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Headline for Louvre Abu Dhabi, Galleries to Visit – For an Incomparable Experience
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Louvre Abu Dhabi, Galleries to Visit – For an Incomparable Experience

Made up of 12 galleries and an entrance vestibule, this magnificent art museum is reputed to be one of the greatest in the world. don't miss these galleries during your visit.


Galleries tracing ancient times

The first three of the galleries in the museum provide an insightful and intriguing look into the earliest days of mankind. 'The First Villages' showcases some of the oldest found pieces of art which have incredulously stood the test of time. Dating back several thousands of years, you'll be awe at the amazing feats early humans achieved with such rudimentary tools. 'The Great Powers' traces these civilizations evolving into great kingdoms across the world, and shows off amour, monuments, jewellery and vases. At the 'Civilizations and Empires' gallery you will get to admire remnants of civilizations from across the globe, from the Greek and Roman to Eastern Civilizations under one roof. These are just some of the early artefacts at the Louvre, but are a must for history enthusiasts.


Galleries looking at early religion

Religion has played a significant role in society for thousands of years, and today much conflict is centred around it. It is thus a glorious site to see sacred texts, monuments, figures, sculptures and art from all of the world's major religions lie peacefully displayed in the same room. This gallery truly brings out the universality of this art museum. See the influence that religion has had on art across the world at the 'Mediterranean to the Atlantic' gallery. Observe the Arabic styles you see here all over Abu Dhabi, even at places such as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.


Galleries tracing early journeys

Early travels and journeys shaped the world as we know it today, and these voyages are paid tribute to in some ways at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Visit the 5th Gallery 'Asian Trade Routes' to see how items have journeyed thousands of miles to wind up in distant cities. Also emphasized here is the manner in which artistic styles and methods spread across the globe, influencing one and other. The intersection unnumbered gallery on 'Cosmography' too plays a tribute to these voyages, displaying fascinating maps and globes, and paintings depicting early travels. When flying back home, or travelling to your Abu Dhabi resort, imagine how difficult these journeys would have been thousands of years ago.


Galleries showing the grandeur of the past

Today, minimalistic styles are well in fashion, but there was a time when grandeur and opulence played a major role. At the 'Affluence and Velour' gallery visitors will have the opportunity to visit this era of the past, though its garments, household items and works of art. At the 'Art to serve the status of Royalty' gallery visitors can admire majestic works created to honour and on the instruction of the regal classes from across the globe.


Modern Galleries

At any gallery that houses them, the works of Van Gogh are some of the most popular pieces of art, and you will be able to see one of his most popular works, his self-portrait at the 'A Modern World?' gallery. This lies among some other great modern names, as well as early photographs, sculptures and designs. 'Challenging Modernity' also showcases the works of well rewound modern names such as Picasso, Matisse, Magritte and Kazuo Shiraga who have brought their own influence to modern art.