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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Things to Experience While in Abu Dhabi - For the Love of Horses

You probably thought of taking a camel or llama ride while in UAE and found the prospect of a horse ride to be a bit farfetched. You are in for a surprise, they even have multiple Equestrian Clubs.



The clubs will help you to either start your horse-riding lessons or improve your riding skills. They provide the gear and the boots but earnestly request riders to be clad in well-fitted clothes as baggy ones can be a hindrance to the ride. A couple of places provide riders with the option to go on horseback to the beach; one is just by the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara and the other is in Al Rahba. Prior to releasing a horse, these administrators usually check your weight, height and physical limitations, if any.



The country has a number of race tracks where you can test your jockeying skills as much as the speed and stamina of your steed. Racing is only meant for experts who can control and manoeuvre their beast with a steady hand on a race track as horses can be competitive and unyielding when they know they are up against another. Horse riding has become popular among the Emiratis as well as the expats and tourists, but racing doesn't seem to be following the same curve of popularity.



Dressage is essentially a synchronized performance where you and the stallion trot and move in a manner that has been rehearsed. Not all horse breeds can be trained to perform, hence, if you plan to train for this purpose, you need to inform your instructor early. The magnificent creature in your hands should respond to a small prompt in order for you to perform these acts. If you are able to perform a dressage, it is deemed that you have reached the crescendo in your equestrian career and what better time to achieve this than when holidaying at Abu Dhabi resorts.



To ride is one but to make a horse jump is another. It is only once you are very comfortable and steady in your saddle that the instructor will propose that you learn to gallop and jump. Both these activities come naturally to horses and it is crucial to avoid jumps too early on in your riding career for the sake of your safety. As a horse lover, it is a rewarding feeling to know that you and the horse have connected well enough for it to heed your request and jump, strut or run.



A keenly contested game where two teams mount themselves on horseback armed with a mallet to score more goals than the opponent. Polo used to be an Olympic sport but is now pursued competitively only by a dozen or so countries. In Abu Dhabi, you will find indoor playing areas to practice and play polo in comfort. It is only once you have gained enough practice in riding a horse that you should proceed to play polo as the skills to handle a steed are much needed.