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The 10 Japanese Dishes - Ten Traditional Dishes to Try in Japanese Cuisine

While Chinese food is a global phenomenon, Japanese food remains a mystery for many who have yet to discover its flavours. Here are 10 traditional dishes to introduce your palate to Japanese cuisine.



Often described as the perfect Japanese starter for meat lovers, the Yakitori is a grilled chicken dish which is served on a skewer. Using nearly every single part of the bird, the Yakitori is consumed on its own and has been a staple in Japanese homes and restaurants since the middle of the 17th century.



Those who are fortunate enough to sample Tempura in a Japanese restaurant in Maldives, whether it's at the Japanese eatery in Anantara Veli Maldives Resort or any other similar accommodation provider, should not miss the chance to savour fresh seafood items this way. Fried in a batter that is both crispy and crunchy, vegetables are also fried in this batter in Japan's Kanto region and are typically served with a spicy dipping sauce.


Miso Soup

As one of the most traditional meals in the Japanese cannon, a bowl of Miso soup is the perfect way to whet the appetite for the mains to come. Made almost entirely out of dashi stock (fish or kept broth) the soup also features Miso bean paste to give it its distinctive umami flavour. Topped with green onions and tofu other popular toppings include pork, clam and fish.



Believed to have predated sushi, sashimi is the art of consuming raw fish without the use of rice. Sashimi dishes refer to all forms of sliced raw food including meat items such as beef, chicken and fish, it is important to dine in reputable restaurants to avoid any mishaps of consuming this uncooked Japanese staple.



As the food variety that has become synonymous with Japan, sushi is a dish with a rich history as interesting as the various flavours of this raw fish and rice concoction. Originally used to preserve fish, fermented rice is now an irreplaceable part of sushi.



Considered a staple in Japanese fine dining experiences, the preparation of Kaiseki is often compared t the traditional Japanese tea ceremony due to the precision required. The tasting course contains a plethora of tiny morsels that resemble works of art of origami rather than food items and is a marvel to witness once on the table.



A noodle dish with centuries-old legacy Soba noodles is created using buckwheat flour. Healthy and nutritious, the noodle is typically served in a warm broth with a sauce and is considered a comfort food among locals


Tsukemono Pickles

Dating back to prehistoric periods, Tsukemono pickles are made using eggplants, radish and Ume plums and not only enhance the flavours of a traditional local meal but also is a visual treat. The bright coloured pickles are also consumed on its own and are a great way to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables.



The thick and chewy variety of noodle known as Udon is made using wheat flour and is one of the most affordable meal options for locals as well as tourists. Consumed both hot and cold, the noodle is served with a plethora of toppings. There are regional specialities to the Udon noodle in areas such as Nagoya and Kagawa.



Another wholesome meal, sukiyaki consists of vegetables, beef, tofu and soy sauce cooked in water on an iron pot to create an aromatic broth that's both filling and nutritious.