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Top 10 Italian Dishes - Ten Must-Experience Staples to Enjoy in Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is among the world's most popular culinary cannons and staple menu items around the globe. Here are the top 10 Italian dishes all that are both conventional and delectable.


Pizza Napoletana

While pizza is the most popular Italian food variety to date, most who love the crispy and cheesy taste of the flatbread dish are unaware of its origins. Believed to have been invented in Naples during the 18th century, there's nothing like digging into a Pizza Napoletana to educate oneself on the finer points of appreciating a fine pizza. Served in resort Italian restaurants in Tangalle including the dining hubs at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort and countless other hotels, don't miss the chance to savour the original pizza flavour.



With its roots steeped deep in the pastoral settings of Tuscany, Panzanella salad is a conventional dish that is part of the local diet in the area. Healthy and wholesome the bread and tomato infused dish is a peasant dish that is now a firm favourite among locals and tourists alike.



Cicchetti is often compared to Spanish tapas dishes for several good reasons. The dish which boasts origins in Venice is still served in restaurants across the gorgeous city on the water in conventional wine bars. Cicchetti bars as they are known serve everything from artichoke slices to creamed cod bits as the perfect accompaniment for a glass of wine.



Connected with the cuisine of Liguria, Focaccia is comparable to the French baguette as it is quite literally Italy's most popular bread variety. This flatbread is created using high-quality olive oil, wheat flour, salt, yeast and water and is sometimes flavoured with basil or tomatoes while Focaccia with rosemary and other regional specialities have also cropped up. Focaccia is what is typically served before meals as "table bread "in Italian restaurants.



Italians hailing from Sicily swear by this dish which is a mix of Spanish, Greek and Arabic culinary styles. This eggplant dish is both sweet and sour and a hit with vegetarians around the globe for its rich, creamy taste and use of capers and other vegetables. At times the dish is also topped with pine nuts, olives and sweet raisings and also feature seafood the likes of octopus.



Lasagna Bolognese is arguably one of the oldest pasta varieties in the world and is a comfort food for all Italian food lovers. The alternating layers of pasta sheets or lasagne sheets with a cheese sauce and a tomato-infused meat sauce lends the dish its distinctively creamy flavour. This dish also finds its origins in Naples where it is served and enjoyed during the festivities of the Carnivale.



Burrata Cheese hails from Puglia and is an artisanal cheese that is made using a combination of fresh cream and mozzarella. The cheese is made fresh and must be consumed within 24 hours and is the perfect accompaniment for sandwiches and pasta.


Ossobuco Alla Milanese

As the name suggests, Milan is the city responsible for this popular veal dish that is slow cooked to perfection in white wine and served with vegetables. As a representative dish that is a local favourite, the dish is best enjoyed with a plate of Risotto Alla Milanese.



Often described as the perfect fix for coffee and chocolate lovers, the mascarpone cheese infused dessert is a cafe favourite around the world. The layered dessert features coffee cake morsels and cream cheese to create a decadent treat for the senses.



With so many flavours, it may be difficult to determine which gelato is the perfect Italian dessert after a meal or even as a snack. The creamy dessert is known to be a healthier option than traditional ice cream as it contains less fat.