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10 Things that You Will Only Find in Bangkok, Thailand - Unique Appeals in a City with a Vibrant Personality

Bangkok is a city that is filled with many sensational appeals. Some of the attractions here are truly quite remarkable! This article below gives details about a few of these quirky sights that leave visitors stunned.


'Sathorn Unique' Ghost Skyscraper

'Sathorn Unique', a hauntingly forlorn figure of dejection looms large in the skyline of the city. It's a miserable sight to behold to be honest. The 50 storey building would have looked dashing today if not for the terrible economic crisis of 1997. The forgotten tower slowly and painfully decays while the city grows all around it. Fortunately (or unfortunately) you will not miss this sight as you are driving around the city.


Robot Building

In the South Sathorn Road, there is yet another fascinating building that doesn't depress the onlookers. Robot Building, which was opened in the year 1986, is an unusual building that looks (obviously) like a robot. It has eyes and antennae too!


Bangkok Correction Museum

The Bangkok Correction Museum is a place that will make you miserable. In spite of, or perhaps because of its depressing history, many travellers love visiting this ghastly place. It used to be a maximum security prison that was built back in the year 1890. About a thousand inmates used to be kept imprisoned here in awful conditions.


Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran

This is a stunning tower that has an impressive dragon draped around it. The tower is located outside the city of Bangkok. The head of the dragon is quite large and you will be able to spot it even from a distance.


The Human Body Museum

If you are interested in learning more about the human body and are keen to see how awful we all look beneath our skins, you should definitely visit The Human Body Museum. It holds a collection of 14 dissected human bodies from Japan. Some visit it for educational purposes while the others go to gawk at the exhibits in horror! The museum is quite clean and looks almost like an operating theatre.


Forensic Museum

The Forensic Museum is yet another place in Bangkok that those who are fascinated by the macabre can visit to see gory exhibits of human parts. There are corpses of mass murdering cannibals here too. So if you would actually enjoy seeing nightmares during your vacation, you should certainly consider visiting this morbid place!


David Beckham Temple

No, this is not a shrine dedicated to the handsome footballer! It's actually a charming temple called Wat Pariwat that has earned its stylish nickname because of the unmistakable little statuette of David Beckham posing as a Garuda! The little sculpture is only about 30 centimetres tall. The temple can be reached in less than 30 minutes by car from hotels like Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.


Erawan Museum

Bangkok sculptors seem to have a liking for quirky designs! The massive three-headed elephant that stands on a gigantic pedestal is one of the most striking features of the Erawan Museum. The museum itself is an interesting place to visit. It's quite popular among those who stay at centrally located Sukhumvit hotels.


Elephant Building

Elephant is the national animal of Thailand and it's not unusual to happen upon many sculptures and statues of these stately beings when travelling in Bangkok. But when you do come across the majestic Elephant Building, (which is complete with pairs of cute eyes and tusks) you will certainly be taken by surprise! It's a prominent landmark in Chatuchak district.


Phallic Shrine

This list of original attractions in Bangkok will be incomplete without the sensational Phallic Shrine. Here at the Goddess Tubtim Shrine, you will see hundreds of massive phalluses of all shapes, sizes and even colours! It's difficult to be solemn in this place, even if it is a shrine.