral-a

The airport taxi transfer companies importance and need part II , If by now you have decided or thought that yes we do need an airport taxi manchester

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