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Headline for Psychology & Spiritual Significance of Colors
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Psychology & Spiritual Significance of Colors

I added all posts to this list that include color as a topic or subtopic. As future posts regarding color are published on Beautiful Lives by Susan I will add them to this list. Additionally, this post will be re-published periodically with updates for your convenience.


Blue Color of Spirituality • Throat Chakra • 5th Chakra

The color blue is a soothing and brings harmonic calmness into our lives. It is also the color of the 5th Chakra, also known as the Throat Chakra.

Blue Nature • When Did the Sky Turn Blue? ·

Blue is found primarily in nature - in the light blue of the afternoon sky and in the deep variations of hue in a deep lake or the ocean.

Color • How It Affects Our Lives • Beautiful Lives by Susan

What we think about color, especially what we think subconsciously about color, affects us as humans. Humans, in general, are visually-oriented beings.

Felicitous Feng Shui Living Room Colors • Beautiful Lives by Susan

The living room is the soul of the home and nothing will bring your family more happiness and prosperity than a felicitous feng shui living room design.

Green Color of Spirituality • Heart Chakra • 4th Chakra

Green is a combination of blue and yellow and is soothing yet stimulating enough to produce an emotional lift. Moreover, green is the predominant color of Mother Nature so it is associated with growth, process, and the beginning of life itself.

Green Symbolic Color of Nature

The green symbolic color is the first of a series of symbolic colors articles. Colors are a part of spirituality that dates before written history.

Indigo Symbolic Color of Spirituality • Third Eye Chakra • 6th Chakra

Indigo symbolic color of spirituality combines blue and violet to get its mysterious, deep hue. It represents the mind, thoughts, knowledge and intuition.

Orange Color of Spirituality • Sacral Chakra • Svadhisthana • 2nd Chakra

The sacral chakra is also known as the Svadhisthana which is Sanskrit for vital force or dwelling place of the self. This sacral chakra supports growth.

Purple Symbolic Color of Spirituality • Crown Chakra • 7th Chakra •

The purple symbolic color of spirituality is a blend of strong reds and calming blues. Almost sounds like a storm, doesn't it?

Red Symbolic Color of Spirituality • The Muladhara • 1st Chakra

Red brings strength wherever it's found. People find that their ambition is greatly increased when red is present in their lives.

Yellow Color of Spirituality • Solar Plexus Chakra • 4th Chakra

Yellow has been one of my favorite colors most of my life simply because it’s cheerful. Yellow is also the color most closely associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura.

Yellow for Sparkle and Pizazz • Color Power

Yellow is the color of optimism. It is a color that conveys youthful energy. When we wear yellow, we feel uplifted and confident.