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Updated by Nick Kellet on Oct 10, 2017
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Listly Co-Founder, Nick Kellet, Heading Towards Global Domination

I came across Nick Kellet of Listly on Twitter so thought I’d have a look at what was going on there. Listly is a simple way of curating l 's SEO & Social Media Engagement Benefits Nick Kellet | DragonSearch

Internet users love lists. enables community engagement and also has SEO benefits. The ability to embed lists drives amplification.

#TKGenius Interview with Founder Nick Kellet: Part 1 | TKGenius | Online Marketing Strategies & Training

As part of the #TKGenius Google Hangouts on Air video series, contributor Collyn Floyd interviews Nick Kellet, CEO and Co-Founder of Watch the VIDEO.

Interview with Nick Kellet, co-founder of Listly | Creative Ramblings

Nick Kellet is a professional content curator and the creator of GiftTRAP, a virtual gift-exchange game. In this exclusive interview, he will tell us more about Listly. Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Nic...

Hecklers' Hangout - w/Nick Kellet talking Listly - YouTube

This week's Hecklers' Hangout featured special guest Nick Kellet, co-founder of Listly. He shared an outstanding slidedeck that provided some compelling stat...

A conversation with CMO Nick Kellett - YouTube

Nick Kellett does marketing for, a new web startup that allows users to create, curate, and share their own lists. This is recorded from a skype conv...

Life is a List ~ Nick Keller of - YouTube

If you're obsessive/compulsive like I am, and every day is a list of items to cross off, life is a list. And now, thanks to, we all can have a free a...

Expert interview with Nick Kellet | Simplicity

In this interview I chat with Nick Kellet, Founder of about the power of lists

Top Tips and Quotes About Listly from Nick Kellet [interview]

I just read a post at is the Slideshare for Lists

Have you ever read a "Top 10..." list and thought, "Hmm, they missed something"? Now, with Listly, brands and content companies can make lists interactive and embeddable. Communities love it because they can share a whole list or just part of one. They can even contribute to a list by interacting with it right in blog posts.

Footprint Management Systems Inc.: Love Lists? You have got to check out Listly!

You know when you stumble across something on twitter that makes you pause and think, "that's really cool"? Well......that happened to me recently: Can't believe that I just discovered @listly Why did I not know about this?

Use Listly to Help Your Content Marketing Curation Efforts

Social and content curation isn't just for people who spend all their free time online reading random articles. Curating the right content at the right places can be quite beneficial for marketing purposes. The twist that Listly offers users is the ability to embed curated content directly into your blog posts.

Building Community & Engagement in Elk Valley

For the last few months I have been visiting Elk Valley in British Columbia. It's located in an area within the Rocky Mountains; which is actually very close to the Alberta border and a little ways north of the United States. Elk Valley includes - Sparwood, Elkford, Fernie.

Listly Lists: Why HTML is a Thing of the Past

In this post we explore, the online center for social lists, and interview co-founder Nick Kellet about his involvement with the site and its future direction. Listly is a social sharing site whose users create lists, share them with others, and collaborate.

Where to Read and How to Write Social Media Case Studies

Social media marketing - everybody's doing it. But what the heck are you doing with it!? In Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands's Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals we turned to social media process master Ric Dragon for guidance in turning social marketing mantras into action. That, it turns out, is one of Ric's fortes.